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I’ve been in a video mood lately and Quid’s comment about getting her IMVU fix on her cell phone made me think I should add a page with all of the public videos I’ve put on here and on YouTube. I do that too and love to watch my imvu videos, when nobody is around for a minute to renew the feeling. They are scattered throughout different posts though not to mention some on youtube (they disable some of the music so I tend to put the best versions of them on here but youtube is big so). Please be sure to rate my videos and leave comments on YouTube and subscribe to them there too if possible.

I’ll keep updating this with videos as I make them and list them in reverse order so the newest ones should be at the top along with a quick synopsis. There are actually a couple I haven’t shared yet and maybe I’ll share some more of them too. I’ll also write some more about the tools I use for them too. I’ve been meaning to do that. I’m also thinking about starting a page for other people’s imvu videos that I like too

To me IMVU is one big photo opportunity or movie set. The costumes are as mind blowing as the sets. I’ve even got amazing friends that all look like super models. All it takes is some creativity and you can’t help but get tons of amazing pictures. So it’s really not my fault that I’ve taken 43 or so gigabytes of pictures and video clips this month alone. What can I say. Hard drives are cheap and it’s so much fun. But I will add that I am or can be discrete and don’t mean to share anything that someone isn’t comfortable with.

Hooters Girl, Role Play example with dancing and fun.

Video for Morgan, saying I’m sorry and still Love her.

What makes something sexy?
This is a great slow sexy imvu dance that shows why it’s the emotions and feelings you convey that make something sexy.

The Dirty Maid Service
This was just Gabby, Ally and I dancing in sexy maid costumes. I thought it was cute and inspired my sexy maid roleplaying post. A sexy maid is a very easy costume, and an easy role playing scenario to start with.

Even a dirty biker bar can be fun on IMVU
This was a fun, spur of the moment, imvu fantasy in a dirty biker bar, with a desperate bar maid. It’s a dirty biker bar and we just started playing and flirting and had fun.

A Simply Beautiful Girl, IMVU Romance
This was the night I met Mindy. I wrote her a message the next morning and then looked at the pictures and videos and knew I had to put them together to make a video just for her. It’s not actually posted on any page on my site, because I made it just for her. But looking at it again, it is so special and wonderful, I figured I had to share it. She really this beautiful inside once you get to know her too!

IMVU Fairies can tear down your walls
Of all my videos and experiences here, my first fairy encounter with Katy (Quidlyn) has to be one of the most amazing. It’s awesome in the video but you also have to understand how close I already feel to her and experience this to really appreciate it. There is a version on my server and there’s also a version on YouTube.

Kaits week in Review
My week in review in IMVU was made by just selecting some pics and videos from the past week. It was interesting to me because it kind of showed the incredible variety of activities and fun things I did in just one week. I admit I didn’t have quite this much fun in the beginning but it does definitely seem to get better and better.

Protect Your Heart
This was just a fun loving evening with Stephanie, playing some music, dancing and feeling a little IMVU magic. I really like to make special videos for friends especially if it seems to really capture the feeling and magic.

Sexy Imvu Beach

This was just a random room I walked into with someone I had never met before and kind of shows the magic of IMVU and the power of the feelings that just seem to jump out at you sometimes. You can literally have once in a lifetime level romances almost any time at all.

Fantasy Date Example Video
This is an example of a fantasy date with a friend. Part of his fantasy was white lace. I love the hot tub room. This is just the first half without the really adult part. If you’re a friend, ask me for the password to the full video if you want it.

Memories with Christi
This was my first video. I learned to do it quickly to show Christi, my ex girlfriend how much I loved her and remind her of all the fun we had had in the past few months. She’s still a special friend and I respect and admire and respect her tremendously.

Congratulations Cyndia and Macey Poena
Congratulations Cyndia and Macey Poena, married 11/28/11. I tried something different and made a video of the whole thing in 1 frame per second, to make it manageable size wise. It’s a little jumpy and long, but you can watch the whole thing if you want this way at least.

This video doesn’t exist

These are my wedding vows to Holly. I love her with all my heart and wanted her to know that while I am away. The pictures aren’t bad but there is one or two with a little skin in them. :-)

Gabby and Kimmi BleueDOLL Wedding Vows

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