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Loving Roleplay

This is a mind blowingly diverse place and there are a lot of interesting things in here that a lot of people do better than me. Cupcake Kitty is a good example. There are a lot of Kitty girls but there’s nobody better than her. She has so much personality and really seems half cat and so happy with it, so I wanted to ask her to share a little about her Kitty Roleplay. It takes some imagination to read and even more to understand but it’s a fun part of this crazy place.

desum goood cupcakes

Dea reasons fer playing such a character or animal can vary as much as thea actual physical manifestations and intensity of dea play. Some peoples enjoy being able to “cut loose” into a different, or more dynamic personality (Were-creatures or Catgirls see other variations). Din some cases, pet play tis seen as a loving, quiet cuddling time where there tis nuuu need fer verbalizations and thea simple act of stroking, rubbing and holding thea other partner is satisfying or reassuring in and of itself fer those involved. Fur others, there may bea a spiritual side tuu it. Some feel closer tuu their animal totem, while others mae identify wit someting akin tuu a deeper side or part of their own psyche (Therianthropy). Fer still others, there ish thea experience of power exchange setup in a context or structure which they can accept. Clearly, adin, it depends on thea people involved and what they bring tuu it or take from itz.

cupcake kitty reading the picturesAdditionally, some cases could bea considered a type of animal transformation fantasy. They can have strong elements of exhibitionism, bea totally enjoyed in thea privacy of the home, or lie somewhere between either boundary. While not widespread, erotic human-animal roleplay is still enjoyed by a sizable number of people. However, it is still primarily identified with BDSM practice, or as being associated with furry or other alternative lifestyle activities. Live Laugh Love

Autozoophilia is sexual arousal that depends on acting out or imagining one’s self as an animal. Giggles, Dat Why Kitty ish Real Dm Kitty. Dea End. By Deadmcupcakekitty.

Engineered to be Sexy

Half animal half girl, all sexy

Half animal half girl, all sexyA little bit longer Fantasy Intro for sexy play with a Sexy Furry:

You’ve worked hard for years to find the right mixture of animal and human basically combining the strength and stamina of the best animals and the intellect of a human. You’ve spend most of that time in a lab coat with computer screens full of data and DNA modeling programs. But finally you are able to do more actual testing and evaluating because they are almost ready and these may be the ultimate prototypes if things go well.

The race for the perfect pet, companion, partner is really heating up. You started a small biotech company and have invested everything in this but it could easily be worth billions. You have tested and measured all that you can and you can only tell how human a creature is so much with lab tests. You are finally starting to hands on real life testing.

You have truly beautiful beings with apparently human sexes that the only way to really see how human they really are is to take off the lab coat and get close. All the ones you are currently working with our female, because you need to be able to control their reproduction and you will need mostly females once they go into production too. The results on the latest ones have been very exciting to say the least. You have worked hard to develop an awesome combination of human emotions, sexuality and an animal drive and strength. (Read the rest of this longer intro)