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Where do you start in IMVU

help getting started in IMVU

help getting started in IMVUIMVU will tell you how to log in, but where do go from there? If you have friends on here, start by looking to see which friends are online and where. It’s especially nice if you see some in a public room because you can go in and say hello more readily and can’t be declined.

If you don’t see any interesting friends to invite or go see, you can search for new people and invite people in IMVU directly (called Random Invites) but you’ll get a lot of rejection. I think a better way is to search chat rooms in a genre or theme you’re interested in. Chat rooms won’t reject you, and they tend to get you in front of better people than random invites.

meeting a group of friends makes this much more funYou may also find a close group of people that you like, that way. A group of IMVU friends is important and can be stronger and more fun than just individual connections and can lead to individual connections too. Being part of a group is also one of the best ways to get comfortable here and learn the basics is to find a group you enjoy and can feel a part of. Make sure you favorite the room because it’s easy to search just within your fav rooms to see if anyone is in your favorite rooms.

It’s fun to explore and meet new people but picking up where you left off with people you’ve already clicked with is usually much more fun. It helps if you can be consistent in your times online because you’ll meet people who are typically on that same time too which is nice.

Search and Fav Public Rooms

You can find great imvu rooms for almost anything

You can find great imvu rooms for almost anythingNo matter how new you are, whether it’s your birthday (very first day) or you’ve been here since before there was a 3D chat, it’s fun to find and explore new rooms in imvu. Sometimes I do that really late at night or if I only have a few minutes, not long enough to really talk very much. That’s when I look for rooms with exciting sounding descriptions and pictures. I look for ones with four stars too. You don’t want to favorite everything but unlike sending out blanket friend requests you can fav as many rooms as you like as fast as you like. Technically there’s a limit of 100, but by the time you reach 100 you’ll be able to remove a bunch.

You’ll have to try several rooms to find really great rooms. But that’s the fun of it. And when you have a lot of good rooms saved you just click favorites in your chat rooms tab and you’ll be able to see the ones with people in them very easily. That way even if you don’t have many friends you’ll never have a hard time finding something fun to do. When I come in I usually check my outfit, then my messages, friends and then favorite rooms before deciding where to start. Private rooms are ok for a place to invite someone special to, but you’ll usually have much more fun in public rooms. So especially if you’re new fav a lot of good rooms, and you’ll also start to know the people in those rooms and find a good crowd to hang out with. Another great perk is that even if you don’t like crowds yet, you can find someone alone in one of your fav rooms much more easily.