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Don’t just stop talking

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In porn it seems like the girl tends to do most of the talking but she’s getting paid to be there. If you’re paying for a lap dance it’s appropriate to let her do most of the work and most of the talking. But if you aren’t paying for it and want them to do this again with you, you have to do your part and make her want to. You do that by being sexy and getting her excited, and if you stop typing don’t assume that the pose or your amazingly muscled avi is going to do that. It’s your mind that makes it sexy, or makes the difference between average and great.

I met a fun guy the other day that had a rule. I admit everyone isn’t going to follow this rule and don’t honestly expect everyone to follow this. But his rule is that his fingers can’t leave the keyboard till she has come. Now when he said this, I had come twice already. I had things to do and would have often stopped at one and almost always stopped at two. But he was so good that when I realized he hadn’t come yet, I took him to my best room and made dam sure he enjoyed himself.

So if you want to have a longer better session with someone, and make sure she wants to have sex with you again, the best imvu advice I think you can have is to keep talking/typing. This also means don’t rush straight to sex, enjoy the process and build up and make her want it before jumping into a sexy pose. You’ll get much more and much better pleasure if you don’t just rush into it, and stop talking as soon as you get a hard on. Use lots of adjectives and be very descriptive. Read a romance novel if you want to see what women like. It’s no secret and it honestly won’t even take that much work to stand out from the crowd, believe me. Oh and by the way, I am bringing a sexy friend back with me to do the threesome fantasy for the fun guy with that rule. So maybe I should add a link from the post about how to get threesome in imvu, to say make it great for her and she’ll bend over backwards and want do more to please you.