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I want to know your Heart

feeling somes heart in imvu

feeling somes heart in imvuI want to know your Heart, was a song we sang in church this Sunday and it reminded me of IMVU so much. One of the amazing things about this crazy place is how it lets you really know and touch someone else’s heart. It’s just a silly cartoon chat program but when you connect I mean really connect with someone you truly love, you wind up with such an amazing full heart connection.

We all go through life doing laundry and cutting the grass but inside I think we kind of yearn to connect, to love and be loved. And this silly game (yes I’m just saying that to tease HollyK) somehow lets you do this sometimes in the most amazing way. I don’t know if this is the purpose of life, but it kind of feels like the purpose of imvu, the ultimate feeling you can search a whole lifetime for, and you find it in a silly computer program. But honestly it’s not the computer program it’s the person on the other side of the screen.

How not to look for an IMVU Family

How not to look for an imvu familyThis was actually from about a week ago, and I didn’t get to publish it and I thought about it again today because I met Cyndia’s family today. They were great, and although there was certainly a wide variety in the people and characters, it was obvious that they were close and comfortable with each other.

It’s kind of interesting because you can tell how close people are by how hard it is to understand the conversation. The closer they are the more inside things are woven into their conversation and the more they just let things flow. But looking for and finding the right people to fit in with here is so cool. With that being said here’s how not to do it.

Guest_*removed*has joined the chat

Guest_*removed*: Heey

Kaitlyn: helloo

Kaitlyn: How are you today?

Guest_*removed*: Im Janessa

Kaitlyn: I’m Kait :)

Guest_*removed*: Nice to meet u

Guest_*removed*: Im Lookin for a family

Kaitlyn: you don’t do it this way.

Kaitlyn: you go out and go through rooms that sound interesting

Kaitlyn: find people you like and be a friend

Kaitlyn: you don’t ask for a family

Guest_*removed*: oh okaay

Kaitlyn: you find one you fit in and feel a part of one.

Kaitlyn: a family is just a recognition of your closeness to a group of people.

Kaitlyn: you become family by being such great friends

Kaitlyn: that there’s no other way to describe it.

Kaitlyn: and you don’t just ask for that, you have to be a real friend and that takes time.

Guest_*removed*: so u can help me

Kaitlyn: then you’ll find one.

Kaitlyn: one that you feel like you belong in.

Kaitlyn: It’s not something some can just do to you or give you.

Guest_*removed*: ty can u help em

Guest_*removed*: me’

Kaitlyn: I guess I thought maybe telling you how to do it WAS helping you.

Guest_*removed*: Okaay

Guest_*removed*: Ty


Don’t spill your guts too fast

Sharing is very sexy and brings a lot of intimacy. But don’t race to disclose everything too fast. The journey is the reward here. So don’t get too far ahead of your partner. Go back and forth with revelations and it’ll make you feel closer and more intimate.