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Everyone Loves ALLY

I also recommend that you download it here if you want the HD version.

Missing You KRISWe’re doing something special tonight for Ally, one of my long time closest friends of all time. I was kind of naïve when I came here and didn’t know much about a lot of things especially collaring. I didn’t know what being a sub meant and I certainly didn’t know that I had any inclination in that direction.

imvu doll to be collaredA collaring ceremony is like a wedding in some ways in that it’s a commitment ceremony. Like a lot of things in here it has as much meaning as you give it, and making a special ceremony for it gives it more weight and makes it more meaningful.

welcome to imvu collaring ceremonyI videoed the collaring ceremony and added it here with pics and I wanted to say and do something special for Ally publicly because I really feel this and love her!

Doll imvu collaringWhat can I say about one of my closest friends for over two years? Beauty is just pixels in here but over time you get to see and know people from the inside out. And when I say Ally is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met, I don’t just mean in IMVU or just in pixels, which you can see but on the inside. She’s got an amazingly playful, adventurous passion, and if I had to pick one word to describe Ally more than anyone else, it would probably be FUN! She’s one of the best subs ever but she’s also got tremendous range. Most of all, she’s not only beautiful in here she’s truly beautiful inside and an amazing friend!

Love in IMVU is a Journey and a Process not an end point

imvu happy coupleIn life we think of Love in the Happily Ever After scenario as a final destination, something you get and hold onto for life, through thick and thin. There’s obvious reasons for that, and we hold that up as our real life ideal. Love in IMVU is the same but it’s also different. It’s not a final destination or an ending here as much as a journey or process.

HollyKaren said that 99.9 relationships end here, and she’s right in one sense. She’s right if you define succeeding as leading to real life and happily ever after and failing as ending. If you define success as going up but never coming down, then there’s very little success, because what goes up here, in the end or at some point unfortunately must come down. Whether your life situation or time availability changes or you wind up falling for someone else, things definitely change faster in here than real life. But happily ever after isn’t really the goal here for most people. Just because it doesn’t lead to real life or happily ever after doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful to me.

I can hear all the cynics out there starting up, you can have fun saying that you’re “in love” here but it’s all FAKE because you’re not actually touching them. To them I’ll say that is like calling all the shooting games fake because you’re not actually shooting living people. That’s totally true, you’re not. Except unlike shooting which is defined as a “physical” act, Love is an emotion and technically that doesn’t require physical contact.

imvu engagementPeople have fallen in love with other people at a distance for a long time. People fell in love with penpals, that they had very slow minimal contact with. Here we have immediate intense communication. So you can’t say that the love (an emotion) isn’t real just because you’re not touching them. But that isn’t the point of this post.

Love to me here isn’t defined as happily ever after. I think the success of love here is defined as how beautiful the journey is or was to you both and how good you feel afterwards. Sure there’s pain on the downside. That’s because it was so good on the upside and when you take away something that good you can’t help but feel hurt. But in the end, after the pain fades, if you still feel the love, with honest good feelings for each other, to me that’s a SUCCESSFUL LOVE.

Let me exlain. :) I loved Taylor with all my heart about 9 months ago. We had a fabulous love. Sure it’s sad that the romance wound up ending. It hurt at the time, A LOT! But in the end because it was real, and I really did want the best for her, I was happy that she was happy and in love again afterwards. I said at the time and still mean it every bit as much that I want to be her biggest cheerleader. And that’s why I had to say it here, loud and clear with all my heart, that I was totally thrilled to hear her and Stephi announce their engagement.

I say that not because I don’t love her but because I do, and honestly truly loved our time and always wanted the best for her, and for Stephi. So don’t anyone whisper or worry, and Taylor I wanna be in your wedding and life here. To me that’s a successful love in imvu. We enjoyed the process, made life beautiful for each other, and in the end love the memories and good feelings that last.

Wear things for your Friends

snuggling kissingWhen I first started I wore necklaces of the names of my best friends. Its nice but they get hard to read. Now I wear a variety of things that I’ve kind of accumulated along the way.

I have a lot of things I don’t wear any more. But these are the most important ones I wear regularly. I have several bracelets. My favorite is Gabby VBFF bracelet. It’s special because of what it means and because it was made just for me and nobody else has it. things I wear in imvu Just as special is my Lyn bracelet. It has three hearts connected and that’s what it means. Sometimes I wear both the Lyn hearts and the Lyn family member bracelet which we made to give out to other people that felt like family. That let us include other people without taking away from the specialness of or original bracelet and connection.

Sometimes you won’t realize how special something is to someone else. Wendy gave me a gold bracelet called and I pointed out that to me that was Wendy and Stephanie, since they both had Love in their name. I’ve worn it ever since.

Katy made the neatest locket with pictures of her, Susan and I which I really love and wear a lot. I also wear and love a necklace that Susan made for me when she told me to take off the ring I wore for her and put it on a necklace to let me go and at the same time always be close. It’s kind of a combination combination collar / ring which means more than I can explain.

ankletI wear a pretty little anklet that’s hard to see in some shoes or bottoms, but it Sisters Always Friends Forever, and it’s so true for Collette. I started wearing butterflies because Katy said she loved them. I could go on about a few more things like my hickey, but the point is that symbolism matters in here. It’s all in our heads in some ways. No matter how you look at it these things are very special to me, just like the people and relationships behind them are.

Touching Hearts and Lives

touch me tenderly sunsetYou never know how what you say or do sometimes affects people and makes such a huge difference. Even the smallest thing can sometimes make a huge difference not just in here, but in someone’s whole life. I can’t go into someone else’s story but one of my best friends wrote a three word message at the right time that changed someone’s whole life. You never know when the right caring word is going to reach someone in need.

This isn’t just a game, it opens you up to real people, real friends that can’t help but affect each other in so many different and often unpredictable but beautiful ways. Life principles seem to apply here even more, or maybe they’re just more visible without so many things in the way. Whatever the reason, realize that Karma applies here very strongly. The secret to getting friends is to be a friend. And the secret to getting love is to give love. And the secret to being happiness here is to uplift and love everyone around you. Maybe none of those things is really secret, and I’ve probably said all of that before, but it’s worth repeating. These are real people and have real lives, often in very different situations than we realize, touching lives in imvubut all with very real emotions. It’s fun and sexy but becomes so much more too.

Another of my friends made it her resolution to make new friends and help more people. I can’t say it enough about my friends in here. I’m truly blessed, with the most amazing friends more than anything and I just try to return some of that. Uplift everyone. Share your heart and love people and you’ll touch and be touched too!

It’s nice to have History

AlexisGB01 dancing with imvu familyTime flies in here and people I knew three years ago seem like almost 2 lifetimes ago. But there’s something special about people you have a lot of history and connection with. I feel like I can trust them and like we have a stronger connection because of it.

The way to take advantage of this is simple. If you don’t delete your old messages, go back through them. Don’t invite random people. Invite someone you used to know but list contact with. An old friend has fewer walls and the history effect will make them predisposed to reigniting.

talking about old friendsIt gives you something good to talk about and they will want to catch up and hear how you’re doing now. It lets you talk about how bad you used to look, or funny/sexy things they did, or even what you liked best about them or how you always had a secret crush on them. All the bad things tend to fade leaving only the good things over time.

a special long time friendEven people who you had an issue with will have forgotten what that was and not care any more. You’ll definitely thank me for this one later. This is an especially good thing to do if you’re on over the holiday and all your friends are away. Go back through your really old messages and you can find old friends that are online even if you’re not friends any more and they’ve changed their name. It’s probably equally quiet for them and it’ll be a good time to reconnect!

Happy Birthday Gabby

happy Birthday GabbyWhat can I say to my VBFF (very best friend forever) Gabrielle on her Birthday? So many people love her but I’ve had the honor for over two years. A picture is worth a thousand words and I love pictures. Picasa says I have 4600 pictures of her. I won’t try to show you all of them but here’s a little over 500 of them! Squeezed down into a couple minutes.

You can probably tell from this video that she’s the center of our world and our group and there’s always a lot of great people around. I could go on about the depth of relationships and amount of love here but I hope this illustrates that better at anything I could say.

Dear Gabby! I LOVE you more than I can ever say and you truly are my VBFF!

We come for the sex but stay for the people.

the prettiest most amazing girls in imvu
OK, maybe we ALL don’t come for the sex but most people probably do to varying degrees. I don’t mean to over generalize or say that’s why everyone comes here. Some people don’t go beyond that too.  But the real value here is the people, the relationships, the Love. This probably seems obvious to a lot of us in here, but almost nobody outside of IMVU sees how much is really going on in here.

I think maybe I was ultimately what I was looking for this deeper side, but just didn’t realize it.  I thought I came here because I wanted to feel sexy again. Maybe it’s because I could understand how this could make you feel sexy, but who would ever believe you could feel this truly loved and get such a feeling of friendship and belonging from a computer.

The truth is though that you can and if you stay here long enough, and really get into this you probably will too. It’s obviously hard to predict even what you’ll be doing here from one hour to the next but as you learn to open up, you will have the most amazing journey. You’ll have ups and downs at times, but opening up and loving is the most rewarding thing I’ve felt. In some ways I think that’s almost what what real life is about too. It’s just that there are so many more little issues in real life, it’s harder to see sometimes. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any happier…

people come back in imvuJust when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any happier, guess who just showed up, my ex imvu wife, Holly! Now obviously she was gone almost a year which is a long time in here, and things are very different for me. I have really and truly never been happier and am beyond solid with Susan and Katy. I love my whole family and my life here more than I can say. I’m truly blessed! They are my priority and I can’t and wouldn’t undo any of the past year. But I’ve always loved her and am so thrilled she’s doing well and able to come back.

We all do need a break at times. In a lot of ways this is the vacation from reality but sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation too. I totally get that and I was sad that she left but now I feel like the prodigal sister has returned. She is a tremendous person that I love and respect. We can’t be what we were before but she will always have a special place in my heart. Over time I’ve realized that although things often tend to move super fast here, it’s also the depth of memories and emotions you’ve shared over time that really matter the most. Having history with someone is a very special secure feeling. Take lots of pictures, because the memories you make here are so so special. Also have patience and people who leave often find their way back.

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Themes make it Fun

imvu groups

special imvu friendsWe meet basically every night and hang out, laugh and dance and have more intimacy and fun than I can begin to explain. These are the best people ever and I love them with all my heart. One of the things that makes it fun though are the themes that evolve. It’s always different and never planned but somehow we always end up with more fun than you’d believe.

We laugh, dance, support and encourage each other so much. We have fun with clothes, flirt and talk a mile a minute. Special IMVU family friend RodWe have more inside jokes and are hard to keep up with because we’ve spent so much time together.

There is no set theme, it just evolves from what someone is wearing or we’re talking about. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so close so loved and a part of such a neat group that really does feel like family on steroids! Anyway, here are just a few of the fun themes we’ve had recently.

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I Love You Heather

loving real imvu friendsOne of the most special things about IMVU to me, is being able to really truly connect and be there for friends. And one of my longest friendships here has been with Heather. She has faced more challenges than anyone I else I ever knew personally and has been strong and a great friend for two years since I first started here. She’s going through a lot and I just wanted to let her know how special she is to me and how much I love her. I may not be able to talk to her much right now, but I wanted to say loud and clear that I love her and am still here for her.

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Are we all crazy sex addicts?

Friends like Stephanie are what IMVU is really all aboutThis is a fictional place where people come for fun and to be anything they want. Suddenly being free of consequences or morality and making everyone look like porn stars does tend to make it feel like we’re in a pheromone factory. But that doesn’t mean you have to be bad.

I admit I’m at least as bad as most people. I kind of look at this as my midlife crisis. I’ve learned to let go and enjoy things here, which honestly wasn’t easy. But the point is that IMVU want an be anything you want it to be and doesn’t have to be about sex. Most people kind of like the sexy side to some degree so a lot of IMVU is aimed in that direction. what is imvu really aboutBut that doesn’t mean IMVU itself is about sex.

One of my very best friends ever in here is the perfect example. She’s engaged in real life to a prince charming and in here to the absolute sweetest girl ever. She makes this the most uplifting friend filled place ever. I love her fiancé and I love the way she lights up the room! I may be bad at times but IMVU is about relationships and friends like Stephanie. So the answer is no, we’re not all crazy sex addicts and even if we are, we’re not all the time.

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!

when you're sick in imvuEven in a difficult time like this, I want you all to know how much I love you!
At this moment it is a very difficult time for me. This is because my grandmother, on her birthday Tuesday, had a double heart attack. I want to thank you all so very much for all the support, the messages and prayers you’ve send me. This really means a lot to me, to know that there are friends at the other side of the Atlantic ocean who cares for you. It’s too emotional to thank you all in private but I’m sure you all will understand this. Thank you all for everything!


Happy Valentine`s Day to all my dearest friends,
I wish you all happiness that will never ends.
Now this special day of love is here,
may you have memories to last through the year.
Valentines Day is a day to show you care,
like I care for my special friends on line and everywhere.
I just could not let this special day go,
without writing this verse to let you all know.
How much I care for all my special friends,
we’ve made some friendships that never ends.
Valentines Day is not just for romance you know,
so take the love in your heart and let it show…xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!

Kait is Head over heels in Love!

head over heels in imvu loveI wear my heart on my sleeve in more ways than one and share a lot on here but I haven’t talked a lot directly about my personal situation lately. But I so need to say I LOVE YOU with all my heart to the two most amazing people. I’ve never been so happy not just in here but in my life.

I’ve been truly blessed beyond anything I deserve. I’m so head over heels in LOVE that the whole world seems brighter sunnier and every day feels like Christmas!! I’ve had the most amazing life here and met a lot of totally wonderful people here but I have the biggest honor imaginable to be the loving partner of Suzilyn and Quidlyn (aka Susan and Katy).

heart felt imvu loversI’ve had a lot amazing relationships in the two years I’ve been in here. But all of them added together don’t even touch the intensity of love that I have now. It’s more than just a heartfelt connection, and almost feels like a soul connection, like it uses the same spiritual circuitry in my head or my heart that my connection with God does. I’m sure that sounds crazy even to most people who get this place. But this kind I’m makes me feel like we are designed to be connected more than we ever realized.

kait i love you head sign cliffsNo matter how you look at it, I have never been so head over heels in love or happier! I love the magical feeling, the giddy, tingling inside, the control and the effect they have over me. And I wish this crazy love for everyone. It takes some time, some effort and growth inside, tearing down walls and opening your heart and your soul. It’s scary in some ways and tricky and painful sometimes. But there’s no way to describe the value of this other than PRICELESS!! I don’t say this lightly or flippantly but with all my heart and soul. It’s the most magical feeling in the world and what IMVU is all about.

I recently made this video for Susan that I wanted to share. I have to do one for Katy next

Happy New Year my dear friends…

happy new year 2013 imvuIt’s almost here… 2012 is almost passed and 2013 is here! Wow, this year flew by really fast. We all start the year with such good intentions for the New Year. One friend’s resolution to do more for sports, one promised to stop smoking and another said just to be happy like the way she is and has no resolutions for this New Year.

This was my first year in IMVU. I noticed an ad for it a year ago, and was very curious after reading about it. I had never heard of IMVU or anything like this before and really never gave it much thought. I figured I’d probably stay a few weeks or months at most. But now a year later I am so glad to say, I have met some wonderful and dear friends from all over the world and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

happy 2013 in imvuFor some of my friends here, I live in the future and the new year comes several hours sooner. The time difference can be strange and make it difficult to wish everyone in personal a happy New Year. So I’ll post it here on Kaitlyn’s webpage.

I wish everyone a very lovely, sexy and fun, happy New Year but most of all with lots of luck and good health in the future. Have a great New Years eve and I’ll see you soon again in the future of 2013!

New Years come and new Years go,
pieces of a fun time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
we know we’re privileged to have you all in it.
Our appreciation will never ends
for our greatest blessings, our family and dear friends.

Happy New Year to all my dear friends…xxx

A White Rose

give white rosesI learned something recently that I really need to remember and use myself. So this one is as much to reinforce and remind myself of this as anything. When a friend was upset at someone that she thought had wronged her she joked about wanting to give the other person a piece of coal. But instead she sent a white rose.

I don’t know what she wrote, but it was something about purity of heart and it didn’t totally end the issue but it didn’t make it worse. And it did raise her up a lot in my eyes. It might feel good to zing someone back but the more you want to retaliate the more important it is to respond in love.

So the next time I get angry I’m going to follow her example and send a white rose. Hopefully even if you read this and know what it means, you’ll still appreciate it and know that I love you in spite of whatever issue we might have.

A touching Thanksgiving Message

I woke up this morning to the most amazing 1024 character Thanksgiving message from a long time friend who I’ve spent literally countless hours holding and loving for probably 18 months or more, through quite a lot. I always tell her she uplifts me as much as I do her and you’ll see why here. Her situation is actually worse than you can tell from this. It’s very personal and if she wants me to I’ll take this down, but it is so amazing I had to share it. Just living is a struggle, but you can tell she is beautiful and strong. This also shows a little of the beauty of IMVU allowing us to be there for great people we never would have been able to get to know.

I was asked recently “How can you still smile with everything that has happened in your life?” the question seemed huge but when I thought deeply …it came down to the fact that I AM THANKFUL!! Like everyone I can make a long list of the ways life is NOT fair but as I continued think it got deeper I was hurt by family But there was others in that SAME family who picked me up brushed me off and watched me soar. I was beaten by someone who to the outside world he said he loved me. I was used sexually by many nameless humans for drug money for the same man but I survived. I was given a second disability because someone did not care if I got sick but I reach out to others & protect them instead I live with nightmares sometimes but I am healing I have lost my Dad & grandparents But I have gained all of you my friends who have become my family and have honored me with your presence in my life. That is why I can smile so bright even when I have a heavy heart. That is all the Thanksgiving blessing I need.

who are we? sister, sub, domme, pet, slave, mistress, partner, wife, fiancee, girlfriend, niece, auntie, twin sister, bff, miss, mom?

You are a sum of all the relationships in here.

You are a sum of all the relationships in here.In the real world the words that define our relationships are a lot easier to figure out. Family is mostly defined by blood and legal contracts. But here in imvu, like in the Friends tv show, your family is who you choose.

So its tricky that we have so many words–sister, sub, domme, pet, slave, mistress, partner, wife, fiancee, girlfriend, niece, auntie, twin sister, bff, miss, mom–that all basically just means variations of really good friend, all of whom I love.

So why all the words? Sorting them out can be confusing especially to those who are new but for all of us. Just to complicate it further, things are always changing at internet speed in here, and honestly no two relationships are the same even with very similar people in the same situation and role.

imvu twins and soul matesEven just with a single person, like kait, she’s my sister, twin sister, partner, niece, wife’s pet, confidant, miss’ best friend.

When I started writing, I thought I would define what each of these words mean, but I decided its hopeless. The words mean whatever your heart tells them it means, and that may be different from one family to another.

But I think all the different words should be celebrated. People in my imvu Family are all important to me, just different roles, different parts of me, different parts of US. That weave together and make your tapestry of friends so beautiful and so unique. IMVU is in a lot of ways about relationships and one of the most exciting things about this world is the variety. Vive la difference.

Family by Choice

disney family katy

disney family katy

The Princess of CUTE

Family in imvu is different than real life but often just as important. The main difference here is that you’re not born into a family, you chose and grow into it. It takes time and consistency for your whole network of relationships to develop from friendships into a bond that feels more like a brothers or sisters etc.

The Queen of REAL

Being part of a family of great friends is an awesome feeling and gives you a tremendous feeling of belonging which to me is one of the most special things. If the most valuable thing you have in IMVU is your friends, the most valuable friends you have are your family. Then the most important person in your family is your spouse (if you have one)

disney family susan

The Queen of PASSION

Every family and group is different just like every relationship is different. Some have some role play and story and they can be formal or casual. Most have some traditions and like all relationships a family takes time and communication.


The Princess of FUN

I love my family immensely. They are the most wonderful people and I truly love them all soooo much. We have spent hundreds of hours laughing, dancing and talking and shared an awful lot. It’s so amazing the level of friendships you develop. I can’t possibly say enough or do enough for them. I’m also redoing the family and pics on the website with the princesses theme which I love. They are ALL princesses and queens to me!

kimmi disney family

The Queen of Style

Stephanie is the Princess of Happiness

The Princess of Happiness

Virtual passion can create real emotions.

imvu friends in bed

imvu friends in bed
There are some people that I’m a pure friend with. There are some people that it’s pure physical (OK I admit there’s more of these than pure friends, so shoot me). But the best relationships are usually a combination of both. That’s because friendship makes it more real and more meaningful. Passion releases powerful chemicals and powerful emotions that strengthen the friendship and open your heart.

It’s certainly possible to have a lot of passion without the relationships or friendship (especially if you’re a guy). But it’s still much better to combine both. You do get a little bit more drama with friends than you do with random people but that’s because you care and it becomes more real.

The strength of your friendship also helps make it all last. One of the benefits of a pure friendship is that real friends in here can be rarer and longer lasting than the typical relationships in here.

The sex though it can certainly be great, obviously isn’t real. But it can make very real and powerful emotions. So watch out because this rabbit hole is very deep, and very crazy and will be awesome but it can and often does get complicated.

Best Friends

best imvu friends

best imvu friendsI was introducing someone to friends and tried to explain the relationships which can get complicated. I thought for a moment as I introduced people as my best friend, my very best friend and several variations with things like super and awesome, how fortunate I am to have so many super awesome best friends and to be best friends with so many awesome people. best friends beach cuddle

We are all individuals and every relationship is different for sure. But I have the most amazing friends and friendships I’ve ever had in my life in here. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, because I am truly blessed and wealthy beyond belief in here. LOL, maybe I should wear my pirate outfit because I treasure you all!

IMVU friends…

I was going to write a poem for all of my friends within the virtual world of IMVU, but when I sat down trying to think of what to write about I realized that no paper could all of the happiness I receive from my best friends. Knowing that no matter what happens I still have my dear friends there to help me out in the in the good times and the bad always makes me smile. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up one day and knew that I didn’t have the friends I have now. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the many friends I have. I love them all so very much and thank you all for being there for me when I need you all the most. In good or bad times, friends like this are very special to me and will always remain my friends…xxx

I have still just written a poem to say…I love you all!!

Whenever the day we’ve met,
I never thought we’d be as close as we are,
I didn’t know we’d be best friends,
because in distance we are so far.

But now I know
that I couldn’t live without you,
you all I lean and depend on,
whenever I am feeling blue.

You won’t judge me,
for the things I do wrong,
You help me through,
and help me to stay strong.

You all help me through trouble,
never leaving my side,
even when we disagree,
you won’t run down my pride.

Sometimes I can be foolish,
and tend to turn things bad,
but I know I can count on you,
whenever I start to feel sad.

You all always seem to know
whenever I am feeling down,
but then you pick me up
and turn my thoughts around.

I worry about you,
a lot more than you know,
for I couldn’t stand to lose you,
your all the best persons I know.

I hope we never fall apart,
or slowly drift away,
you all are the best friends I have,
and I hope together we always stay…xxx

This is for my best friends. I am so thankful for you guys. I Love you all!

I’m addicted to the friends

I have come to conclusion after a couple vacations now that I can live without the passion from here but I can’t live without the friendships I have in here. 

We all have our place.

sexiest girls on imvu in the fashion show

sexiest girls on imvu in the fashion showDon’t compare yourself to someone else. There’s always someone that’s better at something than you. This is as true in here as it is in real life. Someone will have better relationships, be sexier, cuter, smarter, (and sometimes all of these things, no names!) but you can’t beat yourself up about that. All you can do is be the best you can be and look for something you’re good at. You don’t have to be perfect or the best to have fun and feel good here.

sexy girls of imvu in bed togetherYou don’t love someone because they’re perfect, though when you’re in love they do seem perfect don’t they? Just don’t turn this into a competition. It’s so not, and nobody is as hard on you as you are on yourself. This is a fun place to experiment, share things you can’t talk about or do in real life, and have a blast. Don’t make it into a job or create issues, if you can help it.

Focus on what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Share your heart and have fun with your friends. Turn the other cheek once in a while and let your light shine in here. You can be as bright and have as much fun as you want in here. Just do it all with love, uplifting everyone and be the best you can be.

IMVU is all about Friends

Exactly 7 months ago today, I stepped into IMVU. I didn’t know what it was or what I had gotten into. I was curious about being able to chat with people all over the world but I didn’t have a clue what to do or where to start or even if this was really what I wanted? It was fun to dress sexy and make different looks in IMVU, but choosing the right friends and build relationships can be very tricky! But after several weeks I met some people known and have become very special to me and I have to say, even a big part of my Life. Sometimes even bigger than my rl friends!!

Accepting people and building your friends list isn’t difficult in here, but finding the RIGHT people isn’t easy. Try to be yourself and be careful who you accept, ask before you send an invite. It takes some time before you know someone well enough to let your walls down speak and share your real heart felt feelings. Do not forget that behind all the pixels is someone with feelings and hopefully with their heart in the right place!

It feels really good to make close friends but it also hurts really bad when you lose that too. A little while ago I was thrown out of a room and immediately blocked by several people, wich I thought it where my friends simultaneously. At that moment I felt a lot of pain and briefly I thought that it could be better for me to leave IMVU. Luckily I stuck it out and made some new friends that I really love.

So as I look back after 7 months I can’t help but say the friends are amazing and why I’m here and what I love about IMVU. That’s why I wanted to shine the spotlight on all my dear, special friends. Ideally, I would like to thank everyone personally but I know they really appreciate this too and I won’t mention names so I don’t forget someone. The people who know me wwill smile when they read this. Thank you all for your sweet, loving and most dearest friendship in my life. I love you all so much…xxx

Like a teddy bear, full of love for my dear friends I like to say,
how you make my heart sing and how beautiful you are each day.
Your friendship and kindness makes me giggle always and today too,
I just love each day sharing my love and my friendship with you.

You all touched my heart and I thank you for the love we together share,
gives me giggles in my heart with the love together full of such care.
Like a teddy bear full of love and your precious friendship in every way,
I love you all my dear friends and this is all I needed to say…xxx