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You don’t want the drama from here in real life.

don't bring imvu drama and insanity into your real life

IMVU can be crazy, there’s no doubt about that.  And as much as you might want real life, you have to be careful because if the craziness of this place spills over into your real life it can be very difficult to say the least.  The emotions in here are so strong, love so free flowing, and the soap opera ness of it almost can’t be helped at times.  The emotions are real but there’s a reason why real life is the way it is and why this place is the way it is too.  Being the way you are in real life here isn’t easy and being the way you are here in real life will cause problems too.

Nobody looks down on anyone in here. In fact it’s quite the opposite.  Your friends here are real people too and they love you and know you are a great cherished real person too.  Don’t take the loving feeling we share here to be anything wrong or hurtful, it’s not at all. Remember that you can always take a break or leave and come back after a while. Hold on and put off any major decision until you’re not in the middle of the emotion but don’t be afraid to step back from the emotion. 

We all belong in The Psycho Ward

Psycho Ward, Insane Asylum by MyFriendBecah, is a must visit room for everyone in IMVU. It has to be one of the most creative rooms of all time. It is a blast to go to with friends and act a little crazy in. You’ll also want to keep your camera ready because you’re going to need it! There are a lot of pictures from here in my Christi Memories video, and I bet you’ll take pictures that you’ll enjoy and remember for a long time too. I recommend buying a straight jacket for extra effect. Oh and if you like fun music get the music from the shower scene in Psycho. (You can use this in your halloween mix and it’s fun to have!)

IMVU is crazy, but this place is the craziest of the crazy, but you can’t help but have a good time, trust me. Relationships aren’t just built on passion. Go here and share some laughter and leave your own comments or thoughts below, or even send me a picture and I’ll add it to the slideshow. Here are some pictures of my recent visit, as well as some previous visits.

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So what is IMVU all about?

IMVU is an insane place that’s all about chatting, dancing, meeting new people, beautiful sexy cartoons, shopping, sexy clothes, strip clubs, parties of every description, and of course lots of sexiness, all in a reasonably safe virtual way. But the real secret that some people never figure out or that at least takes time to realize, is that under all that, IMVU is really about relationships. My webpage is designed to share both a little about one crazy milf’s perspective on IMVU and the unique Virtual Relationships that grow here.

Virtual relationships can also be amazingly powerful and develop much faster here in this crazy world than in real life, without all of the distractions and nuisances of real life. They seem like they’re built on pure emotion. That makes them grow faster but unfortunately they can also be less stable than real life ones too. Look around a little bit and I hope this is helpful in some small way.