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The pursuit of happiness

What makes you happy? seagulls and waves equals happiness

Great friendships and relationships
Playing video games
Intense passion
Falling in love
Travel and adventure
Being beautiful
Being powerful?
Having a thrown
All the sex you could want
Living out exciting fantasies
All the material things you could want
Listening to your fav music
D. All of the above!

Happy DanceWhen you think about it, IMVU really is all of these things and more, so it’s easy to understand why it can be so addictive. Of course your actual mileage may vary, but even if you don’t feel all of this right now, it’s exciting to think that you’re doing something that really can be all of these things.

This was just a quick list off the top of my head. What is this place to you? What other things do you find in this crazy place that you would add to this list?

Leave a comment, even if you’re new or want it to be annonomus. There’s no wrong answer! Just tell us what makes you happy.

So much Happiness

happiest girls on imvuOne of the most amazing things about IMVU has got to be the happiness. I never realized or expected to be so happy in imvu. I don’t think anyone would ever expect to be this happy. I don’t see people being this happy in real life short of someone winning American Idol or maybe Hue Heffner or someone like that.

happy imvu kissesI know everyone can’t possibly be this happy. If they did nobody would leave. Oh wait, people don’t leave. Well some do but it is pretty addictive. I also realize that as good as it feels if things go wrong losing something that good is extremely painful. It’s not just the love that makes you feel so good but that’s definitely a big part of the intensity in imvu.

Reading books, watching movies or going to parties is fun. But no other hobby makes this type of connection or has the potential to make you this happy. And interestingly it doesn’t matter what your real life is, or what’s happened to you in the past, at all. Just having the potential to be happier than you’ve ever been in your life is really special. Stick with it long enough to experience some of this. I promise it’s worth it!

The IMVU Scientist reviews some Stanford research

faster stronger sexier than real life

Somebody shared this scientific article from some researchers at Stanford. Randomly enough, one of the reasons I started with imvu was to do research much like this. So its really neat for me to see what else is out there.

The authors surveyed the imvu community in 2011 and though I have a few methodological quibbles (on the questions they used and the people they sampled), the results are mostly believable and are super neat. The most compelling is that people on imvu were more likely to feel “Happy, Relaxed, Free, Calm, Connected, Excited, Wealthy, Safe, Comfortable, Confident, Creative, Important, and Ambitious.” than in RL where they are more likely to feel “Sad, Stressed, Cautious, Angry, Lonely, Bored, Poor, Scared, Awkward, Insecure, Uninspired, Worthless and Lazy.” Importantly, imvu users are not social misfits escaping reality; the authors of the study found that imvu users reported similar emotions in RL to non-imvu users. In fact imvu users are the lucky ones.
Hahaha we've sucked in Katy and we're not giving her back!

“We also pleasantly surprised to find that there was generally higher reporting of positive feelings both outside and inside of the IMVU environment, suggesting a population that generally considers itself happy, confident and creative… a strong challenge to the negative, antisocial stereotype of users of these communities”

People feel more confident and in control when they are on imvu. This sounds right to me, almost. Power relations and influence games are much more laid bare in imvu. But I mean that in a good way. Yes it leads to drama, but it also has been a nice outlet for the many of us who LIKE to be influenced… to follow.

The authors were initially primarily interested in whether people use imvu to escape or to connect, and hypothesizes they would be able to categorize people into one camp or the other. Unsurprising to me, they find that people come to do both. Imvu is about escape but its also about connections and relationships. This site is all about helping people take advantage of both.

Your IMVU Happiness Score

imvu happy dance

imvu happy danceI bet you didn’t know ther was a formula to calculate your happiness. It’s simple (fingers crossed).

The number of gifts you’ve given plus the gifts you’ve received multiplied by the number of messages you’ve received in the past 24 hours minus the number of times you pulse about other people plus the number of names you have in your profile interests.

Girls also take whichever is greater, the number of shoes they have Or the number of songs, added to the 1/8 of the number of friends you have.

Guys take the number of girls on their friends and multiply that times the number of sex poses they have.

Oh and bonus point for pictures of friends on the walls on your room. What else am I missing? Oh and if you have a real life fiance and your name is Stephanie, you win!

In the Matrix you can be as happy and have as much fun as you want.

sexy imvu fairies

IMVU is what you make of it just like your real life is, but unlike real life you can literally make it anything you want. Nobody’s real life is perfect but you really can’t or shouldn’t use that as an excuse for anything in here because your real life doesn’t matter. I know this is repetitive but the beauty of this place is that you can really be anything you want no matter what your life has been.

I talked to a friend today that had serious health issues and said that he was bitter because of his health and how hurt he had been in the past. He would up throwing his relationship away and blamed it all on his health and past. I tried to help him at the end, not to save that relationship (with my friend) but so he could at least do better in the future. Blaming other people or your circumstances is nice because it means you don’t have to try. But it also means you’ve given up any ability to change it. In here none of that matters very much and you can turn everything around or change anything you want at any time.

It’s hard to turn your real life around, to get a new job or start a new relationship or move can leave your life disrupted or even in a shambles for a long time. We’ve all been there and know it can takes years to get over major real life setbacks. But here, it’s like the Matrix. You can be the One if you believe. You can be as fast and as strong as you want to be. You can be as happy as you want to or as u can see yourself here. Close your eyes. Say a prayer if it helps. Put on some exciting or uplifting music and “Act the way you want to be.” You can’t help but feel better, almost immediately. If you act sexy, you’ll feel sexier, even if you didn’t before you started. You don’t have to fix everything or be perfect to feel better. Just act more that way and you will be that way.

sexy imvu fairiesIt’s almost like living in a dream. You can go with the flow letting it direct you, or you can consciously direct it. IMVU can be as fun as you want to make it. It’s a shame more people don’t realize this secret and have more fun. You are hereby unlocked from your situation, from your past and are now free to be anything you want.

You are now free to move about the country…