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Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any happier…

people come back in imvuJust when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any happier, guess who just showed up, my ex imvu wife, Holly! Now obviously she was gone almost a year which is a long time in here, and things are very different for me. I have really and truly never been happier and am beyond solid with Susan and Katy. I love my whole family and my life here more than I can say. I’m truly blessed! They are my priority and I can’t and wouldn’t undo any of the past year. But I’ve always loved her and am so thrilled she’s doing well and able to come back.

We all do need a break at times. In a lot of ways this is the vacation from reality but sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation too. I totally get that and I was sad that she left but now I feel like the prodigal sister has returned. She is a tremendous person that I love and respect. We can’t be what we were before but she will always have a special place in my heart. Over time I’ve realized that although things often tend to move super fast here, it’s also the depth of memories and emotions you’ve shared over time that really matter the most. Having history with someone is a very special secure feeling. Take lots of pictures, because the memories you make here are so so special. Also have patience and people who leave often find their way back.

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My Holly

It's been an awesome year Holly

It's been an awesome year HollyI’ve been with Holly a year now and have had so many adventures and so much fun it’s hard to boil down the 11 gigabytes of pics and videos I have of her into a few minutes. This is the clean one. I probably have to make another one because I have had so much sexy fun with Holly it would be a crime to bury that. She’s got other priorities to some degree now and I respect that but I needed to tell her that I will always love her, and do something for her (and me) to hold onto and enjoy all of the memories. This isn’t just a lot of fun sexy pictures, it’s a year of fun that seems like 10! We’ve not only had more fun than most people would believe, we’ve also cried and dealt with more things than I want to talk about. It’s been the most awesome year ever. I hope Holly likes this and I hope everyone enjoys a peak at the wonderful time we’ve had.

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These are my wedding vows to Holly. I love her with all my heart and wanted her to know that while I am away. The pictures aren’t bad but there is one or two with a little skin in them. :-)

I Love You Holly!!!

I love you

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