Thank You Jesus for the Cross

church verseI don’t write much about religion or politics or talk much about it in here because this is such an international and multicultural place. I don’t ever want to make anyone uncomfortable or feel pressured at all. This is the most nonjudgmental and accepting place ever. You can be absolutely anything or anyone in here. But I hope you’ll allow me to share a heartfelt sincere message just of immense love and appreciation on this special day.

Thank You Jesus for the Cross.
Thank you for the price you paid for us.
Giving up your life to save the Lost.
Thank You Jesus for the Cross.

God loves you Stephanie, and so do IThat was a verse in a song at church this morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and just wanted to share it. I think a lot about here in church and a lot about my friends in here when I pray. Especially my soulmate Stephanie who I love more than I can ever say. Welcome Home!!

Merry Christmas to the most amazing friends

christmas cuddlesHave a Beary Merry ChristmasThe hardest part of Christmas here is trying to put into words how much such special people mean to me. The connections and friendships here are truly priceless. And even if this isn’t entirely what Christmas is about, the love you feel I feel in here is… Trying to explain how much my friends in here mean to me is like trying to explain how important Christmas or family is!

christmas girlsI can’t believe Christmas is here already. It seems like just the other day was Thanksgiving. This has been an especially hectic holiday for me and I haven’t got half of the things I wanted to done. So I apologize but I’m going to be late with some Christmas presents. Please forgive me and know how much you mean to me.

Happy Independence Day

4th of July on IMVUI know a lot of you aren’t in the US. One of the neat things about IMVU is the international nature of it. A very good friend is in Egypt in the middle of everything going on there and we were talking to a friend in Mexico when they had the earth quake recently there. This may not be technically real, but it gives you a real window into lives all around the world.

Anyway for everyone in the US, I want to wish you all a Happy Independence Day and hope that we cherish and hold onto it, because it feels like it’s under attack and eroding. I Love you ALL!

A touching Thanksgiving Message

I woke up this morning to the most amazing 1024 character Thanksgiving message from a long time friend who I’ve spent literally countless hours holding and loving for probably 18 months or more, through quite a lot. I always tell her she uplifts me as much as I do her and you’ll see why here. Her situation is actually worse than you can tell from this. It’s very personal and if she wants me to I’ll take this down, but it is so amazing I had to share it. Just living is a struggle, but you can tell she is beautiful and strong. This also shows a little of the beauty of IMVU allowing us to be there for great people we never would have been able to get to know.

I was asked recently “How can you still smile with everything that has happened in your life?” the question seemed huge but when I thought deeply …it came down to the fact that I AM THANKFUL!! Like everyone I can make a long list of the ways life is NOT fair but as I continued think it got deeper I was hurt by family But there was others in that SAME family who picked me up brushed me off and watched me soar. I was beaten by someone who to the outside world he said he loved me. I was used sexually by many nameless humans for drug money for the same man but I survived. I was given a second disability because someone did not care if I got sick but I reach out to others & protect them instead I live with nightmares sometimes but I am healing I have lost my Dad & grandparents But I have gained all of you my friends who have become my family and have honored me with your presence in my life. That is why I can smile so bright even when I have a heavy heart. That is all the Thanksgiving blessing I need.

Female ap avi available

Anyone interested in a used female AVI with 2000+ items in inventory, that’s been around since 07, with a short cute name let me know. Someone asked me if I knew anyone interested and I said I’d post something to let people know. Leave a comment here or contact me (“Kaitlyn”) in imvu.

To Imvu: Fix Imvu 2Go!

imvu2go cellular phone ap is brokenIt’s been at least a month since the Mobil Ap for Imvu, called Imvu2Go has worked. It wasn’t great bit it was helpful when you can’t get to a computer. But it has a bug and stopped working a while ago. It constantly says you’ve logged on in multiple places and logs you out. I tried upgrading my iPhone OS and even disabled wifi but it doesn’t seem to work for anyone.

It did however ask me to rate it when I logged in so I did. I gave it a low score as everyone was doing and told them to fix it. That’s why I figured it was time to say something and recommend that anyone that used or has the Mobil app installed rate it and ask them to fix it. Bugs happen but they’ve had enough time to fix it and this is one of the rare areas that the customers can have a voice so it’s time to say something.

IMVU can be such a pain

I thought buying from IMVU directly instead of going through a reseller would be easier. They had a sale last week and I bought 300K for $120. I’ve never bought anything over the internet that made it as much hassle as this. You would think I was trying to buy $10,000 of computers and shipping them to a mail box address in another country, the way they treat you. They can be such Natzi’s in their attitude, and they honestly act like they don’t care about what their members think about them at all. Like they are God and you are guilty until proven innocent, even when you’re trying to PAY THEM.

Sorry to vent a little… On the other hand I have paid for credits from a reseller (Sphinx Credits) and they never provided them and IMVU flatly refused to even get involved. Sphinx Credits is criminals and are hurting IMVU and there’s a reason why they don’t have a phone number or email address on their website! Buying credits in IMVU can be such a royal pain.

Wishing you a Happy IMVU New Years…

imvu new years

imvu new yearsHours of happy times with friends and framily
Abundant time for dancing and chatting
Pretty new clothes
Plenty of Love
Youthful looks and perfect makeup all the time

Nights of passionate sex
Everything you need
Wishing you love and light

Years and years of good health
Enjoyment and making merry
At least until the imvu server crashes or your batteries die
Romance and Relationships and
Sexy fun all year long.

Thank you and Happy New Years to all my friends! You’ve made this a great year and I love you all… YOUR KAIT.

IMVU Life Lessons

As Christmas arrives I paused and thought about the lessons I’ve learned from imvu this past year. It’s been mind blowingly fun but there are several lessons I think I’ve learned from IMVU that can help in real life. 

1. It’s all about relationships and love.
2. It’s the inside that counts. 
3. Hold onto the good loving feelings and let go of the negative. 
4. You can be anything you want to be.

What other things could you add to this list? Leave a comment or message me in in IMVU.

Missing you a Very Merry Christmas

Missing everyone at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it also reminds us to put family first which means a lot of people are away from people that love them in here.  My Holly is away until January as well as Tammy and Ally too. So as much as I love this time with my kids and my family I definitely miss my family here.  

Even people who aren’t really away are busy with so many additional things, kids home from school, food to prepare,shopping, parties and so much craziness that there is no regular schedule. To Anita who lost her mother recently, Foxxy who lost her love, and Mace’s health issues, as well as everyone away, you are all in my prayers. This isnt real life but I love you and care about you, at this wonderful crazy time of year and always.

LOVE! Kait…

What am I thankful for?

imvu thanksgiving reminds us what life is about, peopleBeing away for a week with family was great but it also made me realize how much I really miss so many people here. People encompasses a lot and a pretty wide variety of relationships. We don’t eat turkey in here and we don’t all even celebrate Thanksgiving of course. But we all have things to be thankful for, friends, families, spouses, and more.

It’s funny how this place parallels real life in this way and kind of teaches us or reminds us that the most important thing is really the people. There are more things to get in the way and distract us in real life, but the people and relationships in real life as in IMVU are ultimately the most important thing. So even though we may not sit down to a big dinner in here I am so very thankful for all of the people in my life here.