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If you’re bored…

finding someone excitingi in imvu

finding someone excitingi in imvuI always wonder how can people say they’re bored in here. It’s like saying you’re bored in Adult Disneyland. It’s the most unboring place in the world and can be anything you want it to be. I think maybe they just don’t know how to use it.

First of all never say you’re bored. It makes you sound boring. I made a great list of IMVU activities you can go do. There are is an almost endless variety of fun toys and things to do and rooms to explore. One tip, if you’re looking for interesting IMVU rooms look for ones with four stars. Pick rooms that you have an appropriate costume for but just get out there and wander around.

kait on the ringsMake a crazy and exciting costume. There are studies that show when you smile you feel happier and the IMVU corollary is, when you look exciting you feel more exciting. Make yourself someone that someone exciting would want to hangout with. If you’re bored you’ll attract other boring people. If you’re exciting you’ll attract other exciting people.

A lot of guys seem to say they’re bored when they mean horny. Maybe they think saying they’re horny will sound bad. I actually think saying you’re bored makes you sound worse than saying you’re bored. I’d rather talk to a horny guy than a bored guy.

I also think people that are really bored just don’t know what they want to do, because you really do find what you look for here more than anywhere else. So look around at all the different things here (and there’s a ton of exciting themes in here) and pick something. You can always change, it’s not like you’re stuck with just one thing. Make a different costume, a story and maybe a fun room, and go out and meet other people. This place is addictingly fun and you can be tired or have an off or quiet day but its never ever boring!

Is IMVU a do it yourself adult Disney world?

adult disney imvu minnie mouse

adult disney imvu minnie mouse My youngest just turned 5 and we went to Disney World for a week. It was her first time and she and all the kids has a blast. I did too, but I couldn’t help but think of IMVU a little as there are several parallels. (Do I see them everywhere? Maybe I guess) First of all it’s built on imagination and entertainment.

I guess its probably not a coincidence that I have a Tinker bell costume, a Minnie mouse, and a Cinderella plus some similar things like Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood. But imvu let’s you live out any fantasy. And what better fantasies than our favorite cartoons.

Every time the shows at Disney talked about Imagination I couldn’t help but think about IMVU too. What would Disney have done if he started with this? Imvu allows anyone to be creative much more easily and to copy and play with costumes and sets at will. As the technology continues to grow I think it will be seen more and more as a vehicle for people to be and do anything they want.

It cost thousands of dollars to take the kids to Disney. So you can only go once or twice but you can go to imvu every day. It costs less than a trip to McDonalds to get started but it can be so much fun, not to mention a little addicting.

You find what you look for here more than anywhere

imvu pillow fight

imvu pillow fightImvu is a great place to experiment, to try new things you’d never do in real life. It’s also such a big place you can find groups of people into almost anything, even things you probably never imagined before.

It’s also easy to search and pop into all kinds of rooms. To change your whole look and personality with just a couple clicks. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things because just like experimenting with your looks helps you improve your looks, meeting and interacting with a lot if different people is how you improve your character or your personality.

Sometimes I think the hardest part is figuring out what you want. The way to figure out what you want is to try new things so don’t be afraid to try new things in here. If you can’t try new things in here, where can you?! I like to ask people what they really like best in here and it’s surprising to me how many people don’t know what they want or are afraid to tell anyone, even someone that wants to make it happen.

By the way, I came here for Intimacy, though my fantasies have gotten more and more extreme into things that scared me when I first came here.

Short Fantasy Intros

sexy imvu cheerleaders

You can just go from chat to chat hoping something fun and exciting will just happen, and it does sometimes. Or you can take five minutes to make a sexy introduction with someone you really want to do something special with. Send this in a message and ask them to write a paragraph or two back and set up a time to share a great sexy adventure. I’ve written out a few short intros to give you the idea. They can be sent in a single message and will get you both excited and in the mood and make it fun.

sexy imvu cheerleadersCheerleader: Being the new girl in the school I wanted to meet people and make friends so I joined the cheerleading squad. The captain of the squad was a gorgeous very popular girl. I also had a secret crush on her so when she asked me to stay after to work on my “moves” I was very appreciative of her help.

I arranged to walk home and stayed after school to meet her. Maybe it was because it was a Friday but the school seemed practically empty very quickly. It meant giving up my Friday evening but as I changed into my cheer leading outfit I felt naughty and couldn’t help squeezing my breasts for a minute and fantasized a little. Checking my look in the mirror before leaving the locker room I noticed my nipples still stood out and smiled. She was stretching very sexily on the gym floor when I saw her and I couldn’t help but stop and admire her. She looked up and smiled very warmly to me without moving….

Missing You: I knew I’d miss you when I took this new assignment but I had no idea it would be this bad. I loved your letters do much and the sexy Skype calls became all I could think about for a while. So when I finally had some quiet time and I realized it was our 6 month anniversary I had to find a flight back to see you. I wasn’t sure I could keep it a secret but it was so worth it!

I called you from my cell phone when you got home and talked a little while, asking you what you wanted for our anniversary. It took a couple tries but you finally said all you really wanted was me. I was crying trying not to give it away and asked you to go upstairs to the bathroom. You open the door unable to say anything as you see the room full of candles and me laying in the bathtub, full of bubbles. Romantic music plays softly

French Maid: I saw the ad on the bulletin board at college for Light house keeping, French style, warm attractive personality, part time, evenings. I didn’t know what French style meant but I really needed the money. You sounded friendly when I met and you suggested that I come over tonight. It sounded fine when you described it but when you showed me the sexy French maid outfit I was very tempted to say no but also very turned on too. And with some coaxing I reluctantly agreed to try it on.

Layover: It felt like I’d been traveling for business forever. But on a whim I called you and then rearranged my flights to make a five hours layover between flights. I splurged and had several drinks on the plane thinking about my old college flame and by the time I went out through the security I was more than a little buzzed, but happy to see you run and hug me as passionately as ever, even after all these years.

sexy imvu shower pictureShower: I was so excited about tonight I raced home from work planning and debating what to wear the whole way home. He had said he wanted to do something special for our fifth date. Anything would be special and fun I’m sure and I wondered what he had in mind as I held up and compared outfits.

Then suddenly he called and said he was running early and was going to be there in a minute over half an hour early. I reluctantly agreed but said that I was going to take a shower and if he gets there before I’m out just to make himself at home for a few minutes. Hopping into the shower, I’m suddenly startled a few minutes later as you walk into the shower naked, saying something about “making yourself at home….” You ask if you can join me and all I can do is nod, feeling your fingers reaching out to my soft wet skin.

What do I do?

imvu ambassador

imvu ambassador
Someone asked me in a message what I do here. It’s an interesting question, though I’m not sure if most people really know or have a job here per say. I guess in a sense I’m lucky having found a fun job that I have a great time with here. Anyway here’s the answer that I thought was worth putting up here.

Sometimes I say I’m the IMVU Ambassador, trying to show the world how amazingly fun this place can be. Sometimes I say I’m the IMVU Fantasy Developer, because I like the fantasies section of my website and I try to help people live out exciting fantasy scenarios. Overall I’m just trying to help the whole imvu world a little and having a ball.

I’m not really looking for anything specific but I also like to pick good people’s brains and learn what I can to try to teach IMVU. There’s just a lot of things that it seems like we all have to learn by trial and error in here and I’m trying to create a fun happy resource to help teach a little of that and make it easier to explain to someone outside what this place is like. I guess that’s a long answer to your short question, but it was a good one.

My Sexy Teacher

learning about love in imvu

learning about love in imvuIf there’s any doubt about the intensity of the emotions and things that just “happen” in here this video blows that out of the water.  We just started talking and wound up with another one of those once in a lifetime moments that seems to happen several times a week in here.  It used pretty mild GA pose (though there were lots of sexy ones in the room), and pretty mild GA clothes (because neither of us wanted to stop even for a few seconds).  But it was one of the sexiest talks that just slayed me.  If there was ever any doubt what makes someone sexy I think this proves it’s the emotion and words.

How to turn a good costume into a great fantasy.

imvu costumes help make great fantasies

imvu ironmanShopping in IMVU is a lot of fun. Ive made some cool costumes though that I never wound up using. And sometimes I see someone with a great costume that I just don’t know how to get anything started with. I’m usually pretty creative but sometimes just need some help. This post isn’t about a specific fantasy as much as how to find the spark for a great fantasy for almost any character or situation.

A friend made a great Ironman costume. I liked the movies and the costume was excellent. But I just wasn’t sure how to get the ball rolling or in what direction to go with it. So I asked Google.

It took a couple minutes to find the right answer because most “ironman fantasies” are more about the triathlon in Hawaii. But I found a very interesting site with stories about all kinds of story, movie or cartoon characters. I haven’t actually had a chance to read it all and get back to him yet but now I’m really looking forward to it in stead of being stuck for what to do. So with a little luck maybe it’ll even be good enough for a video too.

If you have an ironman costume read this page and of you have a character costume search for it in the fun site:

Mile High IMVU Fantasy

IMVU Mile High Fantasy

mile high imvu fantasy in imvuThis was a very fun fantasy I think a lot of people have. My friend mentioned it and I found this room which was actually Sheri’s wife’s. I put on my sexy imvu stewardess outfit but then he suggested a twist, that I was a successful business woman on my way to an important meeting in Paris. And he was the fill in pilot.

This was a nice twist since I got to be the one being seduced, and it also made me think afterwards that a guy looking to do something special for his GF could do this very easily without much costume using a public room or making their own, pretty easily. Just put on a pilots uniform if you have one and tell a girl that their jet is ready and invite them. It could be a fun ride.

This video is just the clean part, but it’s pretty fun and will give you ideas for a great fantasy, which is the point of the fantasy section after all. The full video will be in the Private Section in a little bit. But the point is really to share the concept with you here which I hope you like.

It’s also on YouTube IMVU Mile High Club

Even a dirty biker bar can be fun on IMVU

dirty imvu biker bar fantasy

imvu dirty biker barmaid
My goal with the IMVU Fantasy section and featured IMVU rooms is to be the spark of inspiration, and encourage you to make your time here more fun. One way to start this is to find (or create) an interesting room. I really liked Kalinka’s Legs! Open 24-7 by Kalinka. Putting on the right costume and some appropriate music and it’s very easy to start playing along with the story basically just flows. The trick is to just have fun with it, put energy into it and really ham it up.

I had to put the second half of the dirty biker video in the Private section since it’s not appropriate for kids or the whole world. I also don’t want my imvu friends to think I’m too crazy all the time. I’m sure they already suspect but at least this way I can keep just a modicum of respect. Hopefully you get the idea and this inspires you to create and enjoy your own adventure too. And please don’t forget to tip your bartender.

Twice as good with IMVU Twins

My IMVU Twin Lyn

my imvu roleplaying twinOne of the most amazing things about this crazy place is the degree of connection you can develop with people. And with some people this seems an almost impossibly powerful. We have been experimenting on a couple very special sets of twins and seem to have expanded dramatically the already exhausting biological connection. 

Our testing has been extremely promising and we’re ready for the first field tests.  Each twin will take the experimental drug before sexual activity. We are studying how much their twin can experience and feel when the other twin has sex.  It works best with  the twin in the room or at least nearby.  Some subjects are reported to experience 100% of the effect of their twin and so people claim that the drug heightens all feelings during sex so this looks very promising however significant additional testing is planned.  Test subjects must be prepared to have a hot imvu threesome too because it really is twice as good with twins.

Simon says Be Sexy

The obviously aging and worn sign said the Sexiest Hypnotist in Las Vegas. It wasn’t on the strip, and had actually been hard to find. If we hadn’t had such rave reviews from my friend’s friend we wouldn’t have bothered. I probably shouldn’t tell all of this but girlfriend and I recently had a great girls vacation in Las Vegas. It was a hole in the wall actually, nestled between two much larger and busier strip clubs several blocks off of the strip. It certainly didn’t seem the type of place for tourists. We gave the sieve looking man behind thick glass the coupons that we had gotten from her friend. They said we were entitled to unlimited free drinks during the show, and I have to admit that was really the reason I eventually agreed to go. We had had a few drinks that evening already when the cab dropped my girlfriend and I off but I eagerly accepted a large margarita from the bartender who seemed to be a little too blatantly undressing me with his eyes.

We sat in the dimly lit room at one of the several tables and I looked around and pointed out to my gf that we were almost the only girls in the room. She just smiled apparently enjoying the drinks as much as I was. A few minutes later when my gf returned with two fresh drinks music started and an unseen voice annouced Simon the Sex-o-tist. There was some very energetic applause from several of the other people in the room and we just clapped politely. My gf’s friend had strongly recommended for us to volunteer, and after some disclaimers and build up about how great he was, he did ask for volunteers. I don’t think we actually raised our hands but he seemed to grab my friend and I and I was so drunk I kind of went along with it.

It starts to get a little fuzzy from there, but there was a blind fold and it started out with my girlfriend and I playing what he called Simon Says, but seemed mostly to do with Ally and I kissing various parts of our bodies. He would give us a dollar each time we did. After a few times I realized the person kissing me needed a shave so it certainly wasn’t my GF, but I was so drunk and horny I guess I didn’t care. I don’t know if there was something else in the drinks or if we were really hypnotized but it was just so sexually charged that I couldn’t stop or get enough.

My gf and I woke up at some point on a couch in the waiting area, our clothes dis-sheveled and we each had well over $100 in singles in a pocket and a note that just said “Remember Simon Says.” Most of it seemed like a dream but we did notice one strange side effect. Whenever someone says Simon Says and gives us a gift or something with a request we have a huge desire to do it and seem to get a powerful sexual rush if we comply. We’ve had fun with it believe me but sometimes if it gets to be too much we just have to leave. It was shortly after that, that I wound up taking a job dancing at a strip club with Ally’s friend who had sent us there in the first place. I only do it one or two nights a week because it can get really crazy and I’m ultimately such a good girl at heart.

This is a fun to use in two ways. You can say simon says and request something when you send us a gift; or we might even be able to act out the scene with the hypnotist. Ally also has a variety of other hypnotist stories too that are a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll share some of them another time.

Make it more exciting with Role Playing

Roleplaying in IMVU RP

Some people are afraid of role playing or think they can’t do it. Role playing is just putting some story and more exciting and powerful emotion into it. Whether you realize it or not cyber is role playing anyway. You’re describing it and trying to make it vivid and fun. So if you can do it there, you can probably do it in other things if you think about it. It’s just a matter of putting extra effort into it to paint a more exciting picture and make it more than just sex. Sex without role playing is like porn, there’s no plot or real emotions. Role playing is like Romance, it just makes the sex better and more exciting.

That’s why I really like fantasy dates and the RP fantasy intros (in our IMVU Fantasy Section) because they make it easier to start a fun fantasy scenario with your partner. Otherwise we tend to fall into a rut and either wander around hoping for something fun to just happen or just doing the same things that we usually do. So hopefully our fantasy intros will either spark an idea or give you a fun starting point.

Grand Prize Winner Fantasy

imvu beach girls

one sexy imbu beach girl
This is a fun fantasy scenario for almost any type of bondage, experimentation or prisoner fun that can go in a wide variety of directions.

I never win anything so I was very surprised to get a call that I had actually won something. Not just anything but the grand prize in one of those big giveaways for one of those dating sites you see on TV. I had just broken up and wanted to get back into the dating scene, but hadn’t had much success with it yet. They said I had won a free trip to a beautiful exotic island resort in the Pacific. Usually these type of things allow you to bring someone I thought but this one specifically said it was just for one person and wasn’t transferable. It did seem a little odd that it was just for one person, but it was from a dating site so I figured it did make some sense. I didn’t really have anyone to bring though so I didn’t care and they made it sound really beautiful.

It wasn’t until I got there that things started to get a little strange. It was a private island and I had to take a boat to get there. That is okay but I expected a larger boat. This looked like a little more than an outboard motor fishing boat. There several boxes of supplies on most of the seats and only one empty directly in front of the operator. The driver smiled a lot but seemed more than a little creepy and I had the feeling he was watching me the whole time.

We bounced along the waves for at least two hours and finally pulled up to a small empty dock. He pointed to the buildings up beyond the beach and as he helped me with my bags I looked around wondering why there weren’t any other guests on the beach. He told me to relax in a large sitting room that was open to the beach and that the owner would come to greet me in a little while. He offered me a drink which I gladly accepted. It had been a long trip and I sank down into a large lounge chair and must have fallen asleep. When I woke up…

IMVU Porn or a Romantic Encounter?

romantic imvu romances

imvu fantasy
The difference between porn and a thrilling romantic adventure isn’t whether or not you have sex or not. It’s whether there’s a story or plot. I find that a lot of guys when asked what their favorite fantasy or RP scenario is, they just think sex, anything with you babe or two imvu girls at once. Most guys don’t understand or appreciate that girls (not guys pretending to be girls) need more build up, that they don’t usually just want to jump into sex. They also don’t realize how much more sexy it is to really build up and put yourself into a whole scene, not just a pose.

Even if they’re only ultimately only looking for interactive porn they have to realize that adding some build up and plot to it doesn’t make it less sexy and it makes it much more sexy and harder for a girl to resist. So guys, even if all you care about is the sex, learn to paint a compelling and vivid scene with some romance and excitement and the sex will be much better.

And if you don’t quite see how to do that, look through some of the imvu fantasy scenarios here to get ideas. Have fun and send me a note to let me know how it worked for you.

Pirate Fantasy

Kaits treasure chestI guess growing up in a brothel isn’t the best way to start out in life. I’ve been told I have the body for it and it has been fun though. I definitely learned to love and had a unique sense of family. That was until we were raided. It wasn’t by the authorities, who we serviced on a regular basis, but a band of ferocious pirates. I think they were going to sell me into slavery, but I managed to prove my worth. That’s how I learned to fight. It’s been over a year now and I’m 18. It’s a crazy life but I love it and I often end up with more than my share of the treasure, and way more than my share of fun.

If you’ve got a good pirate outfit and want to have some fun role playing this one let me write a good response via imvu or better yet leave it in the comments.

When do I get off?

kait learns to be an imvu dancer
You don’t have to actually be a dancer to role play one. I know you have sexy clothes and you can rewrite this from a third party perspective to send to a guy or girl if you want too. Most people here want to have fun and I may be wrong but I think sending a story like this to someone would have a good chance of leading to some fun…

Working as a dancer is a lot of fun but it means late hours and I often get so worked up afterwards that I can’t wait to get off (pun intended). I’m usually sweaty and have had my hands and other peoples hands all over me. Even if I had a good lap dance or two and came (which I know I’m not supposed to do), I’m usually a little drunk and it’s one or two or 3 AM by then so it’s not like I can go run errands.

I try not to be bad with the customers especially if it’s someone I don’t know but girls just want to have fun. Sometimes it’s the other girls in the club, sometimes it’s the back alley behind the club. Sometimes I even let someone take me home or I invite them over. I just get so worked up and I go a little crazy.

I have a gorgeous roommate but she isn’t around that much. She keeps different hours. She just laughs and thinks I’m addicted to sex. Maybe she’s right. She is Bi too and we do have a lot of fun together though. Sometimes we even have fun with someone together in a sexy imvu dance or something even more.

Lately I have been closing at the club. I like to do that because even though it’s late it gives me a chance to have a special private show and a lot of fun if I stay afterwards with someone special.

Engineered to be Sexy

Half animal half girl, all sexy

Half animal half girl, all sexyA little bit longer Fantasy Intro for sexy play with a Sexy Furry:

You’ve worked hard for years to find the right mixture of animal and human basically combining the strength and stamina of the best animals and the intellect of a human. You’ve spend most of that time in a lab coat with computer screens full of data and DNA modeling programs. But finally you are able to do more actual testing and evaluating because they are almost ready and these may be the ultimate prototypes if things go well.

The race for the perfect pet, companion, partner is really heating up. You started a small biotech company and have invested everything in this but it could easily be worth billions. You have tested and measured all that you can and you can only tell how human a creature is so much with lab tests. You are finally starting to hands on real life testing.

You have truly beautiful beings with apparently human sexes that the only way to really see how human they really are is to take off the lab coat and get close. All the ones you are currently working with our female, because you need to be able to control their reproduction and you will need mostly females once they go into production too. The results on the latest ones have been very exciting to say the least. You have worked hard to develop an awesome combination of human emotions, sexuality and an animal drive and strength. (Read the rest of this longer intro)

Knock Knock

You never know what you'll find behind a door in IMVU

You never know what you'll find behind a door in IMVU
I pull back the heavy door knocker and hear a loud thud reverberating through the ominous castle like stone building. My car broke down out on the road and this seemed like the only civilization for a long ways in either direction. The place makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up though and gives me the shivers. Unsure about who or what would live in a place like this I went ahead because it was getting dark and I certainly didn’t want to be stuck out here all alone in the dark.

I must have made a wrong turn several miles back though and this feels like the wrong place at the wrong time I think to myself as I hear something from within the large stone structure, and get a feeling of being watched. Looking around and realizing my heart is pounding the creaking door suddenly startles me and makes me step back. The inside is dark, but as my eyes adjust I see…. (you can continue from there!)

What’s your Favorite Roleplaying Fantasy?

whats your imvu fantasy?

do you come here often?This is one of my favorite questions. I like to ask it because it’s fun and of course can lead to an adventure or at least an interesting conversation. Most people don’t realize however how much it says a lot about the person answering. There’s no wrong answer if you give a good solid answer. The wrong answer is, anything generic, there are so many or anything with you beautiful.

The right answer is anything clear and specific that you can articulate with passion. The more specific and strong the answer, the better because that means you’ve really thought about it. Oh and it also helps if it’s something that we can role play, maybe something we can do with some fun costumes and most importantly something exciting or at least interesting. It’s the best way to tell in just a couple minutes if someone would be really fun to do something with.

Now for the fun part! If you have a fantasy and would like to do it with me, write up the opening scenario and concept, describing the situation as vividly and colorfully as possible. A fun interesting story makes the whole process more fun. I obviously can’t promise I’ll be able to do it, but if you write up something really fun or that I haven’t done before, we’ll see what we can do. I call these fantasy dates and really enjoy these.

Fantasy Date Example video

IMVU Fantasy DateI really enjoy sharing and doing what I call Fantasy Dates. This is an example of one with someone that really loved white lingerie. He had some medical issues and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to perform. I put the strongest part in a separate password page but you can appreciate it here in this.

A Fantasy Date means more than just sex. It usually has a theme and some role playing. The more interesting, creative and different, the better. It takes more time and effort and creates what one person called the real girlfriend experience.

I like to ask people what they’re into or what their favorite RP Fantasy is to see if they would be a good candidate for a fantasy date. Unfortunately 80% say basically nothing in response to that. (Saying there are so many, or anything with you babe, counts as nothing) Anyway this is just a nice video that I really enjoyed and hope you do too, and get the fantasy date idea.

Mad Scientist – Role Playing

imvu fantasy story with mad scientistThis is a great example of Role Playing and how that makes things so much fun. I walked into a new room and had never talked him before. I just started playing along and it was soo much fun. Warning the second half is in a password protected site cause it gets too hot.

Role Playing is just playing along and it’s fun cause you don’t know where it will wind up. I think he had a script because there were sequential numbers at one point on his text but I had so much fun playing along, I wanted to share it. I’ve changed his name so as not to cause any issues for him. I could change my name but don’t think that would fool anyone since it’s on my website, lol.

Unfortunately it’s all text based and there weren’t a lot of poses, so you won’t get as many pics in this one but I hope you enjoy it, (if you’re bored enough to read it).


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