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Don’t be afraid to talk to people in tight groups

imvu groups of friends

imvu groups of friends Someone told me they didn’t like to go to public rooms because it seemed like the people were often very tight. I can relate because I’m very tight with several people and groups based in public rooms. But in reality those are actually the type of people you WANT to meet. The goal is to find a tight group that you like and feel comfortable with and be tight too.

People with good relationships are more likely to be open to and build more good relationships than people without relationships. You’ll also have more options and flexibility and fun being a part of a group than you will just one person.

I also think the best people in here tend to be well connected in groups. You won’t find the best people by randomly inviting or answering invites, The good people don’t randomly invite or answer random invites very often so if that’s all you’re doing you’re missing the best quality people. And people in groups also usually seem more open and inviting too. Be respectful and don’t rush in like a bull in a china shop but look for a good group, don’t avoid them.