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Begging for gifts

topless pink pug2It’s fun to have new clothes and dress up nice but… I don’t think that’s really the point. The amount of fun you have here is not determined by how many different outfits or items you have and it’s definitely not how many credits you have. If you don’t have money for credits you can review products or do some of the special offers.

begging2Sure it’s fun to have some new toys but what really makes it so much more fun is having good friends. And begging for gifts kind of hurts your friends and pushes them away more than anything else. It hurts your friendships And for what? Another sexy dress in your virtual closet?

You’ll find some people that will pity you, and if you ask everyone for gifts sometimes you’ll get some but most of the time you’re insuring that you don’t make the really good friends that you would have. I understand that gifts are a way that you show appreciation and make someone feel loved. But that’s when they’re GIFTED, not when you begged for them.

I want to help people and giveaway a lot of things to friends and even people that I just meet but I don’t really do it because I have to or because they ask me to, I do it because I WANT to. You can see my stats on my homepage and You’ll see that I have almost 5900 items in my generosity score, because I enjoy sharing but not because people ask for things. The way to be rich in here is to be rich in friends! Gifts are for showing you love someone, and you don’t come out and ask someone to love you, you love them and be a friend to them first.

In a virtual world Symbolism is more real

say you love you in imvu with silly thingsSymbolism means more in here than it does in the real world. Maybe it’s because it’s all symbolic, therefore it’s just as real as anything else. Maybe it’s because we don’t have the little mundane things in here. But giving things that mean something is a big deal. Susan is also the best at showing how much she loves with awesomely cute little little products. Don’t worry about being overly mushy or sentimental, be bold and show how much you love them. It can also be things you wear. It’s very special to have a necklace or bracelet, or tattoos that mean things. Katy is one of the best at that. She always had special ribbons and bracelets and she even gave me my LOVE necklace that I’ve worn since then.

taylor with bleuedoll family braceletI wear a butterfly clip and butterfly tattoos because she loved butterflies. I wear a very special best friend bracelet from Gabby. I wear Susan’s name tattooed on my feet, that Kim made for me. I wear a special Lyn bracelet and locket with special pictures. It can also be giving someone a key to let them come into a semi private room or making a secret code that only they know. All of these things are important in here and help to build meaningful relationships, and the word BUILD is key. All of these things take time and make people feel close and loved.

Earlier today Gabby did something for Taylor that was very special. She gave her a family bracelet, making her a part of the family. One of the most wonderful things to me is the feeling of belonging that I get. It really is a family. There’s just no other way to describe it. It’s definitely one of the best feelings in the world being a part of that, strong loving group. And it’s even more special to welcome someone that I LOVE.

Creative gifting and fun

dancing imvu french fries

dancing imvu french fries
I dance with my family almost every night for almost two hours. It’s an amazingly intimate and fun time. We are often carrying on several conversations at a time, filled with inside jokes and stories at 60 miles an hour. Even slow nights are always fun and very special. You would think that the same people in the same room would get boring or at least be somewhat the same from one day to the next. But it’s so random and so different from night to night. One thing that I think makes it fun is Creative Gifting. One of the fun things we do sometimes is find funny things from the conversation in the catalog. visions of french fries dancing in their headsThere are so many wacky things, you really can’t think of something and not find it in the catalog.

Last night we were teasing Stephanie about French Fries because her fiancĂ© is such a health nut she’s not allowed to eat French Fries. All of a sudden we were all French Fries and laughing so hard it hurt. Jokes about salt and wanting to get eaten followed and it was just a blast. The point is just to keep that in mind in a conversation because it’s so fun to give someone what they were talking about, whether it’s a big head, a French Fry avatar. If you can think of it you can probably find it and a few credits can make the night special for everyone. Also wearing and gifting a specific item makes everyone feel welcome and a part of the group. Be creative and have fun!

Your IMVU Happiness Score

imvu happy dance

imvu happy danceI bet you didn’t know ther was a formula to calculate your happiness. It’s simple (fingers crossed).

The number of gifts you’ve given plus the gifts you’ve received multiplied by the number of messages you’ve received in the past 24 hours minus the number of times you pulse about other people plus the number of names you have in your profile interests.

Girls also take whichever is greater, the number of shoes they have Or the number of songs, added to the 1/8 of the number of friends you have.

Guys take the number of girls on their friends and multiply that times the number of sex poses they have.

Oh and bonus point for pictures of friends on the walls on your room. What else am I missing? Oh and if you have a real life fiance and your name is Stephanie, you win!

What’s on your gift list?

The most amazing friends in IMVU

The most amazing friends in IMVU
Your gift list makes it easier to gift anyone even if they’re not on your friends list, which otherwise is hard. I also find the new gift system doesn’t have all my friends on it, though that could be a function of the number of friends.

So I wind up adding things to my gift list now in order to send things. And there’s no way to clean your Gift List except to empty it. That’s fine except I like to have some things easy to give when necessary. Obvious examples are crying or chicken soup, or sexy tan lines for when someone was out in the sun too much. When I’m crying with someone it’s nice to be able quickly send them tears or if they’re sick some chicken soup.

So this was just a list of the things on my gift list that i want to put back on it again after I clear it off. It may not be that helpful to anyone else just it case. If you have some suggestions add a comment with the most important item on your gift list

Click the title or the link below to see the items I’ll put back on my gift list after I reset it.


Use some Fairy Magic

sexy fairy love in imvu

sexy fairy love in imvu

Part 1 of 2:

You open you desk drawer and see an envelope with a big red perfect lipstick kiss on it. You quickly check to see if anyone is watching as you pull it out, smiling so big. It has very elegant and shiny silver ink lettering and sparkles fall and float from the paper into your lap as you open it. The fragrance of summer flowers comes from it and your fingers seem to sparkle as you hold it… continued!

Add gift:

Part 2 of 2:

Dear *****,

You light up my heart with your cheerful attitude and I can’t wait to see you again. I’ve thought about you and the special magic we’ve shared, a lot today. It’s so fun to laugh and play with you. You make my whole body light up and my soul smile. I’ve included some special Enchanted fairy love dust in here that will make you feel very happy almost giddy, and really heighten your senses although it does tend to make some people day dream. But they will be very good dreams. Whatever you do though don’t get it near your private areas. Enjoy and I’ll see you soon, my Love :)


Looking down you and you notice to your dismay the sparkles in the lap of your short skirt. You instinctively brush it away only to see it flurry and shimmer. You look away and try to brush it away quietly only to realize it was on your fingers and you feel all kinds of tingling….

This is just a cute note I sent, that I thought might inspire someone. I sent it with a sparkling gift, but you can do it with anything. The point isn’t that you or anyone should send a fairy note, but just to show how making a fun little story to go with a small gift can make someone feel really special and good about you. There’s a million different ways you can do it. I like to send Susan’s “drooling” action with a note saying that since you make me drool I thought it was only fair to make you drool ( I’ve also sent a blind fold or hand cuffs with really fun stories or an appropriate song. It depends on the type of fun you had or want to have with the person and your imagination.

It’s just to show I Love You!

know that you are truly loved

know that you are truly lovedTo the person giving me a hard time for giving them things, I put my finger to your lips Shhhhhh…. I don’t give you something to buy anything or expect anything. I give things for the feeling it gives you and the feeling it gives me. So smile and be happy and let me enjoy that feeling. I don’t do it to buy your love but to express mine.

The purpose of credits is to make people feel good. Look at it as buying you a drink. It’s just to make you feel good and let you know that I appreciate you. So smile and know that you are loved.

How to see your friends in the date order

your gifts page shows your friends in age order
Do you ever want to find the new person you just added as a friend? There’s a page you probably don’t use much that shows your friend in the order they’re added. It’s kind of neat looking back and seeing who was the first friend you added. to see your friends in date order, and even some of the last things you sent them. Take a look at your GIFTS page. Did you know you can also tell how many gifts you’ve given people since you’ve been here. I’ve given almost 1800 things :-)

A Great Gift Message

imvu butterflies

pink butterfly imvu fairyI just wanted to share a great note I just got. It was from Quidlyn and it’s great because it paints such a vivid picture in your mind and gives such a warm loving feeling. Its a great example of how the right note makes a gift incredibly special.

…a rainbowed butterfly comes floating by, carrying a note dropped to your hand. the parchment thick, wax seal affixed, bearing the letter K, the script of some dream land. You carefully remove the seal, unfolding the square letter, revealing a sprinkling of gold stars inside. A sudden wind gust lifts the confetti into the air, swirling you within a cloud of sparkles. In careful calligraphic script, the note reads… Instructions: 1) Throw arms around self, squeezing tight. 2) Close eyes. 3) Imagine my arms holding you tight. Thank you so much for your lovely gift. Please find pinki to keep you company when I cannot be around.

When you this much creativity and effort into it, it makes the gift so much more special and makes them feel good and feel good about you.

What to do for Valentine’s Day on IMVU

Valentine's Day in IMVU

I love my imvu wife Holly
Valentines Day and any holiday really, is a good excuse to say hello to friends on IMVU that you don’t get to talk to as much. Start with a simple message mentioning that you haven’t talked in a while and go through your list. Adjust the message slightly if possible.

Sending big long flowing messages that tell them to send it to all their friends are only marginally helpful. A small more relevant message you wrote specifically for them or that looks like you wrote for them, can mean more.

You don’t have to send everyone an IMVU Gift. But you should send some special friends something. It’s not that they need things. But it adds importance and weight to your message. You can just send a 200 credit card if you don’t have many credits. (where else can you get a card for the equivalent of about 10 cents)

It’s not the amount that matters but the relevance and thought behind it that people do appreciate. Remember you’re dealing with people and the emotions here are real, even if the place is virtual. So use Valentine’s day as an excuse to spread some love, and to say hello to people you haven’t had a chance to talk to recently. Enjoy it and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day sharing that love and spirit with your friends.