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Everyone Loves ALLY

I also recommend that you download it here if you want the HD version.

Missing You KRISWe’re doing something special tonight for Ally, one of my long time closest friends of all time. I was kind of naïve when I came here and didn’t know much about a lot of things especially collaring. I didn’t know what being a sub meant and I certainly didn’t know that I had any inclination in that direction.

imvu doll to be collaredA collaring ceremony is like a wedding in some ways in that it’s a commitment ceremony. Like a lot of things in here it has as much meaning as you give it, and making a special ceremony for it gives it more weight and makes it more meaningful.

welcome to imvu collaring ceremonyI videoed the collaring ceremony and added it here with pics and I wanted to say and do something special for Ally publicly because I really feel this and love her!

Doll imvu collaringWhat can I say about one of my closest friends for over two years? Beauty is just pixels in here but over time you get to see and know people from the inside out. And when I say Ally is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met, I don’t just mean in IMVU or just in pixels, which you can see but on the inside. She’s got an amazingly playful, adventurous passion, and if I had to pick one word to describe Ally more than anyone else, it would probably be FUN! She’s one of the best subs ever but she’s also got tremendous range. Most of all, she’s not only beautiful in here she’s truly beautiful inside and an amazing friend!

Ally at Geisha School – Part 1

Ally's Geisha chores role play in imvu

((Ally’s account of her  first day of chores at Geisha School))

Ally wandered past the bakery snickering at her sister who had to bake a ridiculous amount of pies breads and sweets for the shop in town that day. “Sucker” she giggled as she wandered out side and down the walk. It was a bright Sunday day with a cool breeze. The recent rains had washed the home and left everything vibrant and green. It was a much better prospect than working inside covered in flour and slaving away over a huge stove. Ally strode down the lane staring at the clouds and the mountains in the distance. Life was not too bad she thought happily…and then she saw the garden. 

Weeds…weeds everywhere, like a small green army they had taken over the garden and multiplied like an invading force of green pointy soldiers. Ally stared in dismay…who had weeded last? Surely they had done a better job than this…surely it had not been ignored. She swore softly and the clamped her mouth shut. Swearing was definitely not allowed. The blonde girl looked around for a tool…and realized there was none. Great she muttered in annoyance, now she had to get on her hands and knees and pull out the weeds by hand. Like her dress wasn’t dirty enough. She glances up ruefully at the house. Okasan and Madame had such pretty dresses and clothes. They didn’t have to pull weeds and work in the garden. Some of the other girls that had gone to the lore had gotten their own kimonos made of nice silk and bright colors…Ally’s dress was brown…not brownish or brown with a subtle green back ground…just endless drab brown. Meh, she muttered putting the thoughts out of her mind.


Peeking through the window

the IMVU Window
Ally is one of my best friends. Well friends isn’t enough, she’s FAMILY! I wrote about virtually sleeping together a while ago, and how waking up and seeing your loved one still there is so reassuring. Ally wrote this when she woke up and I thought it was worth sharing because I think we all kind of stare through this window and wonder a little. Sometimes I think we assume everyone else’s life is better than ours. (That’s easy to do) Just remember when you look through that window there are a lot of people staring back at you too. The people behind all those windows are real. They’re Jessica or David or Mohamed or Karen. And no matter who we are, where we’re from, or what our life is like, I guess we all want to connect and feel loved.

Sigh… Yawn, I wish one of you were awake

And my computer didn’t crash imvu either, Luck me.

It is lucky. I get to wake up and see you here with me… sleeping… holding me…even if it’s a virtual me….

holding you… being held… makes me want to drop everything and drive out to meet you.

I love you Mistress… And you too sis!

dirty windowsLying in my bed.. starting at the screen, wondering what it’s like where you are. Is ti cold, too hot? Is Maggie snoring..? Is the boy taking up the bed? How early do you have to be up, how you day is going to go?

Here we are in our little virtual lives, looking for dots ..No sound.. just words. And yet I’ve learned to look for the signs, when you’re distracted or sad, angry… happy.

So much emotion..exchanged in such a strange limited way.

clinging to youSometimes I wonder if I should die my hair blonde… If I would be more like the ally that lives in the digital world.. tons of slutty fetish wear, doll outfits and bizarre furniture. A gigantic purple bead.

Too tall… too skinny… a little too scared. ~touches the screen~
This window that separates me from you …so thin. And so very thick.