Wedding Gifts

Usually I think it’s more thoughtful to give people gifts that show you know them and care. I like to find something that’s not on their wishlist that I think they’ll like. But a wedding is different and it’s actually more thoughtful to give a meaningful amount of credits instead.

IMVU Weddings are dirt cheap compared to even the cheapest RL wedding. But there are still a lot of things that they need to pay for and get. It’s not always easy to put things on your wishlist and then wait for someone to get them. It’s very helpful to give them the credits to use for some of the things that come up. Also realize that sharing this type of emotion and special time is what this place is all about.

There are occasionally exceptions for some people that have lots of credits and this wouldn’t mean much. In this case, doing something special for them that takes time and shows you care, means the most. For example I made the wedding vow videos for Gabby and Kim as a special way to contribute.

IMVU Weddings

Imvu wedding dress

Imvu wedding dress

IMVU Weddings

When I first heard about people getting married in IMVU I was shocked and scared. Scared that this would be damaging to my RL relationships. This is such a hard concept to explain to anyone outside of IMVU. It’s one of those things that you have to experience to appreciate. You will have to experience for your self the unbelievable closeness and connections you’ll create here. Then before you know it you’ll be in a relationship that could only be described as a marriage level connection. That’s when you’ll realize that there’s no other way to describe what you’re already in.

That’s when you may find one of the real secrets to not just IMVU but life as well. IMVU is much more fun as a team sport. There is a wider variety of teams and ways to play here than you can possibly imagine. But the bottom line is that sometimes when you make someone else’s happiness your priority you wind up being more happy than you could have possibly imagined or done on your own.

Don’t try to explain any of this really deep stuff to anyone outside of IMVU. They’ll think you need to have your head examined. And when your soaring relationship crashes and fails, you’ll think you should have had your head examined too, but you still won’t be able to leave. Face it, we’re all crazy. Embrace the insanity and enjoy the ride.

Ashley & Diane (Blueixis & Mustangchic2) Married August 19, 2011

Ashley & Diane (Blueixis & Mustangchic2) were Married August 19, 2011. It was a beautiful wedding and they are a good couple.