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Beauty and Sexy in IMVU

a real imvu angel

a real imvu angelBeauty in IMVU comes from the heart. It comes from sharing your heart and your love after you’ve lowered your walls. Pixels are easy to change and only make you sexy on the outside but your heart is what makes real beauty.

Sexy Is a little different. Sexy in IMVU comes from the Mind. Sexy takes some creativity, some romance and some animal passion. You don’t want sexy without beauty or beauty without sexiness. a sexy imvu dark angel

Love Is a combination of sexy and beauty mixed with strong emotions and often a healthy dose of friendship and commitment. I wish there was a way to explain the love I feel in here. I don’t mean to write exclusively about that, but I’m just so blown away by things right now it’s hard to think about anything else.

IMVU girls with Stunning style and class

Quidlyn is the queen of cute

It’s really not that hard to look good in here. I mean it’s a land of awesome beauty. It’s literally crawling with not just beautiful but stunningly sexy IMVU girls. Ironically it’s the fact that it’s so easy to look good that makes it even more important to develop a unique IMVU style. This is one thing that I confess to struggle with at times. It’s fun to shop but I tend to do it hap hazardly at times. I’m trying to develop better looks by buying a whole set of things from a designer with style, by looking through lots of derivations of things that I like, and by copying more from the Daily Outfit Challenge.

I thought about because I was going through the hundred plus pictures from last night and so many of them seemed to just jump off the screen. Katy is in the banner for this post, on the top of the page is clearly the Queen of Cute, and my VBFF and Sister Gabby, is the Queen of Style, although she would be the first to admit that she gets it from her wife, Kim. That’s probably another post about how you can feel even closer by sharing styles and looks with a spouse. And OK, I admit that this post is mostly just an excuse to show off amazing pictures of my best friends. I’ll call it a visual tip, high lighting some amazing examples of how you can have stunning style and class, even in a world crawling with drop dead gorgeous IMVU girls.