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Hypnotize yourself to have a good time in IMVU

IMVU Hypnosis and fun mind control

IMVU Hypnosis and fun mind controlA lot of fantasies and role playing scenarios are really an excuse to let go of yourself and your control. Most of the just aren’t as obvious as as Hypno. My favorite playmate, Ally (aka. the Princess of FUN) turned me on to it. And I have to say that adding that to my interests led me to more interesting people wanting to share that then any other word I’ve seen.

imvu mind control machineIt takes some faith and some time to really open up and feel this but in some ways I think IMVU is a great venue for hypnotism because its really all in your head in here anyway. Hypnotism doesn’t require any physical contact, so it’s actually more real than a lot of things that are much less real or believable in here. If you can feel a kiss or bite virtually, why can’t you listen and accept a suggestion.

I have only done this with a couple people but I’ve been extremely impressed with not just what they did or how fun it was, but how much they listened and honestly wanted to help and made a great comfortable and exhilarating experience. Whether you believe in this or have any experience with it or not hypnotism can definitely be a lot of fun. And if you are good at hypnotism send me a message or leave a comment!

Dirty Hotel Room

play dirty hotel in imvu room

play dirty hotel in imvu roomDisclaimer: This one isn’t so much a fantasy as much as a booty call when you just want dirty sex. Use this when you’re in the middle of things and your partner crashes and you don’t have much time. There’s just something very sexy about a cheap hotel room like this. You wouldn’t want to use that all the time but it can be very sexy.

Your opening is important and starting things off right is the key.

For girls:
Taking the fist full of bill and tucking it into my purse as I pull out a condom and turn back to you with a smile. I unbutton my top flashing my breasts and my best Fuck me smile, while stepping closer and gently rubbing your growing cock through your pants.

For Guys:
It’s been so long since we’ve been together, and after trying so many hotels with no rooms available, I didn’t care where we went or how cheap the hotel room is, I can hardly keep my hands off of you.
As the door closes I take your hand in mine pulling you close, my arms slide around you holding you in a warm embrace.
Your beauty stirs me as I breath in you perfume and lean close to kiss you.
Pressing you against the wall as we kiss, the closeness is intoxicating.

Oh I forgot this is the room if you’re interested.

The Dirty Maid Service

very sexy imvu maids

imvu sexy maid fantasy
This is a great starter scenario if you’ve never done much role playing. All you have to do is get a sexy maid dress, or give someone a sexy maid dress for that matter, and you almost can’t help but start an interesting conversation. If I had to pick the easiest first role playing scenario to start with, this is probably it.

Instead of writing up the scenario, for this one all I think you really need is a few good lines to get you started. Put on a costume and flirt a little and this is so easy and fun it’s almost a shame to call it role playing. Here are a few good lines you can use to spark things if necessary.

“Do you have anything dirty I can clean for you?”

“I know I’m not very good at cleaning but I really need this job and will do anything I can to keep it.”

~smiling coyly as she bends over, her short dress rising up revealingly…

“I don’t do windows, but I have been known to do a few other fun things.”

“smiling as she runs the feather duster lightly along your leg, slowly coming to rest, rubbing softly against your crotch for a moment, before turning and giggling as she walks away.”

“You watch as she dances around the room her body barely contained by the sheer and sexy maids costume.”

“You may be cleaning but you’re sure giving me a lot of dirty thoughts.”

Can you think of any other interesting lines to use??

The Shady Lady Fantasy

The actual Shady Lady signYour mouth is suddenly dry as you feel the car sputtering to a stop on the gravel and sand on the side of the road. You cringe as you see smoke coming out from the hood of the car and start calculating how far back the last town was, and knowing you don’t have money to fix anything.

Surveying the desolate dessert road brings you to the inescapable conclusion that you’re fucked. The only sign of life on the road is a large yellow sign up ahead and a couple dilapidated trailers a little off the road. You start walking because the shadows are getting long and it’s going to get dark soon. As you get closer, you see that the weathered sign that says Shady Lady and is in front of a long gravel drive way. Figuring they must have a phone at least you start walking.

You see a large house looming at the end of the driveway and realize why it’s called the shady lady. It certainly does look dark, almost downright sinister. All the shades are drawn but there are a couple cars so you figure you have to give it a try especially since its getting dark and you have no other options.

The Shady Lady RanchYou notice some stirring in a window as you walk onto the porch. You knock as you pull the screen door open and see a startlingly beautiful women standing smiling in front of you. Her gorgeous body only exaggerated by the long flowing black dress. Her ruby red lips spreading into a captivating smile as her as she poses her perfect body invitingly.

This IMVU Fantasy was made up by and with Gabby who had a long drive through the dessert and took these actual pictures of The Shady Lady Ranch. This could be a brothel of vampires or just a place you can work off the cost of getting your car fixed. You could be held hostage or could be treated as a guest or join them, it will be fun to play out in any direction from here.

Here’s another sexy vampire story I liked about two vampires hunting for girls to make a meal of that find Roxxy, who gets sired instead of killed.

Fantasy with the Boss’ hot daughter

quidlyn park bench

This was a contribution by a new good friend, Quidlyn. The point isn’t that you have to use one of these fantasies, although you certainly can, but you can also make up something to fit whatever the situation is too. There are no rules, just have fun and realize how much a good story helps to make it even more fun.

The starlight twinkled on the river brightly as I shivered, pulling my silk wrap around my bare shoulders, the revealing cocktail dress hardly any protection from the night’s chill. You arrived behind me just in time with your warm strong body, draping your tuxedo jacket chivalrously over slender shoulders.

Just 10 minutes earlier, we were strangers at my father’s tedious gala soiree. You were one of his many business partners, but unlike the others, you did not hide your appreciation of my body, not cowed by the threat of my father’s wrath. Your confident gaze found mine, and we shared a moment. When a waiter found me later, handing me your note saying you will meet you outside by the river, but to leave separately to avoid suspicion, I checked my makeup in the mirror and slipped outside without hesitation.

Now standing on the docks, I feel your warm breath on my neck, I turn my gaze to yours, seeing the moon reflected in your eyes, my lips part ever so slightly, as a shiver courses thru my body…

A Big Study (Fantasy intro)

imvu breast enlargement fantasy intro

IMVU Nurse Kait
I wrote this fantasy for someone that had a breast enlargement fantasy and I thought this was a fun way to start it out. It’s a kind of long intro but you get the idea at least.

An evaluation research study, sounded harmless so I went along with my roommate to see if we could qualify. They said it paid a lot of money because it was hard to qualify for the guy doing the interview was more than a little creepy and seemed more interested in my measurements and social life than my medical background. I almost didn’t take it since my girlfriend didn’t make it but it sounded harmless and I could really use the to grand. I guess I should have read the fine print better. I didn’t even realize it was only women or think much about that at the time.

When I showed up a very sexy woman in a lab coat gave me a hospital gown and asked me to change. It may have been a hospital gown but it was at least a couple sizes too small. I’m not overly endowed but the account was very tight and fitted more than the usual backing gown.

The gorgeous nurse took my temperature and took very detailed measurements of my breasts, but I could hardly take my eyes off her enormous breasts which seemed like they were about to pop right out of her lab coat has she moved in front of me. At one point her hands lingered for a moment as she measured and she complemented me. I smiled because she was so attractive and watched as she wrote a few things quickly on a chart. (Continued….)


Pirate Fantasy

Kaits treasure chestI guess growing up in a brothel isn’t the best way to start out in life. I’ve been told I have the body for it and it has been fun though. I definitely learned to love and had a unique sense of family. That was until we were raided. It wasn’t by the authorities, who we serviced on a regular basis, but a band of ferocious pirates. I think they were going to sell me into slavery, but I managed to prove my worth. That’s how I learned to fight. It’s been over a year now and I’m 18. It’s a crazy life but I love it and I often end up with more than my share of the treasure, and way more than my share of fun.

If you’ve got a good pirate outfit and want to have some fun role playing this one let me write a good response via imvu or better yet leave it in the comments.

When do I get off?

kait learns to be an imvu dancer
You don’t have to actually be a dancer to role play one. I know you have sexy clothes and you can rewrite this from a third party perspective to send to a guy or girl if you want too. Most people here want to have fun and I may be wrong but I think sending a story like this to someone would have a good chance of leading to some fun…

Working as a dancer is a lot of fun but it means late hours and I often get so worked up afterwards that I can’t wait to get off (pun intended). I’m usually sweaty and have had my hands and other peoples hands all over me. Even if I had a good lap dance or two and came (which I know I’m not supposed to do), I’m usually a little drunk and it’s one or two or 3 AM by then so it’s not like I can go run errands.

I try not to be bad with the customers especially if it’s someone I don’t know but girls just want to have fun. Sometimes it’s the other girls in the club, sometimes it’s the back alley behind the club. Sometimes I even let someone take me home or I invite them over. I just get so worked up and I go a little crazy.

I have a gorgeous roommate but she isn’t around that much. She keeps different hours. She just laughs and thinks I’m addicted to sex. Maybe she’s right. She is Bi too and we do have a lot of fun together though. Sometimes we even have fun with someone together in a sexy imvu dance or something even more.

Lately I have been closing at the club. I like to do that because even though it’s late it gives me a chance to have a special private show and a lot of fun if I stay afterwards with someone special.

What’s your Favorite Roleplaying Fantasy?

whats your imvu fantasy?

do you come here often?This is one of my favorite questions. I like to ask it because it’s fun and of course can lead to an adventure or at least an interesting conversation. Most people don’t realize however how much it says a lot about the person answering. There’s no wrong answer if you give a good solid answer. The wrong answer is, anything generic, there are so many or anything with you beautiful.

The right answer is anything clear and specific that you can articulate with passion. The more specific and strong the answer, the better because that means you’ve really thought about it. Oh and it also helps if it’s something that we can role play, maybe something we can do with some fun costumes and most importantly something exciting or at least interesting. It’s the best way to tell in just a couple minutes if someone would be really fun to do something with.

Now for the fun part! If you have a fantasy and would like to do it with me, write up the opening scenario and concept, describing the situation as vividly and colorfully as possible. A fun interesting story makes the whole process more fun. I obviously can’t promise I’ll be able to do it, but if you write up something really fun or that I haven’t done before, we’ll see what we can do. I call these fantasy dates and really enjoy these.

Fantasy Date Example video

IMVU Fantasy DateI really enjoy sharing and doing what I call Fantasy Dates. This is an example of one with someone that really loved white lingerie. He had some medical issues and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to perform. I put the strongest part in a separate password page but you can appreciate it here in this.

A Fantasy Date means more than just sex. It usually has a theme and some role playing. The more interesting, creative and different, the better. It takes more time and effort and creates what one person called the real girlfriend experience.

I like to ask people what they’re into or what their favorite RP Fantasy is to see if they would be a good candidate for a fantasy date. Unfortunately 80% say basically nothing in response to that. (Saying there are so many, or anything with you babe, counts as nothing) Anyway this is just a nice video that I really enjoyed and hope you do too, and get the fantasy date idea.

Mad Scientist – Role Playing

imvu fantasy story with mad scientistThis is a great example of Role Playing and how that makes things so much fun. I walked into a new room and had never talked him before. I just started playing along and it was soo much fun. Warning the second half is in a password protected site cause it gets too hot.

Role Playing is just playing along and it’s fun cause you don’t know where it will wind up. I think he had a script because there were sequential numbers at one point on his text but I had so much fun playing along, I wanted to share it. I’ve changed his name so as not to cause any issues for him. I could change my name but don’t think that would fool anyone since it’s on my website, lol.

Unfortunately it’s all text based and there weren’t a lot of poses, so you won’t get as many pics in this one but I hope you enjoy it, (if you’re bored enough to read it).


A little Appreciation goes a long way

I appreciate people who appreciate me.

I’ve been so busy here, even more than normal lately with so many new friends. I feel bad because I don’t even have time some of the real friends I need to see any more.

Its especially hard with guys.  I’m not an escort. I do this for fun and I don’t fake much. So I can’t do it when there are other people around in my real life and I generally only have a limited amount of time and energy for that. Not to mention the drama that can make it hard too.

So for guys if you want to talk that’s fine but if you want to do more than that it’s only appropriate to show some appreciation.  3 WL gifts is less than the cost of the gas to go out to dinner.  And if you want me to set aside a special time or do a fantasy date you can at least spend the equivalent of one beer at the bar.  It’s not like I NEED for much.  But I spend an average of 5k per day on this and want to spend the limited amount of time I have with people who appreciate me.

It also doesn’t hurt to have interesting outfits and role play some fun fantasies.  Its not just the credits but emotion that fakes it fun. You can spend more than this trying to get even a mediocre dancer to remember your name before you find out she only really likes girls.  Don’t take this the wrong way because it has to be fun. If it’s not fun nothing else matters. I like pleasing people and making friends and have so much freaking fun here it’s unreal at times.