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New to IMVU?

If you knew me back then I would give you a lot of hope!

One of my oldest outfits and my original room. I got angry at IMVU and threw all the furniture out one night, lol

If you’re brand new to IMVU, start by dressing. Experiment with how to change your clothing and how to save outfits. You get a few credits to start with, so buy something. One of the fun things to do here is shopping. Shop for a new imvu outfit or hair style to match how you look or want to look. If you get a few extra credits to start play with a few of the less obvious things like skins or avatars and try to get a smaller head as soon as you can too. Write something for your imvu profileand change your picture.

Go to an empty room to explore and get used to moving around a little. Learn to search rooms and add some to your favorites. Learn how to move your point of view and opening and closing windows. Learn the difference between clothing and items you wear with actions and furniture the owner adds to a room. Learn a couple basic actions, like how to hug and how to use the popup menu.

Once you’re comfortable with the IMVU basics try some rooms with other people. Remember the most important rule of thumb to follow is to try to say and do the things you would in real life. Observe more and try to be a part of the room or group you like best but keep exploring too.

Try to make a couple good friends but don’t friend request everyone to fast. Fav lots of rooms but go for quality over quantity in friends. And like real life, the best way to make a good friend is to be honest and open and be a good friend. Also realize that although there aren’t many rules the people that try hard to do a good job and fit in have a lot more fun.

A current outfit and look :-)

You don't have to be perfect to have a lot of fun. Trust me I've just made more mistakes than most people in here.

Find a room with people dancing to start with, it’s an easy thing to start with. Beaches are also good rooms to start with since they tend to be easy going party type places. Avoid serious role playing rooms till you’re more comfortable and experienced as they require elaborate costumes, talking in character and because they tend to be less forgiving to new people.

There are a few more things you can do As you get comfortable with things. Learn how to use the friends page to send messages and invite. Explore your settings and preferences a little bit.

Avoid buying furniture and many rooms until you are really comfortable with it. If anything, just get a nice fully furnished room to invite people to or learn how to invite someone by name to a public room because there are always a lot of fun empty rooms too.

I spent almost 2 weeks staying in empty rooms afraid to talk to anyone. I was so afraid of everything in here when I started this. If I can get this far almost anyone can. Believe me, this can definitely be amazingly fun and addictive if you give it a chance.

What is IMVU?

what the heck is imvu really

what the heck is imvu really
IMVU is hard to describe because it’s so diverse. It’s like trying to describe the internet to someone that doesn’t understand computers. And the amazing diversity means that it’s a lot of different things to different people. So unlike most of the other things which I write about and and let people respond a little bit to, I think this ultimately requires the input of a variety of people to be even partially complete.

I will start it off with a few things but it’s intentionally not thorough so there’s room for more contributions. I’m going to give this post a special link in the right column so it can be added to or accessed any time. You don’t even have to give a name or email address to respond. Just share a thought or two about what IMVU is to you. Anything that seems at all related will be accepted.

IMVU is:

…a virtual world that lets you be anything you want to be.(Kait)
…like High School except with no rules or teachers. (Kait)
…a safe way to meet people and be sexy. (Kait)
…all about relationships. (Kait)
…the internet that your mother warned you about. (Kait)
…more than an addicting game, but less than real life. (Kait)
…shopping heaven, with low prices and unlimited closet space. (Morgan)
…a great place to hang out and be with friends I’m closer to than real life. (Morgan)
…virtual reality, kind of the predecessor to the holodeck. (Quid)
…a way to live and star in your own romantic comedy. (Quid)
…what you make of it. (Quid)
…limited only by your imagination. (Quid)
…unfortunately half full of people who lack imagination, or common decency and are only here for sex. But the girls aren’t that bad. (Quid & Kait)
…gives you back what you put into it and then some. (Quid)
addicting. (Kait)
…only limited by your imagination, (or other people’s imagination.) (Kait)
…whatever you want it to be. (Kait)

What an Amazing Variety

A wide Variety of IMVU friends and fun

A wide Variety of IMVU friends and fun
One of the most amazing things about IMVU  is the variety of people and things you’ll meet and activities available for you.  You never know what will happen in here from day to day or even hour to hour.  

 Some days I have an amazingly sexy adventure, sometimes its just consoling a friend or cuddling and sharing intimacy.  And other times we just talk and laugh.  Some times it’s a mixture of all the different aspects.  To me I think it’s important to have all of those things and it’s amazing how quickly things can evolve in here too. 

You will meet and get to know a huge variety of people from all over the world.  You’ll also be able to do an amazing variety of activities in the most imaginative settings too. You can explore a castle, chat with a demons, flirt with scantily clad women, windsurf on a beach resort, get a job as a stripper, fight with pirates, dance with vampires or just about anything else you can think of, all without much expense, risk or effort.

When and how often to invite someone

blondie and I huggingOne of my best friends asked me this recently and it’s the perfect type of question for here.  IMVU tells you how to invite but nobody tells you when or how often is alright.  First of all inviting someone you know is always a compliment and is always welcome.  But it can be done poorly too, and the invitee also has to have the right to decline.  Inviting a friend to talk with them isn’t the same thing as random invites which are usually a nuisance.

If you invite someone and they decline do not re-invite them unless it’s an emergency.  If they ignored it, you can reinvite but only after 15 to 20 minutes.  That gives them time to get back if they were away or busy for a few minutes and makes it less bothersome.  If they ignore a second one don’t invite a third time that day.  Send a message.  The only exception to the above limits is if it’s your someone special or a friend on that level and/or a real emergency.  Also don’t invite someone every time they come on especially if they don’t accept them every time.  Inviting every time they come on or inviting repeatedly makes you look like you’re chasing rather than hunting.

When you decline, give a reason if you can.  It makes it easier to accept a decline.  If you can’t give a reason at the time or ignored it, send a note to say hello or touch base.  If you might be able to get back to them it’s OK or even better to ignore it.  That way it’ll be in your missed chat invites.  Look at your missed chat invites if you’ve been away from your puter when you were on.  Inviting wrong or not responding or checking your missed chats has caused issues and increased drama, so it’s important to try to do this correctly.

The bottom line is that, if you’re in doubt invite someone, but just don’t do it repeatedly or it can turn into a negative.

You’ve out grown your old default room

Please don’t invite people or your friends to the original default room that came with your IMVU account. It’s like wearing the default head and outfit. It’s OK if you’re a week or two old in here, but it makes you look like a noob even more than a guest_ name. It’s like the big default head you started with. It’s there to learn and practice on but you’ve out grown that so change your default.

When you invite someone especially if you don’t know them, they are looking around quickly at everything, looking for clues as to whether you’re worth staying and talking to. And the default room is one of the most obvious red flags and makes me want to leave almost immediately. Almost nobody interesting or good in here ever invites people to the default room. The good new is that it’s super easy to change in just a few seconds.

Here are the simple steps to change your default room.
My IMVU Room1. Simply Open “My Room” from your home page.

2. Then click on your room inventory button in the bottom bar, to see your room options.

3. Click on the Room Info button in the top right corner of the room you want to use for your default.

Set as default4. Click on the link that appears that says Set as Default.

It’s also a good idea not to use a really big room with too much furniture that takes too long to load. You can always jump to a bigger room afterwards. I do like to have a comfortable place to sit and even more important that the room is interesting.