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RolePlaying Types, Terms & Tips but Ichiga ^//.//^

IMVU roleplaying tipsOne of the nicest parts of doing the website is meeting people. I met the cutest Japanese girl who was much more of a role player than I am. I started talking to her and she explained what I called RolePlaying Tips & Rules. I boiled down our conversation a little to try and explain some roleplaying basics in here. There are more thorough lists and articles about role playing, but I wanted to summarize a few of the basics from that conversation.

Here is the Rules and Tips of Rp! starting with Format and Genres;
T-1 (Commonly used by serious Rpers; Consits of a Descriptive paragraph)
T-2 (Secondly used for those who find T-1 too serious or Boring. Consits of few sentances).
T-3 (A Very childish way to Rp, Rare in most cases; Consits of Few Words)
And T-L/Novela (Legendary-like Format, Usually a Full blown explosion of Paragraphs).

ichiga cute pandaGenres:
Anime based (Bleach, naruto, Dbz, Etc.)
Fantasy (Vampires, demons, Etc.)
Modern/Life (Family, Clans, Etc.)
Most are mixed with Different genres

Common Terms used:
DM (Death match)
IC (In character)
OOC (Out of character; Commonly known as using the brackets to talk out of Rp)
NKZ (No kill zone)
NFZ (No fight zone)

Tips/Rules of RP:
Do not Auto-Hit (Meaning All Posts MUST have a way to Dodge or Block it)
Rp is turn-based! (Meaning you wait for the person to post after you!)
No God-modding (That means basically there is no Teleportation or BS Like that!)
Have Sense while attacking (You cannot have some big ol’ Attack the size of the sun and send it off; That’ll kill you in the process baka!)
For a Death to be legit You must have at least one witness of the Death of said character.
You cannot control someone else’s character without consent
When Rping, The skirt rule Applies; Short enough to keep companions interested, Long enough for detail. ichiga japanese costumes
When committing an Action Use – -, ~ ~ * * And so forth.
When in OOC (( {{ [[ ]] }} )) use either brackets.
When speaking in character use ” ”
Another rule of Rp, No perfect characters! They must have flaws like everyone else. All must have a type of weakness. Even a god could have a flaw..

Conclusion: Roleplaying isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun and making a great story and memories. It’s more fun and enjoyable for all if you follow these rules and use some common courtesy so everyone can enjoy it too. Thank you so much to my new friend, Ichiga!

Does pretending make it real?

kaits fairy songThis is kind of an interesting question. It actually does in some ways. Of course pretending to be a vampire doesn’t make you really a vampire. Physical things don’t change because you pretend them. The line is a lot blurrier when it comes to personal attributes.

If you pretend to be brave or timid you are actually brave or timid in here. If you pretend to be a jerk and obnoxious in here then you are actually being a jerk and obnoxious. Pretending obviously doesn’t change the physical things, but it does change the non-physical things because those are more based on your actions and behavior then anything else.

star wars in imvuI went into a room recently and some of the people were “pretending” to be obnoxious to someone. Now if you know the person pretending and they have a solid history of not being that way, one session of pretending doesn’t change your perception of them. One of the nice things about meeting new people, is that you don’t have any past baggage and you really can be whatever you want to be.

So be careful about “pretending” or role-playing negative characteristics. Sometimes role-playing something extreme or negative can be exciting but be careful and make sure you aren’t actually changing people’s perceptions of you, especially new people who don’t know you.

One last interesting thing about role playing emotions. There’s actually very little difference between playing an emotion and really feeling it. In fact you’ll probably even find that if you pretend to feel an emotion well enough and long enough, you actually DO feel it!

Made up make up sex

imvu MoonlightWanna try something fun? Pretend you just had a knock down fight with a friend and apologize profusely. Tell them you are so soo sorry and can’t wait to make it up to them. Who says you have to have an actual fight to have makeup sex?!

It takes someone good at playing. I admit that the first time I tried it the other person thought they had upset me or done something wrong. So it is helpful to suggest that you’re playing a little first. But it is fun if you get into it really feeling the intense emotions. It creates intense emotions which ultimately leads to great passion.

Another trick I learned recently is that the first message can set a great tone. Instead of Hey, or Hi How’re you doing? Try “shhhh… I don’t wanna talk about it any more” or “I can’t believe I did that, I’m sooo sorry, what can I do to make it up to you??” or “I’m sooo sooo sorry… ~she says flashing her biggest smile~”

Oh and it can be fun to start via message too. Write a message saying how could you have said I look fat in that dress or apologizing for something and promising to make it up to them as soon as you see him or her. Messages are fun to build anticipation.

Is it possible to take RP too seriously?

imvu role playing

imvu role playingI really enjoy the creativity and descriptiveness of a real good T1 style role play. It can be very exciting in story or fight. But like anything I guess, there are some people that will take it too far. A long flourishing response is great when you’re doing something entertaining in a room, but I have to say in passion, real passion, you need a back and forth flow. To wait three minutes and then post a paragraph that the other person has to read carefully takes away from the real flow of emotion. Just like we speak and behave differently in a group or normal conversation than we do in bed with a partner, I think it’s important to adjust a little.

I add ~ in front of actions and ( ) around side notes in regular conversation because I think it makes it easier to read and feel, but when things switch into passion mode, I tend to lose the ~s and just let it flow in passion. I think the growing passion comes across better in more frequent shorter responses. I don’t mean to hog or control the session, I have just learned to let it flow and try to express that. I love creativity and descriptive adjectives, but I guess that part of my mind just shuts down when I am just screaming Fuck Me. ~blushing with my hand over my face~

I was with someone the other night and they made a comment about me not giving them a chance, which I like actually because so many people (yes mostly guys) tend to seem to lose their ability to type all together at that point. Anyway I tried to shut up but if I’m honestly enjoying it, oh I should just shut up here. The point is expressing yourself makes it more sexy, but don’t try to “role play” too much when you’re in the heat of the moment.

And whatever you do, never put your role play above the people that love you. PrincessRinaDhampir (who was one of my best friends even listed on the website for a long time since she was MaceDNDarkness), just did that walking away from her wife of over a year, Cyndia (ok I’ll call it what it was, dumping her wife) because of her role play. Then she had the gall to blame her wife trying to twist it and acting like it was her wife’s fault. I understand it’s natural to blame the other person to some degree but putting your role playing above the people that love and stand by you, is just wrong and make not only you but your whole Dhampir family and your vampire role play (which I usually like) look bad in my humble opinion.

Role play, sub or slave…

Some time ago, a good friend asked me the question about the sub or slave role in imvu. First of all, I had no experience in this type of role play and I think I’m really not a sub or slave type. If someone would tell me to get on my hands and knees and bark like a dog, I would say “do this yourself.” But if a friend wanted this I would understand it now too, now that I’ve looked at it more closely. It will be their choice and I respect that, and most of all it still be my friend and neither or nothing will change that.

I did some homework about how to act being a good sub or even being a better slave. Hope this could help people with their choices!!

Being a sub can take on many forms: being a sex slave, being owned, being told what to do, crawling around on hands and knees at a master or mistress’s feet, being kept on a leash, feeding from a bowl, and of course being punished when naughty or rewarded when good. All of these scenarios stem from the same desire. The willing and joyful surrender of control. For a sub nothing can be more librating than this to step out of the “real world” relinquishes responsibility, worries, everyday pressures, and hand over their life to another. But being a slave or sub is not a one way exchange. It’s not about being helpless, being a victim, being lazy, and expecting someone else to do everything for you. It’s the eagerness to serve, to worship another, the willingness and desire to please. Being a good sub, it’s “THE DESIRE TO SERVE”.

A good slave should remember all rules set up by his or her owner. He or she will do their best to uphold those rules and keep within the agreed boundaries. Some subs like to push their owners, challenge their authority or be naughty. This only works if the dom/domme is compliant in such games. If not, the sub is breaking the rule by putting their own needs above their owner’s

A good sub should be aware of how to please a dom/domme in every way possible. If you discover that your master or mistress wanted to see you dressed as a cheerleader then turn up in this costume some day. While it’s important that a sub sticks to rules and does exactly as his or her owner tells them, surprises like this show that the sub has been listening, is thinking of the dom/domme, and is trying to please.

Nothing will annoy a master or mistress more than a whiny slave, complaining, being demanding, or trying to tell their owner what to do. If however a sub is suffering in a way not conducive to play their bound legs hurting. The slave should never tell their owner how to rectify the problem. That’s the owner’s role and not theirs

This is my story about sub or slave. Think twice when someone asks you and don’t make a decision like this unless you feel you’re ready for it. Don’t accept it to quick or you might regret it!

Too much of a good thing, even for Imvu

JeanPaulVell there is such a thing as too extreme

JeanPaulVell there is such a thing as too extremeSome people don’t like role play (RP). I generally do and actually really like interesting and extreme imvu costumes and things. It’s taken a while to get my head around some of it but now I like to ask people what their favorite or most exciting costume is. But when I met JeanPaulVell (pictured left and right), I realized there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, even in Imvu.

I say too much of a good thing because even though I like interesting costumes and role play, if it’s so extreme that it gets in the way or makes you look stupid or crazy it makes it hard for people to believe or even listen. It felt like Role Playing gone bad.jeanpaulvell role playing out of control

Some people watch tv to much, some play nintendo too much and some go overboard and get too crazy with their costumes. It can be easy to over do things in here too. I understand that. But the best approach here as in life, is more of a balanced approach. I ended up blocking him because he was out of control and couldn’t talk much just put on more and more extreme and I realized that this is what the people that say they don’t like role playing hate. It’s so extreme it just turns people off.

Make it more exciting with Role Playing

Roleplaying in IMVU RP

Some people are afraid of role playing or think they can’t do it. Role playing is just putting some story and more exciting and powerful emotion into it. Whether you realize it or not cyber is role playing anyway. You’re describing it and trying to make it vivid and fun. So if you can do it there, you can probably do it in other things if you think about it. It’s just a matter of putting extra effort into it to paint a more exciting picture and make it more than just sex. Sex without role playing is like porn, there’s no plot or real emotions. Role playing is like Romance, it just makes the sex better and more exciting.

That’s why I really like fantasy dates and the RP fantasy intros (in our IMVU Fantasy Section) because they make it easier to start a fun fantasy scenario with your partner. Otherwise we tend to fall into a rut and either wander around hoping for something fun to just happen or just doing the same things that we usually do. So hopefully our fantasy intros will either spark an idea or give you a fun starting point.

It’s the words that matter in Role Playing

Role Playing doesn’t require a whole lot of actual props or poses. They are fun and can add to it. But a creative mind and good writing can make anything exciting. You can even make regular messages fun if you role play or paint a vivid picture or story with them. This is a virtual place so you can do anything if you put a little thought and effort into it. Once you start, it just flows sometimes and is as fun to send as it is to receive.

This afternoon, I thought Morgan was upset at me (cause I fucked up, I admit it) and she hadn’t responded to several messages and I was afraid she was upset. (She actually had and said she was busy so I didn’t see it.) Anyway, I sent this to her via Yahoo Messenger while I was driving to pick my daughter up from school (when usually I like to text her). My goal was to make her realize how sorry I was and how much I wanted to talk to her in a funny way. I was stuck behind a slow UPS truck and I just started a story.

You glance out the window seeing the ups truck and a brown uniform and open the door

Looking up at you with a brightly colored box instead of the usual brown you notice it’s a girl with blonde hair flashing an out of place smile.

Morgan? She asks questioningly. Taken aback they someone in real life using that name, you step back.

Looking closer your mind races your mind races as you survey the figure in front of you. Her age, blonde hair, nervous giggle, and the craziness of the situation make the name Kait? pop out of your mouth almost inaudibly.

Morgan it’s me, Kait. Kaitlyn.

You hadn’t talked to her in a while and you knew she wanted to reach you, but even you didn’t think she or anyone would be this crazy.

Morgan don’t run. I know I fucked up and I’m so sorry and I wanted to talk to you.

You pause a moment wondering if it’s smarter to just slam the door or stay and talk before she does anything else even crazier.

You slowly sit down on the porch partially because your knees are shaking, as much as for anything else.

You sit and contemplate what to do when you see the UPS driver tied up and gaged in his underwear in the passenger seat., and you can’t help but laugh…

I didn’t mean to share this story actually. I just wanted to write something for the role playing category linking to link to the Mad Scientist post in the Fantasy category because it was a good example of role playing too and shows that you don’t need a lot of poses or equipment for role playing.

Read the Mad Scientist Role Playing session

Extreme is only a matter of perspective

When I first got here I was afraid of or nervous about so many things. I remember the first vampires I met made me so nervous and a demon that freaked me out. (I stayed on sunny beaches in here for several days afterwards), muttering to myself, “It’s just a game, it’s just a game…” But the more time you spend here and get used to things, and the stronger you seem to get.

You may also find that it takes more and more extreme things to keep you excited. So even though some things may seem really extreme at first, don’t worry. Over time as you progress you’ll be get better at it and will probably be surprised what you can ultimately do. Today, the same girl that sat in the corner afraid of demons till she had to run out of the room freaked out, can even role play really hot intimacy with them.

See also Cyndia and Mace for another view of extreme, sexy and scary at the same time.

Role Playing should be fun

Role Playing is simply acting and behaving to fit into the story, or playing the proper role. People sometimes make a big deal about role playing, like it has to be hard or complicated. I found this funny clip on youtube that made me laugh and showed how comical it can be playing along. You have to have fun and ham it up. It makes it much more fun! What is your favorite role playing scenario or fantasy??

Dress the part

Dress up in real life for your IMVU weddingIf you’re getting married in IMVU and it’s important to you dress up. You don’t have to rent a tux and nobody may see you, but dress up. It’s hard to explain but it gets your head into it and you will enjoy it more.

Why not take it a step further and try to make at least one outfit in IMVU that matches clothes that you have in real life. Don’t go crazy and do this all the time or you will be really really crazy. But a little bit crazy is fun, and worth the effort.