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Manti Te’o’s Online girlfriend turns out to be fake

How could you get that close to someone you never met?

meeting people oline via imvuIs it just me or does this main stream story about a college football star’s year long relationship with a gf that turns out to be fake sound like IMVU? I heard about it on the radio and my ears perked up. I read this article about this virtual relationship on Drudge and it doesn’t say anywhere what service or program they met through. It mentions twitter and facebook a lot. It doesn’t say IMVU but how else do you get that close and have a relationship for a year with someone you never met??? It really doesn’t matter if it’s actually from IMVU or not, it’s kind of interesting and scary at the same time, how we can read into things what we want, and how vulnerable and dare I say gullible we can be at times.

We all embellish a few things from time to time. It’s a fantasy and an escape so we get to be who we want to be in some ways. Unfortunately some people tend to get off by making up more and more outlandish things sometimes. Or they make up so much that they get trapped and do the death thing to get out of the lies. I kind of think it crosses the line when you do it to gain something or lead someone on. This is a tricky thing to talk about. This place requires some faith and anonymity to make it fun. If you look at everything with skepticism this won’t be fun, but if you trust it too far, you can get hurt too. Personally, I don’t really want to see real life pics that much because I like the fantasy.

How could you get that close to someone you never met?In some ways I’m naive and easy to fool, but I have so much fun here and a good life in reality too. I keep the worlds separate and don’t cross over into real life or lead anyone on. I don’t know if I could do that if I were single though. I can honestly understand how stories like this happen too, given the intensity of the love I have felt in here. It’s just mind blowing and great but also dangerous too. I don’t have an answer, and know this won’t be the last story like this. In a lot of ways, this is why I started this blog because I think this will be a more and more common thing in the future as computers increase in their speed and capabilities daily. How do we protect ourselves and still enjoy the freedom and passion in here at the same time?

Is IMVU Bad or Fake?

IMVU bad girls dancing

bad girls on imvu
Is email or texting less effective than talking or evil because you’re not actually talking to someone? Is it fake or stupid because you don’t really see the person you’re talking to? It certainly doesn’t replace talking to people in real life. You could say that email is fake or facebook friends are fake in a sense. I feel closer and more connected to friends on here than ones that I email with. There are people that get carried away with it and take it too far and spend too much time doing that. You could say that IMVU is more sexual, but a lot of people say that facebook has ruined their marriage when they hooked back up with people through it. So is facebook evil or bad?

The answer is that it’s not if you use it reasonably. Anything can be damaging or bad if you use it wrong or overdo it. Fast food or even vitamins can be bad for you if you don’t eat anything else. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to eat any fast food or vitamins. Yes, IMVU is addicting, but playing online games is addicting too. There are a lot of situations where IMVU can be really beneficial for people, giving them a social life that they wouldn’t have been able to have as much otherwise. I guess anything that is beneficial and so much fun is going to be addicting to some degree. And if you abuse anything it can have a downside.

I admit that I probably spend too much time on here. But the incredible fun and gratification you get here is still better for me than anything else, even when I divide it by the number of hours I’m here. So as long as it doesn’t cross over into real life, and I’m not spending too much money or taking too much time away from my family to hurt things significantly here, I think it’s a good thing. We are off the edge of the map to some degree, doing something so new that there really aren’t always answers. I guess that’s part of the reason I started this to try and figure these things out a little.

This is just one view though and there are probably as many different answers to this as there are different situations. So this is one post I think a number of people will be able to wade in on and add some perspective to.