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Even a dirty biker bar can be fun on IMVU

dirty imvu biker bar fantasy

imvu dirty biker barmaid
My goal with the IMVU Fantasy section and featured IMVU rooms is to be the spark of inspiration, and encourage you to make your time here more fun. One way to start this is to find (or create) an interesting room. I really liked Kalinka’s Legs! Open 24-7 by Kalinka. Putting on the right costume and some appropriate music and it’s very easy to start playing along with the story basically just flows. The trick is to just have fun with it, put energy into it and really ham it up.

I had to put the second half of the dirty biker video in the Private section since it’s not appropriate for kids or the whole world. I also don’t want my imvu friends to think I’m too crazy all the time. I’m sure they already suspect but at least this way I can keep just a modicum of respect. Hopefully you get the idea and this inspires you to create and enjoy your own adventure too. And please don’t forget to tip your bartender.

Make it more exciting with Role Playing

Roleplaying in IMVU RP

Some people are afraid of role playing or think they can’t do it. Role playing is just putting some story and more exciting and powerful emotion into it. Whether you realize it or not cyber is role playing anyway. You’re describing it and trying to make it vivid and fun. So if you can do it there, you can probably do it in other things if you think about it. It’s just a matter of putting extra effort into it to paint a more exciting picture and make it more than just sex. Sex without role playing is like porn, there’s no plot or real emotions. Role playing is like Romance, it just makes the sex better and more exciting.

That’s why I really like fantasy dates and the RP fantasy intros (in our IMVU Fantasy Section) because they make it easier to start a fun fantasy scenario with your partner. Otherwise we tend to fall into a rut and either wander around hoping for something fun to just happen or just doing the same things that we usually do. So hopefully our fantasy intros will either spark an idea or give you a fun starting point.

Fantasy with the Boss’ hot daughter

quidlyn park bench

This was a contribution by a new good friend, Quidlyn. The point isn’t that you have to use one of these fantasies, although you certainly can, but you can also make up something to fit whatever the situation is too. There are no rules, just have fun and realize how much a good story helps to make it even more fun.

The starlight twinkled on the river brightly as I shivered, pulling my silk wrap around my bare shoulders, the revealing cocktail dress hardly any protection from the night’s chill. You arrived behind me just in time with your warm strong body, draping your tuxedo jacket chivalrously over slender shoulders.

Just 10 minutes earlier, we were strangers at my father’s tedious gala soiree. You were one of his many business partners, but unlike the others, you did not hide your appreciation of my body, not cowed by the threat of my father’s wrath. Your confident gaze found mine, and we shared a moment. When a waiter found me later, handing me your note saying you will meet you outside by the river, but to leave separately to avoid suspicion, I checked my makeup in the mirror and slipped outside without hesitation.

Now standing on the docks, I feel your warm breath on my neck, I turn my gaze to yours, seeing the moon reflected in your eyes, my lips part ever so slightly, as a shiver courses thru my body…