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Crashes Happen

IMVU CrashesUnfortunately we all crash once in a while. People also get home, walk in or wake up early and we suddenly have to go. Real Life is first and unfortunately things just go wrong sometimes. Murphy’s Law says they go wrong at the worst times too.

You have get used to people crashing in IMVU sometimes. But if you were in the middle of things with someone you care about when you do crash, at least send a note to explain and apologize. They will understand and be gracious if you give them a chance to. If you don’t apologize and or explain you sudden departure you leave some imvu junk crashesdoubt which can grow and make the other person think you don’t care and could do this again.

You don’t HAVE to give them a gift but if they’re important to you and you can, it does show sincerity. It’s ultimately the consideration of a note that’s most important. That is unless they really don’t matter to you or you want them to think that.

IMVU crashing more than usual?

Does anyone else seem to be crashing more often? It seems like every night at 1:15am too, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just my imagination.