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Your inner character shows on IMVU

let your personality flow when you chat with imvu girls

let your heart flow on imvu chats
In a place where you can be anyone you want to be it’s funny how the inner you comes out. Maybe it’s the ability to experiment so easily, to interact with such a variety of people, to feel such powerful emotions, or the freedom of anonymity, or more likely a combination of all of the above. But it’s so interesting to get to know someone and see how their inner character shows here in an almost physical magnetic kind of way in some people.

Whether it’s Katy’s brilliant heart and cuteness, Ally’s easy going playfulness, Wendy’s loving and poetic soul, Stephanie’s deep loving heart, HollyKaren’s inner strength or even Morgan’s emotion. I think the trick to this is also the secret to great intimacy, being able to just let your heart flow. Don’t be afraid to let your heart out and your personality shine. If you’re shy in real life this is your chance to change that. You’ll never find another place that lets you break out of the bonds that hold us every day. Don’t be afraid to ham it up, just be consistent and open and the more you let your heart out the deeper your friendships will be and the more honest you are the more real it will feel.

Stay Focused

When you’re with someone be with them. IMVU is chock full of distractions on top of distractions. Add to that our real world, my kids especially, and then phone calls or god forbid work and it seems almost impossible to focus some days. This was my best friend Morgan’s point and I have to admit I’m as bad as anyone about this. This is especially true during the day which is why the best time for me is late at night when everyone else is asleep.

I guess I’m probably involved in too many different circles and admit it’s hard to keep up and be there for so many friends at times. You can’t help but get chat invites from several people sometimes, and you have to be honest and decline sometimes, not because you don’t care, but because you do. This is a good rule of thumb when you’re talking and an absolute law if you’re getting intimate.

There is nothing worse then waiting and waiting for a response from your partner in the middle of intimacy. It’s the equivalent of falling to sleep in the middle of sex, and it’s one of the best ways to be a bad lover and annoy your partner. So don’t be upset if someone declines your chat. It’s better to do that, than to cut your attention and detract from quality time with your partner.

When and how often to invite someone

blondie and I huggingOne of my best friends asked me this recently and it’s the perfect type of question for here.  IMVU tells you how to invite but nobody tells you when or how often is alright.  First of all inviting someone you know is always a compliment and is always welcome.  But it can be done poorly too, and the invitee also has to have the right to decline.  Inviting a friend to talk with them isn’t the same thing as random invites which are usually a nuisance.

If you invite someone and they decline do not re-invite them unless it’s an emergency.  If they ignored it, you can reinvite but only after 15 to 20 minutes.  That gives them time to get back if they were away or busy for a few minutes and makes it less bothersome.  If they ignore a second one don’t invite a third time that day.  Send a message.  The only exception to the above limits is if it’s your someone special or a friend on that level and/or a real emergency.  Also don’t invite someone every time they come on especially if they don’t accept them every time.  Inviting every time they come on or inviting repeatedly makes you look like you’re chasing rather than hunting.

When you decline, give a reason if you can.  It makes it easier to accept a decline.  If you can’t give a reason at the time or ignored it, send a note to say hello or touch base.  If you might be able to get back to them it’s OK or even better to ignore it.  That way it’ll be in your missed chat invites.  Look at your missed chat invites if you’ve been away from your puter when you were on.  Inviting wrong or not responding or checking your missed chats has caused issues and increased drama, so it’s important to try to do this correctly.

The bottom line is that, if you’re in doubt invite someone, but just don’t do it repeatedly or it can turn into a negative.

A little Appreciation goes a long way

I appreciate people who appreciate me.

I’ve been so busy here, even more than normal lately with so many new friends. I feel bad because I don’t even have time some of the real friends I need to see any more.

Its especially hard with guys.  I’m not an escort. I do this for fun and I don’t fake much. So I can’t do it when there are other people around in my real life and I generally only have a limited amount of time and energy for that. Not to mention the drama that can make it hard too.

So for guys if you want to talk that’s fine but if you want to do more than that it’s only appropriate to show some appreciation.  3 WL gifts is less than the cost of the gas to go out to dinner.  And if you want me to set aside a special time or do a fantasy date you can at least spend the equivalent of one beer at the bar.  It’s not like I NEED for much.  But I spend an average of 5k per day on this and want to spend the limited amount of time I have with people who appreciate me.

It also doesn’t hurt to have interesting outfits and role play some fun fantasies.  Its not just the credits but emotion that fakes it fun. You can spend more than this trying to get even a mediocre dancer to remember your name before you find out she only really likes girls.  Don’t take this the wrong way because it has to be fun. If it’s not fun nothing else matters. I like pleasing people and making friends and have so much freaking fun here it’s unreal at times.