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Begging for gifts

topless pink pug2It’s fun to have new clothes and dress up nice but… I don’t think that’s really the point. The amount of fun you have here is not determined by how many different outfits or items you have and it’s definitely not how many credits you have. If you don’t have money for credits you can review products or do some of the special offers.

begging2Sure it’s fun to have some new toys but what really makes it so much more fun is having good friends. And begging for gifts kind of hurts your friends and pushes them away more than anything else. It hurts your friendships And for what? Another sexy dress in your virtual closet?

You’ll find some people that will pity you, and if you ask everyone for gifts sometimes you’ll get some but most of the time you’re insuring that you don’t make the really good friends that you would have. I understand that gifts are a way that you show appreciation and make someone feel loved. But that’s when they’re GIFTED, not when you begged for them.

I want to help people and giveaway a lot of things to friends and even people that I just meet but I don’t really do it because I have to or because they ask me to, I do it because I WANT to. You can see my stats on my homepage and You’ll see that I have almost 5900 items in my generosity score, because I enjoy sharing but not because people ask for things. The way to be rich in here is to be rich in friends! Gifts are for showing you love someone, and you don’t come out and ask someone to love you, you love them and be a friend to them first.


sexy imvu angels

sexy imvu angelsIt’s a gray and rainy Friday afternoon and I’m standing in line at the bank writing mushy love poems. I’m a 46 year old boring housewife and happily married mother of three, and so totally head over heels in love I feel like a giddy school girl who can’t think straight. If that doesn’t show the power of IMVU and amazing fun you can have here that you can’t do anywhere else, nothing does.

It kind of reminded me of the Priceless Mastercard Commercials.

An IMVU avatar with AP and VIP $120
Thousands of virtual shoes, boobs, and tops etc. $400
Naughty Poses $50
Cases of Energy Drink to stay awake all night  $74
Some Rum, just because it’s fun  $200
Hours of dancing, laughter, crying, and moaning Priceless!
Absolutely Amazing Friends all over the world Priceless!!
The once in a lifetime type of hopelessly in love feeling Priceless!!!

Get more than 50% off Discount IMVU Credits

Ally is as sweet as cotton candyIMVU put their best sale on again, only for today Friday 7/27. Whether you want the bundle of 25,000 credits and a room for $10 or 300,000 imvu credits for $100, this is their very best sale. But you can make it even better than 50% off by adding a discount code. Put 9A4TD9EP6S in when you check out and it’ll save you an additional $10 off any order of $50 or more. If you ordered $50 worth it would only be $40 for what usually costs $100. That’s why I say you can get even more than 50% if you combine the two things. They run a lot of sales, but this is the best one so I wanted to give everyone a quick heads up.

PS. I started listing a special discount code at the top of the right margin too so even if you don’t need it now, come back when you do. Have fun!

It’s just to show I Love You!

know that you are truly loved

know that you are truly lovedTo the person giving me a hard time for giving them things, I put my finger to your lips Shhhhhh…. I don’t give you something to buy anything or expect anything. I give things for the feeling it gives you and the feeling it gives me. So smile and be happy and let me enjoy that feeling. I don’t do it to buy your love but to express mine.

The purpose of credits is to make people feel good. Look at it as buying you a drink. It’s just to make you feel good and let you know that I appreciate you. So smile and know that you are loved.

The Best IMVU Sale (6/22)

I love you

I love youIMVU is always doing sales. Every time you turn around there’s another sale, and I get immune to them as much as you do. But they just put their best sale on till midnight today. Their sales range from 10 to 40%. They sometimes do a little more on grab bags or wacky things, but not on regular credit purchases.

I know you’re thinking, but you can get 50% or so off from resellers, and that’s true. But this sale can be more than 40% if you use it right. Let me show you! If you buy a smaller amount it’s cheaper to go through resellers and I’ll tell you more about using them another time. But look at the price for 300K, $120. Then add a coupon code of R8ZB513SJA for another $10 off and it’s only $110 for 300K. That’s significantly cheaper than the resellers, and the resellers are fine but I think there is an advantage to buying from IMVU directly too.

If you’re really not serious don’t buy such a big block of credits. But if you are serious I’m going to tell you something else that I’ve never seen anyone else say but might make this more fun for you. I used to buy credits as I needed them, then moved up to getting 100K at a time. I’m not rich, but I knew I was going to use them and it seemed like the smart way to do it. I made some mistakes with some resellers and I always dreaded having to recharge. But when I started buying them 300K at a time from IMVU I found something a little surprising, that it’s a LOT more fun and freeing not having to watch your credits constantly.

You don’t have to buy a million credits to feel rich, but you really do feel rich in a sense when you have several hundred thousand. And that freeing feeling makes the whole experience here actually much more fun. I’m not in IMVU’s pocket at all. I have plenty of issues with them. But my goal is to make this place fun for you and show you how great it can be. So think about it. And if you buy anything over $50 use the discount code R8ZB513SJA. I’m going to keep that in the right margin of the site and update it with new codes as they expire, in order to be a resource for you.

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Generosity goes hand in hand with Happiness

building strong imvu friendships

building strong imvu friendshipsGenerosity here doesn’t guarantee or buy you happiness. But generous people certainly tend to be happier. And happier people are definitely generous too. Be generous with the people you love.

Generocity can make a big impressionChristi was the one that honestly taught me the power of gifts and how effective that could be in making someone fall in love with you. I was in love, engaged actually. You have to be loving for sure, write great notes with them, and be there for them at the right time. But how else can you make some smile for the cost of a postage stamp. And if you add several smiles together with someone that comes here to feel sexy and have fun you’ll probably find that generosity does lead to happiness too.

I’m not sure if this as universal but at least for me I found that I can’t truly enjoy things here without helping other people to enjoy it too. Generosity doesn’t have to be with credits. I am spending a lot of time trying to make this a valuable resource because it makes me happy. We all have different ways of helping but however you do it, helping others leads to happiness, here and in real life too.

IMVU can be such a pain

I thought buying from IMVU directly instead of going through a reseller would be easier. They had a sale last week and I bought 300K for $120. I’ve never bought anything over the internet that made it as much hassle as this. You would think I was trying to buy $10,000 of computers and shipping them to a mail box address in another country, the way they treat you. They can be such Natzi’s in their attitude, and they honestly act like they don’t care about what their members think about them at all. Like they are God and you are guilty until proven innocent, even when you’re trying to PAY THEM.

Sorry to vent a little… On the other hand I have paid for credits from a reseller (Sphinx Credits) and they never provided them and IMVU flatly refused to even get involved. Sphinx Credits is criminals and are hurting IMVU and there’s a reason why they don’t have a phone number or email address on their website! Buying credits in IMVU can be such a royal pain.

The Purpose of Credits

the purpose of imvu creditsThe purpose of credits isn’t to buy things, as you might assume. The purpose of credits is to make people feel good. If they were free, and we could have all of the stuff in here we wanted, it wouldn’t really make you feel good or be appreciated when you give something to someone else. You give things in here to someone to say thank you or that you appreciate them. It’s not that any of us really need more clothes or shoes or anything. You won’t go hungry or be homeless if you don’t have money in here.

It’s not that the sexy girl you’re watching dance needs more sexy underwear, but you want her to feel appreciated, and to want to do more for you. Where else can you go out to multiple strip clubs and watch so many sexy women for hours for the price of just a beer at Applebees? But the real trick isn’t just to spend credits or buy gifts but to use them to make someone feel good and loved. You do that buy writing a note with a lot of emotion, that paints a vivid picture. Be creative and write a whole story about what you are giving them. Don’t just pick the next thing off of someone’s wish list. Go shop and get them something that shows you know them and care.

I know some people that have hundreds of thousands of credits in their account. But they still appreciate a thoughtful gift and it makes them feel good about you for giving it. The point isn’t to throw money around, but use it as a symbol of your affection and character and you’ll never have any shortage of love or good friends.

Don’t buy your credits at IMVU unless they’re 50% off. I buy them at unless I’m trying to get them for someone else, in which case I use because they let me put them into someone else’s name. AnsheX is also based in Hong Kong and some credit card companies don’t allow transactions there, but IMVUsale is based in the US. These are NOT affiliate links, and I don’t get credit for referring you anywhere. This is just what I use and my honest advice. And whatever you do, do NOT use SphinxCredits .com. They stole 100K from me personally, and there’s no phone number, no email address or way to reach them and they don’t care or even respond to IMVU support.

Wedding Gifts

Usually I think it’s more thoughtful to give people gifts that show you know them and care. I like to find something that’s not on their wishlist that I think they’ll like. But a wedding is different and it’s actually more thoughtful to give a meaningful amount of credits instead.

IMVU Weddings are dirt cheap compared to even the cheapest RL wedding. But there are still a lot of things that they need to pay for and get. It’s not always easy to put things on your wishlist and then wait for someone to get them. It’s very helpful to give them the credits to use for some of the things that come up. Also realize that sharing this type of emotion and special time is what this place is all about.

There are occasionally exceptions for some people that have lots of credits and this wouldn’t mean much. In this case, doing something special for them that takes time and shows you care, means the most. For example I made the wedding vow videos for Gabby and Kim as a special way to contribute.