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Imvu Invite Etiquette (part two)

imvu guide on meeting people in imvu rooms

imvu guide on meeting people in imvu rooms
I wrote a post about imvu inviting a while ago but had a few more things to add.

When you invite someone ask if they other are busy before you get to far into a conversation.

When the other person is getting very slow in responding then using short replies (and not because you’re in the heat of things) offer to get together later to give them an out if they’re busy.

When someone invites you try to at least say something in the decline field. It acknowledges them. The exception is a public room with people because they won’t see it anyway.

When you invite someone if they can’t accept or don’t reply send a note, even if it’s just to say, I just wanted to say HI! It increases the chance of being accepted and reinforces that feeling of wanting to talk with them.

If you’re doing random invites try to at least have something interesting to say or an interesting room or something in common or that you can comment on. You don’t call someone and not have something to say, especially someone you don’t know but might like to.

hot imvu chicks on the prowlIf someone declines you from a room it may keep declining anyone in that room so try to invite them outside of that room if you need to invite them again. Yes this can be very annoying.

If you crash early or in the middle of things and you’re not my best friend, if you don’t send a note I’m gonna be a lot harder to get a hold if in the future.

Not Another Update

the new imvu chat invite window

I like improvements but I hate updates because they seem to go hand in hand with crashes. I try to wait a few days before doing updates unless it sounds like something really major, just on general principle. But when I crashed 5 times in a single night I figured it was necessary. 3 of them were blue screen bad crashes and it seemed to have messed up some programs which had to be reinstalled.

Anyway it did get more stable for me after updating although that certainly wasn’t a very high bar. The one thing I do like don't act like an imvu noob in the new update is the new chat invite box. It shows not only who’s inviting you, and some information about them but it also shows you the room their inviting you to and how many people are in it. It’s nice because it tells you more about the invite ahead of time.

The room you were inviting from before didn’t matter that much before but now suddenly it does, almost as much as your profile picture. It’s very easy to change your default room and it’s suddenly much more important than ever before. Even if you’re new, you should change your default room as soon you’re able to because inviting someone to the default room is like keeping your default profile picture. It makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing and or you don’t care very much.