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Public rooms are not scary

big imvu guns

big imvu guns Ok some public rooms are scary or look scary. But going to public rooms is part of imvu. There’s a certain amount of fun and excitement not knowing what you’re gonna find as you open a new room. You’ll also find better quality of people than you do in random invites. I’ve met a lot of great people that way. Wendy also pointed out in a post that AP rooms have a higher quality of people because they’re less nooby. If you’re nervous go to the rooms that a friend is in, when you see it in their location.

If you don’t get a good vibe it’s easy to blink out. And you’ll have to go through a few that don’t click for every one you find one that does. Pick rooms that have an appealing description and/or picture. One good signs I look for are pictures of imvu people. People make the room and pictures are a sign of good people and relationships. The little touches can also be a good sign as well as a high star rating.

There are times when my best friends are all away or busy and it’s fun to explore new rooms and meet new people. It helps to have an interesting or cute line or two to open. It’s also good to explore rooms you have a good outfit for. Be respectful but have fun with it.