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These are the moments

Mountain Fairies in IMVULife is full of laundry, cleaning and paying bills. IMVU is just the fun part, connecting with people, feeling sexy laughing so hard your cheeks hurt and loving. It’s the best part of life and can be so beautiful. We can’t really fly or feel like this in real life, but in here we can and do share these precious moments and deep feelings. The special moments that simply make your heart soar. It takes some time, building real relationships to get to this point, but you can have the most mind blowing relationships and fun in here.

There’s something magic about this place, the intensity of the feeling and closeness you can reach when you let your heart go and share so deeply. These are just a few examples from the past few days, or in the third video, I guess the past few years. My goal is just to show you how amazing this place can be and capture some of that fun and love.

Music is a great way to set the mood

Wendy playing sexy music on the beachWhat kind of music do you like to play or to listen to in a public room and what kind of music do you like to play or listen when you are with someone special?  This is of course entirely dependent on the situation and with whom and where you are and in what kind of mood you and your friends are.  Music is a great way to create or enhance the mood in a room.  If you’re in a public ‘dance’ room, there is often some music playing, but if there isn’t, it would probably be smart to ask before playing your music.  Also look around at the kind of room you are at that moment.  Most of the time you can see or at least get a clue, in people’s clothes or the design of the room about what kind of music they would like to dance or listen.  In a rave club it will look weird to play some jazz music in a jazz club it’s a bit weird to play some heavy-metal music!

I am not a person who has many different types of music that I could play in a public chat room, and the music I have is most of the time older than my own age.  Some of my good friends have a lot of different types of music and made some awesome mixes.  Furthermore, I like a lot of different kinds of music in real life and do not care much about what I hear or what someone should play.  Whether this is some sweet romantic songs, soul, classic, pop, jazz, punk, rap or whatever it is doesn’t really matter.  Also remember if you don’t like the music playing in the room, you could choose just turn the volume down the volume or turn it off completely!

The music I wrote down below is music I like to play or like to listen when I’m with someone special or just when I’m with my dear friends dancing at an early morning or late at night. Softly as background music, nice and sweet romantic and timeless being!  These are probably the first types of music to get if you’re new because this is the type of music you play when there aren’t as many people around and it’s even more important to set a really good mood.

Sheena Easton – For your eyes only.
Norah Jones – Come away with me.
Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown – No air.
Billy Ocean – Suddenly.
Chantal Kreviazuk – Feels like home.
Bonnie Tyler – Total eclips of the heart.
Dionne Warwick – That’s what friends are for. (I like also the version of this song very much from a dutch singer. Her name is Trijntje Oosterhuis!)
Barry Manilow – Mandy
Lady Antebellum – Need you now
Robbie Williams – Mr Bojangles

I am curious about what you would like to hear and love to see all of your comments. Maybe you would like to share this music with anyone else and probably you could make the best music mix ever…xxx

Has your Real Life gotten any sexier since Imvu?

amateur night at strip club real life story

Sheri's real life strip club open stage night story
Holly literally asked me this question last night. Coincidentally Sheri came in from quite an adventure and shared her story with me barely an hour later. She met her real life partner in imvu and they went to compete in an Amateur Night competition at a local strip club. She was very nervous and I think part of the fun of this was probably the build up and anticipating it too. But here’s her story. I’ll add something about my answer (which is kind of boring) in the comments because it’s nothing compared to Sheri’s sexy story.

As you know, my wife and I went to a strip club where they were having an open stage, we thought we were late, but actually got there 2 hours before it started, my wife dressed in Daisy dukes and a white button down shirt with the 2nd and 3rd buttoned and the rest tied into a bow with a old pair of tennis shoes. I wore a school girl outfit with Plaid skirt and a white top with a Plaid neck tie loose around my neck and a pair of Mary Janes with anklets, My hair was in pigtails with pink ribbons, There were 8 of us at the open stage we shared a hugh mirror with only 3 chair to put our make up on!

They announced us on stage 1 by 1 and they were playing really cheese music. All the fears I had on the way there Left me as soon as I got on stage! 2 of the girls were already down to their G strings within 5 minutes, I was going slow and flirting with the guys. I kept looking at my wife and I was really dancing for her! The guys there and a few girls I saw there were shouting out the names of their favorites girls on stage. I slowly pull my top over my head to expose my pink lace bra! While still swaying to the music I pulled the ribbons out of my hair as I let my hair fall round my shoulders and back!

Walking to the front of the stage I started shaking my breasts as I put my hands behind my back and unbuckle my bra and let it fall to the floor! I started to tease the guys that were standing in front of the stage! I then kicked my shoes off watching them spin in the air! I then put my hands on my skirt and started to wiggle to the music as I started to slide my skirt off me so slowly.

We started to dance closer to the end of the stage and the guys started to tuck bills in our g strings, One guy said his hand slipped and he grabbed my pussy! I acted cool cause I did not want to spoil the mood there! Every time a guy would tuck a bill id feel his fingers against my waist I would feel a bit wetter! After the strip part was over they had a vote to see who was first.

I came in second and my wife came in fifth. After the vote we were able to give lap dances and I had 3 that want me! After the place closed we were counting our winning in the dressing room! The Girl that came in first and I both had a business card wrapped around a 20. I won the bet I made with my wife on who would get the most money, I won by 15 dollars. I certainly didn’t do this for the money though. It so fun and even exciting to do it together with my wife.

Leave comments for Sheri (a regular reader and imvu friend) and tell us how imvu has made your life sexier too.

IMVU Dances

imvu dances


imvu dances

imvu dancing girls

One of the things I try to do in this blog is capture and show some of the magic of IMVU. It’s so hard to share that with the outside world. They can only see the pixels. I took a few pictures of the dancing the last night or two of some very sexy imvu dances. It’s nice but I still have a feeling that you can’t really feel it as much watching it from the outside because you won’t appreciate how much you associate yourself with the pixels. I watch this and feel the room spinning, the warmth of it and her hand in mine. I know it sounds a little silly to the rest of the world but I think the people that matter will enjoy and feel it. I guess the point of this post is just to show one more small sliver of the magic.

Simon says Be Sexy

The obviously aging and worn sign said the Sexiest Hypnotist in Las Vegas. It wasn’t on the strip, and had actually been hard to find. If we hadn’t had such rave reviews from my friend’s friend we wouldn’t have bothered. I probably shouldn’t tell all of this but girlfriend and I recently had a great girls vacation in Las Vegas. It was a hole in the wall actually, nestled between two much larger and busier strip clubs several blocks off of the strip. It certainly didn’t seem the type of place for tourists. We gave the sieve looking man behind thick glass the coupons that we had gotten from her friend. They said we were entitled to unlimited free drinks during the show, and I have to admit that was really the reason I eventually agreed to go. We had had a few drinks that evening already when the cab dropped my girlfriend and I off but I eagerly accepted a large margarita from the bartender who seemed to be a little too blatantly undressing me with his eyes.

We sat in the dimly lit room at one of the several tables and I looked around and pointed out to my gf that we were almost the only girls in the room. She just smiled apparently enjoying the drinks as much as I was. A few minutes later when my gf returned with two fresh drinks music started and an unseen voice annouced Simon the Sex-o-tist. There was some very energetic applause from several of the other people in the room and we just clapped politely. My gf’s friend had strongly recommended for us to volunteer, and after some disclaimers and build up about how great he was, he did ask for volunteers. I don’t think we actually raised our hands but he seemed to grab my friend and I and I was so drunk I kind of went along with it.

It starts to get a little fuzzy from there, but there was a blind fold and it started out with my girlfriend and I playing what he called Simon Says, but seemed mostly to do with Ally and I kissing various parts of our bodies. He would give us a dollar each time we did. After a few times I realized the person kissing me needed a shave so it certainly wasn’t my GF, but I was so drunk and horny I guess I didn’t care. I don’t know if there was something else in the drinks or if we were really hypnotized but it was just so sexually charged that I couldn’t stop or get enough.

My gf and I woke up at some point on a couch in the waiting area, our clothes dis-sheveled and we each had well over $100 in singles in a pocket and a note that just said “Remember Simon Says.” Most of it seemed like a dream but we did notice one strange side effect. Whenever someone says Simon Says and gives us a gift or something with a request we have a huge desire to do it and seem to get a powerful sexual rush if we comply. We’ve had fun with it believe me but sometimes if it gets to be too much we just have to leave. It was shortly after that, that I wound up taking a job dancing at a strip club with Ally’s friend who had sent us there in the first place. I only do it one or two nights a week because it can get really crazy and I’m ultimately such a good girl at heart.

This is a fun to use in two ways. You can say simon says and request something when you send us a gift; or we might even be able to act out the scene with the hypnotist. Ally also has a variety of other hypnotist stories too that are a lot of fun. Maybe we’ll share some of them another time.

Would you like a Dance?

new imvu dancer

come see sexy imvu dancers
I’m just starting to dance. I was always kind of intrigued with that before but made me nervous at the same time. I know a few imvu girls that do well with it. I kind of figure that it’s part of the imvu experience and if I only do it one night a week it won’t change my attitude or make things less fun or take me away from my friends very much. 

I come here to feel sexy and have fun and I love to flirt and play.  So this seems like a natural thing to try.   Some clubs have rules that the girls can’t actually do anything but tease. I like teasing but I kind of want to be able to do more though if I want to, so I’m going to try a club that does escorting too. I don’t fake things and want to really enjoy it though so I have to wait till late at night when everyone here is asleep.  Anyway come see me if you can tonight for a sexy imvu dance. I’ll leave my location on when I’m there so feel free to join me if you can too. 

When do I get off?

kait learns to be an imvu dancer
You don’t have to actually be a dancer to role play one. I know you have sexy clothes and you can rewrite this from a third party perspective to send to a guy or girl if you want too. Most people here want to have fun and I may be wrong but I think sending a story like this to someone would have a good chance of leading to some fun…

Working as a dancer is a lot of fun but it means late hours and I often get so worked up afterwards that I can’t wait to get off (pun intended). I’m usually sweaty and have had my hands and other peoples hands all over me. Even if I had a good lap dance or two and came (which I know I’m not supposed to do), I’m usually a little drunk and it’s one or two or 3 AM by then so it’s not like I can go run errands.

I try not to be bad with the customers especially if it’s someone I don’t know but girls just want to have fun. Sometimes it’s the other girls in the club, sometimes it’s the back alley behind the club. Sometimes I even let someone take me home or I invite them over. I just get so worked up and I go a little crazy.

I have a gorgeous roommate but she isn’t around that much. She keeps different hours. She just laughs and thinks I’m addicted to sex. Maybe she’s right. She is Bi too and we do have a lot of fun together though. Sometimes we even have fun with someone together in a sexy imvu dance or something even more.

Lately I have been closing at the club. I like to do that because even though it’s late it gives me a chance to have a special private show and a lot of fun if I stay afterwards with someone special.