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Let go of your restraints and enjoy a little imvu bdsm fun
I should start out by saying I’m one of the most conservative (yes and boring) people in real life. I’d never touch BDSM in real life and if I even looked at it my husband would probably freak out too. I warmed up to vampires and demons and a lot of things faster than bondage. But I’ve kind of figured it out here in a sense I think. This is a great place to experiment in a safe way with new things you’d never do in real life. And it’s all virtual so it’s COMPLETELY safe and the edginess does kind of make it fun if you really play it up.

I also think a lot of the best imvu fantasies involve a way or reason to let go of yourself and the usual restraint that you have (no pun intended). We are all told to behave and be good, and a fantasy is a great way to let go of that and let the bad animal side out. BDSM is a way to do that, to feel owned by someone else, made to please them or helpless to resist them. That feeling is exciting even to someone that would NEVER do any of this crap in real life. Maybe especially to someone who couldn’t do any of this, lol.

BDSM is also very visual and lends it self to imvu poses, the anonymity of this place and sometimes blatant sexuality. I kind of think of BDSM as in the cateogory of Stripping, Vampires, and Furries. It’s so IMVU that you almost have to try it at least a little, if you’re here for any length of time. I don’t want BDSM all the time, by any means. But if I can try it and have fun with it you probably can too, when you’re ready. Don’t rush because if you’re not comfortable there are a lot of other fun things you can do. You can have a great time here and never try this, but it is very powerful and sexy and popular for a reason.