Sample IMVU Taglines

sexy imvu wolves

sexy imvu wolvesYour IMVU Tagline is an important space for personalizing your avatar and saying something unique about yourself. Make it fun, creative and interesting. This is just a list of the tag lines of my 260 or so friends. I just wanted to include it to give you some ideas. Some are funny, some are strange or written for someone specific. Some change frequently, while some never change.

Sample IMVU Taglines

“Looking for a good hard male chicken”
“Friends and Family are the BEST”
“Fulgur de Caelo. Tonat ex Mari”
“I fell apart but luckily i put myself back together again, because i’m a doctor haha”
“Jarl ,Adminstraor City of Clearus of Gor”
“No day goes by without something beautyful happening”
“Your footprints can show you were you have been…”
“friends for life
“live into your dream”
‘A relationship is more than finding the right person…. its being
–{[(Owned by Miss Amber)]}–
. . . . . . .HI . . . . . . . . . . . .

… this mess.. its a love story.. baby, just say YES!
…miss you..
.bad bitches im your leader.
1,28,12 the Beginning of a new Chapter in my unding love for my wife Ruby!
: )
=^.^= Rawr ~smiles all cute like~
Amazing Mistress Kimber
Amor no me ama
And soon we shall return
Anyone can hate. It cost to love
Archbishop of Banterbury
Baby, I'm yours.
Badges? Me don't need no stinking badges!!
Be yourself; everyone else is taken.
Beauty lies within your soul
Beauty, in all its forms
Ben watches weird po rn
Blame BarbieHailey if you're look for my room
Born and raised in the world of pleasure.
Broken but maybe fixed
Cast your own shadow
Check out the Busty Gentlemen's club
Cupcake is back & loves Mistress Kimmi


Updating your Profile Pic

your imvu profile picture in the account web pageA picture is worth a thousand words. So try to change your tagline and your picture often. It shows what kind of a mood you’re in to the world. It’s also better to save your profile pic outside of IMVU, especially if it’s a good one, so you can go back to it more easily. It’s very easy to re-upload the pic you like.

There is some benefit to continuity. If you don’t like to change it, find something good and keep it the same and just change the tagline. When your profile pic is always the same people recognize it and you which is valuable too. That’s why I change my pic when I want to show a different mood or look, but go back to my standard pic often too (because it was uploaded and therefore is easy to put back) so people recognize it too.

Also try to do something a little different to make it stand out. Remember your profile pic will be one of many in a page of small pics in your friend’s friends page. It’s also what people notice the most when you invite someone, so make it as attractive, unique and recognizable as possible.

Tips for Taglines

Use some lyrics from your favorite song. You’ll sound hip and smart and it has a rhyme and famousness already.

Pick a word that describes how you feel and search for a quote about it with Google. A famous quote makes you sound smart and is easy to find if you search.

See also my list of IMVU Tagline Examples

Tag Lines

IMVU Taglines entered in Account PageThis is just a list of fun tag lines I’ve used in here. It’s just to give you some ideas. Please post your own, anything you like in comments or message me a list and I’ll add them.

IMVU is Swedish for NO SLEEP
In imvu safe sex means a towel nearby
The internet your mother warned you about
Shopping, dancing, friends and sex. What’s not to like?
I’m just drawn that way
What’s a MILF anyway?
last chance before, world ends! (worked on 5/20/11)
It’s High School, without any teachers or Rules
We don’t just EMBRACE INSANITY here. We feel it up, French kiss it & then buy it a drink
God made man then he made woman to give man a brain
Welcome to the edge of insanity
Sleep deprivation is your friend.
Les is more, more or less.
Scrape the Burnt part off
Warning!! Real people behind these avitars
the Serial Snuggler and intimacy slut
It’s more than a game and less than real life.
I don’t care who you are, that’s sexy!
For erections lasting more than 4 hrs invite me!
Any time not spent on love is wasted. -Torquato Tasso

Pictures of you with another girl

Putting a picture of yourself with another girl on your profile might make you look more attractive to that girl, but it might not look as good to other girls. I’m not sure if guys think that it will make a girl think you’re more attractive because at least one girl likes you, but it can have the opposite effect. Put a creative interesting and even sexy picture of yourself in your profile. Please nothing rude or too dirty though.