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A little Appreciation goes a long way

I appreciate people who appreciate me.

I’ve been so busy here, even more than normal lately with so many new friends. I feel bad because I don’t even have time some of the real friends I need to see any more.

Its especially hard with guys.  I’m not an escort. I do this for fun and I don’t fake much. So I can’t do it when there are other people around in my real life and I generally only have a limited amount of time and energy for that. Not to mention the drama that can make it hard too.

So for guys if you want to talk that’s fine but if you want to do more than that it’s only appropriate to show some appreciation.  3 WL gifts is less than the cost of the gas to go out to dinner.  And if you want me to set aside a special time or do a fantasy date you can at least spend the equivalent of one beer at the bar.  It’s not like I NEED for much.  But I spend an average of 5k per day on this and want to spend the limited amount of time I have with people who appreciate me.

It also doesn’t hurt to have interesting outfits and role play some fun fantasies.  Its not just the credits but emotion that fakes it fun. You can spend more than this trying to get even a mediocre dancer to remember your name before you find out she only really likes girls.  Don’t take this the wrong way because it has to be fun. If it’s not fun nothing else matters. I like pleasing people and making friends and have so much freaking fun here it’s unreal at times.