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If you’re bored…

finding someone excitingi in imvu

finding someone excitingi in imvuI always wonder how can people say they’re bored in here. It’s like saying you’re bored in Adult Disneyland. It’s the most unboring place in the world and can be anything you want it to be. I think maybe they just don’t know how to use it.

First of all never say you’re bored. It makes you sound boring. I made a great list of IMVU activities you can go do. There are is an almost endless variety of fun toys and things to do and rooms to explore. One tip, if you’re looking for interesting IMVU rooms look for ones with four stars. Pick rooms that you have an appropriate costume for but just get out there and wander around.

kait on the ringsMake a crazy and exciting costume. There are studies that show when you smile you feel happier and the IMVU corollary is, when you look exciting you feel more exciting. Make yourself someone that someone exciting would want to hangout with. If you’re bored you’ll attract other boring people. If you’re exciting you’ll attract other exciting people.

A lot of guys seem to say they’re bored when they mean horny. Maybe they think saying they’re horny will sound bad. I actually think saying you’re bored makes you sound worse than saying you’re bored. I’d rather talk to a horny guy than a bored guy.

I also think people that are really bored just don’t know what they want to do, because you really do find what you look for here more than anywhere else. So look around at all the different things here (and there’s a ton of exciting themes in here) and pick something. You can always change, it’s not like you’re stuck with just one thing. Make a different costume, a story and maybe a fun room, and go out and meet other people. This place is addictingly fun and you can be tired or have an off or quiet day but its never ever boring!

Different rooms and activities in IMVU

ice skating in imvu with erick Sometimes we all fall into ruts. There are so many fabulous activities you can do in here. There is practically no limit other than your imagination.

It doesn’t take very much to have a great time in here either. You can find good public rooms for these things or get your own room with these things. And often just the empty room is enough to make a pretty great adventure.

skydivingYou may want to dress appropriately and you’ll definitely want to take a lot of pictures! Looking back through thousands of pictures it’s often this type of thing that makes the best pictures (and the best memories) so try something fun and different with a good friend today.

Snow boarding
Scuba diving
Kait and Susan riding the ridesRoller skating
Roller Coasters
Flying (fairy style)
Flying a jet fighter
Life size board games
Jet skis
Dragon riding

What other things have you done or seen in here that you can add to this list?