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When it’s really important

imvu friends mean the world to meWhen it’s really important with someone… sometimes it’s better to wait! In here it’s literally all in your head. That means it’s literally as powerful and important as you make it. So sometimes a little bit of extra time and effort, especially for your first time with someone important can make a huge impact.

That doesn’t mean it’s not exciting to get swept away with something spontaneous. I definitely enjoy that a lot too. But sometimes when it’s really important like someone you’ve known for a long time, having to wait and let it build up a little bit longer, making you both a little bit crazy, can make for awesome fireworks!

very best imvu girl friendsIt’s important at this point, when you have to put it off, to write a very good note explaining how much they mean and how you’re looking forward to finally being able to spend more time together. Again because so much of this is mental, and in your head, building up a little bit extra emotion and excitement only adds to the intensity.

It’s also nice if you can plan a special date. Calling it a date in here also makes it a little bit more special. We tend to have a lot of different random encounters but most people don’t get a “date” very often. So try to schedule this final one in advance and even send them something special to wear with a note about how much you’re looking forward to it. You aren’t going to do this with everybody obviously, but when it’s important and you want to make that amazing first impression it’s the build up and the little things that make all the difference.

Mile High IMVU Fantasy

IMVU Mile High Fantasy

mile high imvu fantasy in imvuThis was a very fun fantasy I think a lot of people have. My friend mentioned it and I found this room which was actually Sheri’s wife’s. I put on my sexy imvu stewardess outfit but then he suggested a twist, that I was a successful business woman on my way to an important meeting in Paris. And he was the fill in pilot.

This was a nice twist since I got to be the one being seduced, and it also made me think afterwards that a guy looking to do something special for his GF could do this very easily without much costume using a public room or making their own, pretty easily. Just put on a pilots uniform if you have one and tell a girl that their jet is ready and invite them. It could be a fun ride.

This video is just the clean part, but it’s pretty fun and will give you ideas for a great fantasy, which is the point of the fantasy section after all. The full video will be in the Private Section in a little bit. But the point is really to share the concept with you here which I hope you like.

It’s also on YouTube IMVU Mile High Club

A Big Study (Fantasy intro)

imvu breast enlargement fantasy intro

IMVU Nurse Kait
I wrote this fantasy for someone that had a breast enlargement fantasy and I thought this was a fun way to start it out. It’s a kind of long intro but you get the idea at least.

An evaluation research study, sounded harmless so I went along with my roommate to see if we could qualify. They said it paid a lot of money because it was hard to qualify for the guy doing the interview was more than a little creepy and seemed more interested in my measurements and social life than my medical background. I almost didn’t take it since my girlfriend didn’t make it but it sounded harmless and I could really use the to grand. I guess I should have read the fine print better. I didn’t even realize it was only women or think much about that at the time.

When I showed up a very sexy woman in a lab coat gave me a hospital gown and asked me to change. It may have been a hospital gown but it was at least a couple sizes too small. I’m not overly endowed but the account was very tight and fitted more than the usual backing gown.

The gorgeous nurse took my temperature and took very detailed measurements of my breasts, but I could hardly take my eyes off her enormous breasts which seemed like they were about to pop right out of her lab coat has she moved in front of me. At one point her hands lingered for a moment as she measured and she complemented me. I smiled because she was so attractive and watched as she wrote a few things quickly on a chart. (Continued….)


Pirate Fantasy

Kaits treasure chestI guess growing up in a brothel isn’t the best way to start out in life. I’ve been told I have the body for it and it has been fun though. I definitely learned to love and had a unique sense of family. That was until we were raided. It wasn’t by the authorities, who we serviced on a regular basis, but a band of ferocious pirates. I think they were going to sell me into slavery, but I managed to prove my worth. That’s how I learned to fight. It’s been over a year now and I’m 18. It’s a crazy life but I love it and I often end up with more than my share of the treasure, and way more than my share of fun.

If you’ve got a good pirate outfit and want to have some fun role playing this one let me write a good response via imvu or better yet leave it in the comments.

When do I get off?

kait learns to be an imvu dancer
You don’t have to actually be a dancer to role play one. I know you have sexy clothes and you can rewrite this from a third party perspective to send to a guy or girl if you want too. Most people here want to have fun and I may be wrong but I think sending a story like this to someone would have a good chance of leading to some fun…

Working as a dancer is a lot of fun but it means late hours and I often get so worked up afterwards that I can’t wait to get off (pun intended). I’m usually sweaty and have had my hands and other peoples hands all over me. Even if I had a good lap dance or two and came (which I know I’m not supposed to do), I’m usually a little drunk and it’s one or two or 3 AM by then so it’s not like I can go run errands.

I try not to be bad with the customers especially if it’s someone I don’t know but girls just want to have fun. Sometimes it’s the other girls in the club, sometimes it’s the back alley behind the club. Sometimes I even let someone take me home or I invite them over. I just get so worked up and I go a little crazy.

I have a gorgeous roommate but she isn’t around that much. She keeps different hours. She just laughs and thinks I’m addicted to sex. Maybe she’s right. She is Bi too and we do have a lot of fun together though. Sometimes we even have fun with someone together in a sexy imvu dance or something even more.

Lately I have been closing at the club. I like to do that because even though it’s late it gives me a chance to have a special private show and a lot of fun if I stay afterwards with someone special.

Knock Knock

You never know what you'll find behind a door in IMVU

You never know what you'll find behind a door in IMVU
I pull back the heavy door knocker and hear a loud thud reverberating through the ominous castle like stone building. My car broke down out on the road and this seemed like the only civilization for a long ways in either direction. The place makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up though and gives me the shivers. Unsure about who or what would live in a place like this I went ahead because it was getting dark and I certainly didn’t want to be stuck out here all alone in the dark.

I must have made a wrong turn several miles back though and this feels like the wrong place at the wrong time I think to myself as I hear something from within the large stone structure, and get a feeling of being watched. Looking around and realizing my heart is pounding the creaking door suddenly startles me and makes me step back. The inside is dark, but as my eyes adjust I see…. (you can continue from there!)

What’s your Favorite Roleplaying Fantasy?

whats your imvu fantasy?

do you come here often?This is one of my favorite questions. I like to ask it because it’s fun and of course can lead to an adventure or at least an interesting conversation. Most people don’t realize however how much it says a lot about the person answering. There’s no wrong answer if you give a good solid answer. The wrong answer is, anything generic, there are so many or anything with you beautiful.

The right answer is anything clear and specific that you can articulate with passion. The more specific and strong the answer, the better because that means you’ve really thought about it. Oh and it also helps if it’s something that we can role play, maybe something we can do with some fun costumes and most importantly something exciting or at least interesting. It’s the best way to tell in just a couple minutes if someone would be really fun to do something with.

Now for the fun part! If you have a fantasy and would like to do it with me, write up the opening scenario and concept, describing the situation as vividly and colorfully as possible. A fun interesting story makes the whole process more fun. I obviously can’t promise I’ll be able to do it, but if you write up something really fun or that I haven’t done before, we’ll see what we can do. I call these fantasy dates and really enjoy these.

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