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Great Kinky IMVU Rooms

Padded InsanityI haven’t written about fun or exciting rooms in a while but I found some rooms that really stood out and definitely seemed worth pointing out and writing about. This isn’t just one room but a couple very cool rooms all made by xKinkyKrisx. You can search on his name to find several great rooms but I wanted to show you four of them. There are a lot of fun and sexy rooms in imvu, but these rooms really stand out because they have such great style and very fun unique themes.

xxx theaterimvu://room/XKinkyKrisX/The+XXX+Theater
The first one is XXX Theater, and it’s the best sleazy dirty adult theater like it sounds as soon as a fun place to hang out. You can get a little crazy as long as you don’t mind other sleazy people watching. You know you wanna be sleazy sometimes. It’s also such a cool room you have to come see it and have fun exploring it with a friend.

Another fun one to explore is Perv Park. It’s a park but it’s not for kids. Watch out for the dirty shack and some guy in a hockey mask. It’s not quite as bad as the Theater but it’s fun and a very different theme.

perv parkimvu://room/XKinkyKrisX/Padded+Insanity
A fun Hole in the Wall is Padded Insanity, a padded cell room you’d expect to find Hannibal Lectur or some depraved and sex crazed person in. Do you have a doctor or nurse outfit, or if you’re really brave how about a straight jacket?!

bondage basementimvu://room/XKinkyKrisX/The+Bondage+Basement
Finally there’s the more classic Bondage Basement. It’s a great example of a fun place if you’re into or interested in playing a little bondage. even if you’re not or are afraid to, take a look and try some of the poses. Just make sure you turn your location off before you go into these. But have fun and ham it up.

Copy and paste these addresses into your browser or search for xKinkyKrisx in your chatrooms.


Have fun with it

flying imvu demon dragon

flying imvu demon dragonThe default room is boring. Inviting people there is boring but it can be fun to surprise someone that invited you to the default room with something really different. When you change the room in someone else’s chat your furniture doesn’t show up. But some rooms don’t need much furniture and can be very shocking and fun.

I have a dragon room for example ( that’s very different and really fun. It doesn’t have or need any furniture. Put on a scary demonic outfit and describe the sulfur smell and the beating of his wings as they feel your claws digging in into them a little. Yeah I know you’re not supposed to hijack someone else’s chat but it’s fun to shake it up and have fun blowing their mind a little.

If you have any other really different room you can suggest, leave it in a comment!

IMVU Surfer Girls

imvu surfer girls and great virtual water fun

imvu surfer girls and great virtual water funMy great friend Susan makes the most amazing rooms and made an awesome video that I think really highlights just a few of the amazing things you can do in here. I think Katy or someone said that this was like the early version of the Holo Deck on Star Trek and I can’t help but think that and see it when I see things like this.

You really are only limited by your imagination in here. Do you wanna be a rock star, go sky diving, or just date that cheerleader you loved in school? Do you want to make an oval office room, dress up and make political commercials out of sound bites? Or have aliens land and take over? Wander around an alien space ship? It really is the holo deck and you can do anything or be anyone you want.

Even a dirty biker bar can be fun on IMVU

dirty imvu biker bar fantasy

imvu dirty biker barmaid
My goal with the IMVU Fantasy section and featured IMVU rooms is to be the spark of inspiration, and encourage you to make your time here more fun. One way to start this is to find (or create) an interesting room. I really liked Kalinka’s Legs! Open 24-7 by Kalinka. Putting on the right costume and some appropriate music and it’s very easy to start playing along with the story basically just flows. The trick is to just have fun with it, put energy into it and really ham it up.

I had to put the second half of the dirty biker video in the Private section since it’s not appropriate for kids or the whole world. I also don’t want my imvu friends to think I’m too crazy all the time. I’m sure they already suspect but at least this way I can keep just a modicum of respect. Hopefully you get the idea and this inspires you to create and enjoy your own adventure too. And please don’t forget to tip your bartender.

You’ll like this Creative Vampire Room

I love creative rooms and recently found one of the most fun creative rooms, Psy & Sanguinarian Vampyre Lab, by XIIIDrDeath. It’s a vampire room from the description but it’s ultimately just an ultra creative room you will have a lot of fun in. You’ll want to go with a couple friends and just have a blast. Dress in something spooky or vampy and take lots of pictures! Here are a few of the ones I took. Send me yours and I’ll add them!

Search for Sanguinarian.
(the link doesn’t seem to work for rooms with a & in the name)

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We all belong in The Psycho Ward

Psycho Ward, Insane Asylum by MyFriendBecah, is a must visit room for everyone in IMVU. It has to be one of the most creative rooms of all time. It is a blast to go to with friends and act a little crazy in. You’ll also want to keep your camera ready because you’re going to need it! There are a lot of pictures from here in my Christi Memories video, and I bet you’ll take pictures that you’ll enjoy and remember for a long time too. I recommend buying a straight jacket for extra effect. Oh and if you like fun music get the music from the shower scene in Psycho. (You can use this in your halloween mix and it’s fun to have!)

IMVU is crazy, but this place is the craziest of the crazy, but you can’t help but have a good time, trust me. Relationships aren’t just built on passion. Go here and share some laughter and leave your own comments or thoughts below, or even send me a picture and I’ll add it to the slideshow. Here are some pictures of my recent visit, as well as some previous visits.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to go straight there:

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Pirate Fun at D&A Hidden Island

Well shiver me timbers if D & A Hidden Island isn’t another one of my favorite rooms to play and explore. It’s very creative and fun in a great Pirate-y way. Start with the island and then the ship and see what you can find from there. It’s a great room to role play and maybe even bury your treasure in.

Paste this into your browser:

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Must see Creative Room: Carnival of Lost Souls

“Carnival of Lost Souls” by MrLinoge is one of my all time favorite rooms. It’s a dark yet fun room full of toys as well as a lot of hidden things to explore. You have to go here with a friend or a couple friends and take lots of pictures. It’s so creative and they keep changing it a lot too. At one point it had a big second upper level but I’m guessing it was too heavy. There is so much stuff here, you’ll have a lot of fun exploring and hopefully role playing with it too.

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