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You’ve out grown your old default room

Please don’t invite people or your friends to the original default room that came with your IMVU account. It’s like wearing the default head and outfit. It’s OK if you’re a week or two old in here, but it makes you look like a noob even more than a guest_ name. It’s like the big default head you started with. It’s there to learn and practice on but you’ve out grown that so change your default.

When you invite someone especially if you don’t know them, they are looking around quickly at everything, looking for clues as to whether you’re worth staying and talking to. And the default room is one of the most obvious red flags and makes me want to leave almost immediately. Almost nobody interesting or good in here ever invites people to the default room. The good new is that it’s super easy to change in just a few seconds.

Here are the simple steps to change your default room.
My IMVU Room1. Simply Open “My Room” from your home page.

2. Then click on your room inventory button in the bottom bar, to see your room options.

3. Click on the Room Info button in the top right corner of the room you want to use for your default.

Set as default4. Click on the link that appears that says Set as Default.

It’s also a good idea not to use a really big room with too much furniture that takes too long to load. You can always jump to a bigger room afterwards. I do like to have a comfortable place to sit and even more important that the room is interesting.