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It was like getting a tour of DisneyWorld from Walt Disney himself

Winter Wonderland with Walt DisneyI was looking for nice Christmas rooms and went into a room called Winter Wonderland. I clicked on it because I liked the picture and didn’t realize it was made by EricFr or even more surprising that Eric was actually there! I admit I was a little star struck because he’s one of, if not THE biggest brand name developers in IMVU.

snap02102He spent about an hour personally showing me the most amazing things in one of the most amazing rooms in all of IMVU. I edited it down a little for the video so it’s only 14 minutes. You can use the direct link to download the HD version if you like. It really was like being given the tour of Disneyworld by Walt Disney!

To find the room search your chat rooms for EricFR or Xmas or Winter Wonderland. One of the neatest things about IMVU is how with just a click anyone can have fun in and enjoy what must have taken a lot of time and effort to set up. It’s a long load but take your friends and have fun in it!


Download the HD version


Merry Christmas to the most amazing friends

christmas cuddlesHave a Beary Merry ChristmasThe hardest part of Christmas here is trying to put into words how much such special people mean to me. The connections and friendships here are truly priceless. And even if this isn’t entirely what Christmas is about, the love you feel I feel in here is… Trying to explain how much my friends in here mean to me is like trying to explain how important Christmas or family is!

christmas girlsI can’t believe Christmas is here already. It seems like just the other day was Thanksgiving. This has been an especially hectic holiday for me and I haven’t got half of the things I wanted to done. So I apologize but I’m going to be late with some Christmas presents. Please forgive me and know how much you mean to me.

Happy Independence Day

4th of July on IMVUI know a lot of you aren’t in the US. One of the neat things about IMVU is the international nature of it. A very good friend is in Egypt in the middle of everything going on there and we were talking to a friend in Mexico when they had the earth quake recently there. This may not be technically real, but it gives you a real window into lives all around the world.

Anyway for everyone in the US, I want to wish you all a Happy Independence Day and hope that we cherish and hold onto it, because it feels like it’s under attack and eroding. I Love you ALL!

Easter is about Bunnies like IMVU is about Sex

Happy IMVU EasterOK, maybe that is kind of a cheap way to weave imvu and sex into a title about Easter, but it’s true. Yes there are bunnies in Easter, but that’s not what it’s about, and there’s sex in imvu but that’s not what it’s about either. It’s funny how intertwined I feel sometimes. I can’t help but think about and pray for my friends here in church and often dream in imvu.

I feel bad being able to play sometimes, when nice people invite me. But I don’t just use this for sex, it’s my second family, my best friends, my social life and my confidants. I feel bad if I can’t play sometimes but I never want to discourage anyone from inviting me, even just for sex. There are times that I love that and have a great time with that but I have a family and simply can’t at other times too. No matter what makes you happy, I sincerely wish you a Very Happy IMVU EASTER!

We all need a break some times

taking a break from imvuWe realize this in real life and we almost all take some form of vacation from time to time. We may not get to take them all over the world every month or two like the president, but its helpful to have some time away occasionally. Imvu is an escape but it can be emotionally very intense and sometimes we need an escape from this escape. So it’s very understandable to need a break sometimes.

The good news is that the love and good feelings tend to last and the anxiety fades quicker. It generally only takes a couple days. It can help you think more clearly to let some of the emotionality out and can help you appreciate things more.

So if someone you love us under a lot of pressure and says they need a break, don’t worry or freak out. Look at it as a good thing. It’s just a pause to catch their breath, to rebalance and sharpen their axe. This isn’t a race. Loving someone means putting their needs first and wanting what’s best for them. So take a deep breath and love them with all your heart when they come back.

Happy Valentines Day Katy and Susan

I have a special Valentine’s Day gift for the two most special people I know in this crazy virtual world. I love them more than words can say and I wanted to share how much they mean to me with the world and how beautiful this place can be. Dear Katy, Dear Susan, I love you with all my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Fathers Day

daddys little imvu princess

Every year in this wonderful month of June,
we celebrate the greatest man in our life,
every daughters hero and sons image,
the man of the hour is our father.

Every year I am thankful to still have him,
what is so rare as a day in June, my Dad,
one of a kind, a man, a father, and he’s mine,
I love you dad, Happy Fathers Day.

I wish everyone a happy father’s day … xoxo WENDY

What to do for Valentine’s Day on IMVU

Valentine's Day in IMVU

I love my imvu wife Holly
Valentines Day and any holiday really, is a good excuse to say hello to friends on IMVU that you don’t get to talk to as much. Start with a simple message mentioning that you haven’t talked in a while and go through your list. Adjust the message slightly if possible.

Sending big long flowing messages that tell them to send it to all their friends are only marginally helpful. A small more relevant message you wrote specifically for them or that looks like you wrote for them, can mean more.

You don’t have to send everyone an IMVU Gift. But you should send some special friends something. It’s not that they need things. But it adds importance and weight to your message. You can just send a 200 credit card if you don’t have many credits. (where else can you get a card for the equivalent of about 10 cents)

It’s not the amount that matters but the relevance and thought behind it that people do appreciate. Remember you’re dealing with people and the emotions here are real, even if the place is virtual. So use Valentine’s day as an excuse to spread some love, and to say hello to people you haven’t had a chance to talk to recently. Enjoy it and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day sharing that love and spirit with your friends.