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Happy Birthday Gabby

happy Birthday GabbyWhat can I say to my VBFF (very best friend forever) Gabrielle on her Birthday? So many people love her but I’ve had the honor for over two years. A picture is worth a thousand words and I love pictures. Picasa says I have 4600 pictures of her. I won’t try to show you all of them but here’s a little over 500 of them! Squeezed down into a couple minutes.

You can probably tell from this video that she’s the center of our world and our group and there’s always a lot of great people around. I could go on about the depth of relationships and amount of love here but I hope this illustrates that better at anything I could say.

Dear Gabby! I LOVE you more than I can ever say and you truly are my VBFF!

Wedding Vows

all the Bleue Doll Girls

Weddings in IMVU are slightly different than real life. You write you own vows because it’s not a question of being legal as much as meaning a lot to the people involved. Here are the vows from a wedding from my best friend’s wedding. Actually it was between two of my best friends that I introduced. :-)