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Wear things for your Friends

snuggling kissingWhen I first started I wore necklaces of the names of my best friends. Its nice but they get hard to read. Now I wear a variety of things that I’ve kind of accumulated along the way.

I have a lot of things I don’t wear any more. But these are the most important ones I wear regularly. I have several bracelets. My favorite is Gabby VBFF bracelet. It’s special because of what it means and because it was made just for me and nobody else has it. things I wear in imvu Just as special is my Lyn bracelet. It has three hearts connected and that’s what it means. Sometimes I wear both the Lyn hearts and the Lyn family member bracelet which we made to give out to other people that felt like family. That let us include other people without taking away from the specialness of or original bracelet and connection.

Sometimes you won’t realize how special something is to someone else. Wendy gave me a gold bracelet called and I pointed out that to me that was Wendy and Stephanie, since they both had Love in their name. I’ve worn it ever since.

Katy made the neatest locket with pictures of her, Susan and I which I really love and wear a lot. I also wear and love a necklace that Susan made for me when she told me to take off the ring I wore for her and put it on a necklace to let me go and at the same time always be close. It’s kind of a combination combination collar / ring which means more than I can explain.

ankletI wear a pretty little anklet that’s hard to see in some shoes or bottoms, but it Sisters Always Friends Forever, and it’s so true for Collette. I started wearing butterflies because Katy said she loved them. I could go on about a few more things like my hickey, but the point is that symbolism matters in here. It’s all in our heads in some ways. No matter how you look at it these things are very special to me, just like the people and relationships behind them are.

Themes make it Fun

imvu groups

special imvu friendsWe meet basically every night and hang out, laugh and dance and have more intimacy and fun than I can begin to explain. These are the best people ever and I love them with all my heart. One of the things that makes it fun though are the themes that evolve. It’s always different and never planned but somehow we always end up with more fun than you’d believe.

We laugh, dance, support and encourage each other so much. We have fun with clothes, flirt and talk a mile a minute. Special IMVU family friend RodWe have more inside jokes and are hard to keep up with because we’ve spent so much time together.

There is no set theme, it just evolves from what someone is wearing or we’re talking about. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so close so loved and a part of such a neat group that really does feel like family on steroids! Anyway, here are just a few of the fun themes we’ve had recently.

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I want to see your drawers

The new version of IMVU has a great new feature that allows you to make additional categories for your clothes. I kind of thought of this as “drawers,” in my closet. You can label each one to find things faster and easier. This is brilliant and long over due. It’s easy to wind up with over a thousand or a couple thousand things in your closet and it gets very hard to find things, believe me. Now you can have drawers labeled with type theme or color or anything you want. So my question is what did you label your drawers?

I read somewhere this is a VIP feature right now, though they might expand it to everyone in a little bit. So if you don’t see it, I’m sorry I don’t mean to confuse you. If you’ve used it, post some some of your labels in a comment. You can leave your name/screen name if you want but no information is required. I just thought it would be interesting to see how other people are using this new feature.

No two people are the same

my sexy imvu twin Katy

my sexy imvu twin KatyYou would think that with a limited number of IMVU avatars, and items to wear and since some people even look like each other on purpose that it has to get boring or at least repetitious at some point. Yet some how it never does.

No two people are the same and no two chats are the same even if the situation seems similar. I think the variety of rooms and situations is part of that. It’s also interesting how if you continue to experiment with your looks regularly, over time your looks often match the inner you.

I like to use the line from Roger Rabbit, “I’m not really bad. I’m just drawn that way.” But in reality I’m the one that drew it that way. Well I came here to feel sexy so I’m not going to draw a middle aged housewife now am I? The point is have fun with it. Dressing up and shopping is half the fun.

Find yourself: Customizing your Avatar

all the same but still very unique

imvu princess :)I remember I spent the first month or two on imvu using the same default starter head, the same default avatar, the same starter eyes. And its amazing how attached I became to how I looked. In a weird way, it felt like me. And so it was hard to change. But I finally decided it was worth taking the time to really customize my avi’s appearance and stop looking like all the new Guest_ accounts out there. For the price of one new outfit you can really create a unique you. IMVU gives you an amazing amount of customizability–it’s especially evident when I’m with my friends in a club and we’re all wearing the same outfit, but each person’s personality still shines through and looks so different because of that customization.

It’s also better to do this early, since once you decide, you have to go through all your outfits to make them consistent.

The head is the most important choice as your head is what most  identifies who you are when friends see you, and there are so many heads available. Also, if you want to try creating, derivable heads are surprisingly easy to resize and reshape using just the imvu client tools, and thus lets you create a head totally unique to you.

customize yourself and your imvu beautyAlso don’t forget little details like the eyes–eyes are the window to the soul and they make a surprisingly big difference in how you look. Also, especially easy to overlook is what imvu calls your avatar, which doesn’t change how you look but changes how you move–the subtle shifts you make when you are just standing or sitting around in a default pose. It sub-consciously communicates a lot about your personality and sense of style. Skin tone has a big effect on how your face looks, and the colors you can wear. What is also under appreciated is that it has a big effect on how big your breasts look for those who care about that kind of thing.

This message though is mostly aimed at the guys out there though. Most girls figure this out pretty soon, but of all the guys I know, even the smart, sweet, creative, sophicated ones who have been here forever, are pretty much ALL using the starter head, and thus they all look the same. Of course its someone’s words and hearts that matter most, but imvu is so powerful because it adds the visual component. Please guys, let’s add some individuality.

How to Use the Daily Outfit Challenge

imvu daily outfit challenge, doc, shopping tips
The Daily Outfit Challenge (DOC) is a great way to come up with the best costumes. Unfortunately they eliminated the AP version. There are two ways to use it. If you’re new try on the outfit with the Try It button on the entry you like. That will give you everything they have on in the shopping page and allows you to buy a whole outfit if you want it.

If you’ve got most of the clothes you can click the entry name and then try on individual items that you might like. I do this now since I have most things and only need a piece or two to make a look combined with things I already have.

I’m going to share a cool secret tool that I made which will probably help you. I made a list of all of the outfit challenges in one page because that makes it easier to search for the right thing. If you’re trying to make an angel, search for the word and find the challenges that had that in the title. It’s not perfect but it’s MUCH easier than opening each month to look for a challenge relevant to your mission.

Adult Dress Up?

IMVU is just an adult version of “Dress Up” that you used to play as kids, but on steroids.

But Kait, that’s not a tip. Well, pick a theme and go shopping. Once you have a costume go find a room based on that theme. You can probably do that part without even buying much if you’ve been here more than a couple weeks. Wear that little red riding hood costume to rooms with wolf in the name and have some fun. (By the time he got his wolf on, I didn’t have much of my costume on so this pic will have to do)

I’ve found that the more extreme your costume is, the more fun it is. The other night I dressed up as Catwoman and a friend was Batman. That made it a lot of fun! So make a good costume and have fun with your friends or go meet some new friends. You will have fun!

Dress the part

Dress up in real life for your IMVU weddingIf you’re getting married in IMVU and it’s important to you dress up. You don’t have to rent a tux and nobody may see you, but dress up. It’s hard to explain but it gets your head into it and you will enjoy it more.

Why not take it a step further and try to make at least one outfit in IMVU that matches clothes that you have in real life. Don’t go crazy and do this all the time or you will be really really crazy. But a little bit crazy is fun, and worth the effort.