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Find yourself: Customizing your Avatar

all the same but still very unique

imvu princess :)I remember I spent the first month or two on imvu using the same default starter head, the same default avatar, the same starter eyes. And its amazing how attached I became to how I looked. In a weird way, it felt like me. And so it was hard to change. But I finally decided it was worth taking the time to really customize my avi’s appearance and stop looking like all the new Guest_ accounts out there. For the price of one new outfit you can really create a unique you. IMVU gives you an amazing amount of customizability–it’s especially evident when I’m with my friends in a club and we’re all wearing the same outfit, but each person’s personality still shines through and looks so different because of that customization.

It’s also better to do this early, since once you decide, you have to go through all your outfits to make them consistent.

The head is the most important choice as your head is what most  identifies who you are when friends see you, and there are so many heads available. Also, if you want to try creating, derivable heads are surprisingly easy to resize and reshape using just the imvu client tools, and thus lets you create a head totally unique to you.

customize yourself and your imvu beautyAlso don’t forget little details like the eyes–eyes are the window to the soul and they make a surprisingly big difference in how you look. Also, especially easy to overlook is what imvu calls your avatar, which doesn’t change how you look but changes how you move–the subtle shifts you make when you are just standing or sitting around in a default pose. It sub-consciously communicates a lot about your personality and sense of style. Skin tone has a big effect on how your face looks, and the colors you can wear. What is also under appreciated is that it has a big effect on how big your breasts look for those who care about that kind of thing.

This message though is mostly aimed at the guys out there though. Most girls figure this out pretty soon, but of all the guys I know, even the smart, sweet, creative, sophicated ones who have been here forever, are pretty much ALL using the starter head, and thus they all look the same. Of course its someone’s words and hearts that matter most, but imvu is so powerful because it adds the visual component. Please guys, let’s add some individuality.