Made up make up sex

imvu MoonlightWanna try something fun? Pretend you just had a knock down fight with a friend and apologize profusely. Tell them you are so soo sorry and can’t wait to make it up to them. Who says you have to have an actual fight to have makeup sex?!

It takes someone good at playing. I admit that the first time I tried it the other person thought they had upset me or done something wrong. So it is helpful to suggest that you’re playing a little first. But it is fun if you get into it really feeling the intense emotions. It creates intense emotions which ultimately leads to great passion.

Another trick I learned recently is that the first message can set a great tone. Instead of Hey, or Hi How’re you doing? Try “shhhh… I don’t wanna talk about it any more” or “I can’t believe I did that, I’m sooo sorry, what can I do to make it up to you??” or “I’m sooo sooo sorry… ~she says flashing her biggest smile~”

Oh and it can be fun to start via message too. Write a message saying how could you have said I look fat in that dress or apologizing for something and promising to make it up to them as soon as you see him or her. Messages are fun to build anticipation.

Any excuse for a Party

happy halloween in imvu
I’m a little bit older and kind of prefer to ignore my birthday in real life. But in here there is no negative to a birthday. It’s really just a good excuse for a party.

The same thing is true for Halloween. It’s fun for kids but I don’t tend to do that much myself for it. But in here costumes and dancing are easy and fun. We’ve had a great time at my and Allys birthday party, and a few fun nights for Halloween too.

It’s definitely fun to keep changing and playing (and taking pictures). Put up decorations (which you can find by visiting a few rooms and looking at their inventory) and make up a few costumes (which you can find by looking at the Daily Outfit Challenge or shopping in the catalog) and invite friends.

And a room is a actually easier to do than most people realize too, and it makes such a big difference. And if you can’t or don’t want to make one you can literally find just about anything! You can also just put up a few decorations in your regular room in about two minutes. Look around at other rooms and pick out a couple things and have fun with it!

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The new IMVU messaging

Wendy looks at imvus new messagingA few weeks ago did IMVU announced their new and improved messaging system to send messages with each other person within the virtual world of IMVU.

Some new features of this messaging box are that you could read what you have sent, you could easily see which messages are new, and there’s an ability to be able to send a message to multiple people simultaneously. I think the new system makes it a little easier to send quick messages just to stay in touch with people you talk to regularly.

This new messaging will be only available for your “inbox” on the website while your “inbox” remains unchanged in your 3D chat client. IMVU will be change this experience at a later date which probably sometime in the first months of 2014.

The new messages tab has a brand new look, a preview panel on the left and a detailed view panel on the right. You can click on the “New Message” link on the right side to initiate a message. You can click on a message seen in the preview panel to read it in its entirety in the detailed view panel and respond. It also has a yellow triangle on the top right corner for messages you have received but haven’t opened yet in the preview column.

There’s another new benefit of the messaging panel. You can simply archive a message that you no longer want in your Inbox. It is not deleted but archived and you can move it back to the inbox if you choose to do so. No more accidental deletion of messages. Though I find it doesn’t seem to archive or hide them for me in Chrome.

I always had some trouble with messages on my iphone, but the old system at least worked. The new system doesn’t work for me on my iphone. I have to switch back to the old message system to be able to send messages on the webpage with my iphone.

What will be the difference while you use the old messaging box verses the new messaging box!!V-sign near the profile picture

With the old inbox can you easily see if someone’s online by the green Check Mark sign near the profile picture of the sender of a message. You can’t tell if someone’s online with the new inbox unless you click on their picture to open the card. The other difference is it’s harder to edit things with the new inbox because you have such a small typing field.

The worst part of the new messaging inbox to me though is, when someone sends a group message it doesn’t show up at all in the old inbox. This was how I missed Kait’s “Birthday Party” which Katy and Susan organized for her… sighs.

So don’t be mad at people when they do not reply to a group message with the new messaging feature. It could be possible that they are using the old version instead of the new version and didn’t get the message you’ve sent him/her. So it’s not perfect but I think this is a step forward and I’m very glad that they’re working on and trying to improve things. Hopefully they’ll continue to address these things and have it all fixed real soon.

In any case, keep messaging, whether you use the old or the new version or only send messages in the 3D chat client. IMVU is about connecting and messaging is an important part of that and can definitely help you keep in touch with important people.

Loves xxx Wendy 

Watching can be just as fun

its fun to watch on imvuIn IMVU Since no one is technically having any actual physical contact, watching can be just as good as doing anything. But the trick is that you have to feel connected and really know the people, to feel a part of it and to empathize with them.

Watching random people is fun to some degree and you can learn little things from them. But just like passion is more powerful with people you feel connected to, watching is also more powerful with people you are connected to.

Empathy is also an important thing. Empathy is the ability to relate and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. To do that you have to know the other person well and be able to relate and understand how they think. That way you’ll be able to understand and relate to what they feel too.

Listening is also easier in some respects. It takes the pressure off of you having to respond and narrate and write what you’re doing or thinking. I do like to talk and describe something sexy, because it makes me feel more. voyeurism in imvu is fun But when you are watching, you just don’t have to write or type anything. You can just think it and enjoy the show.

people watching can make it really hotOne other less obvious thing, that makes it more fun to watch, is an element of control. If you are able to push the person you’re watching and tell them what you want them to do, it makes it even more exciting even if you are just watching. That plus a little bit of whispering here or there can make it very sexy wonderful and fun to watch!

When it’s really important

imvu friends mean the world to meWhen it’s really important with someone… sometimes it’s better to wait! In here it’s literally all in your head. That means it’s literally as powerful and important as you make it. So sometimes a little bit of extra time and effort, especially for your first time with someone important can make a huge impact.

That doesn’t mean it’s not exciting to get swept away with something spontaneous. I definitely enjoy that a lot too. But sometimes when it’s really important like someone you’ve known for a long time, having to wait and let it build up a little bit longer, making you both a little bit crazy, can make for awesome fireworks!

very best imvu girl friendsIt’s important at this point, when you have to put it off, to write a very good note explaining how much they mean and how you’re looking forward to finally being able to spend more time together. Again because so much of this is mental, and in your head, building up a little bit extra emotion and excitement only adds to the intensity.

It’s also nice if you can plan a special date. Calling it a date in here also makes it a little bit more special. We tend to have a lot of different random encounters but most people don’t get a “date” very often. So try to schedule this final one in advance and even send them something special to wear with a note about how much you’re looking forward to it. You aren’t going to do this with everybody obviously, but when it’s important and you want to make that amazing first impression it’s the build up and the little things that make all the difference.

Katy’s journal: Dispatches from an imvu scientist

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, been busy with school and rl like everybody. But this article in the NY Times this week caught my attention. The punchline:

Rutgers University …scientists have repeatedly had female volunteers put their heads into giant machines and focus their attention on erotic fantasies — the scans reveal that the pleasure centers of their brains light up in ways indistinguishable from everyday orgasms


Women who simply thought about the stimulation of their breasts and genitals, the scans revealed, lit up the brain’s corresponding sensory areas.

ImageI guess it is just nice to know there is a scientific basis to the feelings that many of us share on imvu. That we’re not crazy for thinking that sex here can feel as good as and even be better than sex in rl. These studies don’t even include the most powerful part of imvu, which is achieving all of this with the participation of a partner, the best of whom can stimulate with surprise and intensity, and penetrate deep into your heart and mind with emotional contact and intimacy.

Also in the article:

Men are mentioned occasionally. But sex researchers have found that the novel type of autoerotism shows up mainly in women.

I have mentioned in the past that women have more mirror neurons than men, the neurons that allow us women to feel more intense empathy also allow us to feel things we see on imvu as real.

Which maybe excuses and explains a bit why it is so hard to find good male partners on imvu. Poor men, they don’t know what they are missing.


Deeper Love

Laughing so hard you cry sharing more than you can explainPeople sometimes think that it is only about sex… And if you looked at my life here it might be easy to think that at first. I have an awful a lot of fun, but I also have so much more!

Holding someone you love in the hospitalJust in the past couple days, I have prayed with someone before their surgery and when their grand parent died, flown as fairies in the moonlight with new friends, introduced two friends that have started a relationship, held a friend that thought she was pregnant and and reassured her that it would be alright, (before anyone in her real life knew) and just shared a lot of life events with the people that I truly love.Fairy Love in the moonlight

So yes I love the passion in here, but there is so much more, more than I would ever have imagined. Real love is made up of a lot of different things, not just being physical. Every relationship is different and unique but open your heart and be willing to share all of life’s little moments and ups and downs too. That becomes even more important in the end. more than just friends in imvu

I’ve probably said this many times over the past couple years in different posts, in different ways. But IMVU is much more then you see on the surface. It’s beautiful to be able to share and feel these things and make such truly meaningful connections deep in your heart.

People don’t really leave

Love never diesEvery business or organization has turnover, and IMVU does too of course. But a surprising amount of the people who leave here and coming back. Whatever reason you leave for tends to fade and eventually we all get lonely and reminisce and miss the fun times that we had.

In some ways that’s good. This is very flexible and you can leave and then come back at some point when things slow down or you feel the need. It hurts a little bit to leave and the people you leave definitely hurt too, but you might be surprised how happy they are too except you back when you are able to come back.

One important thing to remember when you are leaving, is to keep the option open to come back, no matter how sure you are that you won’t have to. Don’t permanently disable your AVI. You can voluntarily suspend your account. That way you won’t be tempted to come back easily. You would have to contact customer service in order to reactivate it.

One downside of that is that the company knows it and they suspend people and that only makes them go start a new account which means more money for the company. That means the company gaines financially from suspending their users, and this creates a very adversarial situation.

Great Kinky IMVU Rooms

Padded InsanityI haven’t written about fun or exciting rooms in a while but I found some rooms that really stood out and definitely seemed worth pointing out and writing about. This isn’t just one room but a couple very cool rooms all made by xKinkyKrisx. You can search on his name to find several great rooms but I wanted to show you four of them. There are a lot of fun and sexy rooms in imvu, but these rooms really stand out because they have such great style and very fun unique themes.

xxx theaterimvu://room/XKinkyKrisX/The+XXX+Theater
The first one is XXX Theater, and it’s the best sleazy dirty adult theater like it sounds as soon as a fun place to hang out. You can get a little crazy as long as you don’t mind other sleazy people watching. You know you wanna be sleazy sometimes. It’s also such a cool room you have to come see it and have fun exploring it with a friend.

Another fun one to explore is Perv Park. It’s a park but it’s not for kids. Watch out for the dirty shack and some guy in a hockey mask. It’s not quite as bad as the Theater but it’s fun and a very different theme.

perv parkimvu://room/XKinkyKrisX/Padded+Insanity
A fun Hole in the Wall is Padded Insanity, a padded cell room you’d expect to find Hannibal Lectur or some depraved and sex crazed person in. Do you have a doctor or nurse outfit, or if you’re really brave how about a straight jacket?!

bondage basementimvu://room/XKinkyKrisX/The+Bondage+Basement
Finally there’s the more classic Bondage Basement. It’s a great example of a fun place if you’re into or interested in playing a little bondage. even if you’re not or are afraid to, take a look and try some of the poses. Just make sure you turn your location off before you go into these. But have fun and ham it up.

Copy and paste these addresses into your browser or search for xKinkyKrisx in your chatrooms.


What happens when you quit?

Kait taking a break from imvuThe grass always looks greener. And sometimes the emotions get too intense and we all feel like leaving at some point. I recently did that and took some time off when Taylor and I broke up. I have a lot of great friends that mean well but it was very hard having to explain it over and over again and have everybody try to fix it and give me advice without knowing the situation. I suspended my account so I wasn’t tempted to go back in and keep answering too many messages.

You think you’re going to be less depressed and less upset if you leave. It is a little bit less intense but unfortunately you tend to think about it for a while and it’s not as much better as you hope it will be at first. But the good part is that with some time things do start to feel better after you have stepped back.

You think you are going to get so much more done if you aren’t in here. At least I sure did. Unfortunately the depression and feelings still linger for a while. Maybe if you have something big to throw yourself at you’ll probably get through it quicker. I really didn’t get quite as much more done as I had assumed that I would. I did play more Candy Crush though.

Music is one of the harder things and tends to remind me of people and places in here. I went and played a little bit in second life just to see what it was like. When you get used to one system though, anything else seems a little bit harder and more confusing, but if I stay with it I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it better.

To me the trick seems to be to stay distracted. When we went away on vacation just for a long weekend down in Wildwood, it was easier to forget things and not feel like I was missing everything. I only lasted a little under a week, but I do feel better and was happy to come back.


Good friends are special, because they are always so kind,
but our friend Kait is a special friend, a better friend you couldn’t find.
Kait teaches us always to be happy like sisters and brothers,
she is always there for us, and always helping others.

A friend like Kait is always there to listen and to lend you an ear,
a friend like her will gave you a hug, and wipe away you’re tear.
She’s not just a friend, to help you through,
even a friend like Kait could use our love in days like this, of all of you…xxx

Kaitlyn…we love you xxx

Without love I am nothing…

Loving imvu friendsI don’t talk about religion in here because imvu isn’t about religion. It’s extremely diverse but if you don’t mind I’d like to paraphrase a famous verse of the bible that applies here. It’s 1st Corinthians chapter 13 verses 1 to 3, basically says no matter how beautifully I speak, no matter how amazing my actions are, no matter how generous I am, I am nothing without LOVE.

A lot of the principles that are true in life are even more true in here and easier to see without all the little distractions. This one especially. One of the most impressive people I’ve ever met in here and closest friends was making this point last night. And at the time I kind of felt it ultimately took more than ‘just’ love. That’s why when I thought of the bible verse it seemed to fit better.

there for you my loveWhen you have issues it takes some effort, it takes some communication, it takes some time, some patience, and some faith. But the main ingredient that has to be in everything is LOVE. Without Love your effort is wasted, communication is just noise and time blown.

I love you so much taylorSo yes love is the answer to everything. But more so, its the magic ingredient! It’s the catalyst that makes everything work. For example I give a lot if gifts but its not just gifts that count its the thought, the love that it shows. When imvu gives something it doesn’t come with love. It’s just a gift. I can’t even tell you how many rooms and sets of furniture I’ve never even seen. That’s also why giving someone something not on their gift list sometimes shows more caring and love!

love you with all my heartYes, I’ve said this in a lot of different ways in posts in here. Whether its The greatest thing in IMVU is LOVE, love the person behind the keyboard, Hold them with love, Real IMVVU Love, 57 ways to show Love, and so many more posts about love. That’s because Love is the secret ingredient not just in Imvu, but in life. Not just according to me but according to the bible.

One last note: Taylor without my LOVE, I am nothing…

Instant Message power

imvu maid outfitThe last IMVU software update included one small thing that could turn into your favorite new feature. I always thought there should be a way to say something when you invite someone, kind of like an opening line. Now messages are your opening line!

No matter where someone is, in a public room, a private chat, shopping or making a room or in create mode, as long as they’re not in Do Not Disturb, they can now see your message instantly. So a message becomes both your opening line and a more polite way to invite someone.

I think the easiest way to make something sound exciting in a note is role playing or describing an erotic or romantic scene. Take a minute and just write a sentence or three painting a vivid picture that fits a sexy outfit and room you have.

imvu cuddle with taylorYou’ve been away for three weeks and I really miss you, so I’m making you a romantic candle lit dinner to welcome you home. I decided to have fun, cooking in just an apron to get into the mood and dancing around the kitchen. But you surprised me getting home almost an hour early and caught me with my pastries down, so to speak.

You bought me more than a few drinks and we seemed to hit it off so on a whim, you slipped me your room key when you were leaving, and smiled as I tucked it into my bra. You probably figured that was the last of me you’d see but thirty minutes later as you’re flipping through the cable channels hoping for something sexy you hear the door unlock and I stagger in, even mire drink than you, in the sexiest lingerie you swear you’ve ever seen…

Startled to see anyone in the woods at this time of night, you stop short as you enter the clearing and see a slender yet surprisingly curvy fairy dancing happily in the meadow.imvu cheerleader You hear a harp playing so beautifully somewhere beyond her as she twists and twirls like a gymnast to the music, oblivious to your approach….

You feel the steam hit you as you open the door even before you hear the shower running. You walk up quietly and peek around the corner seeing me in the shower, all soapy and singing and showering…

You can do anything but its fun to do something more than just Hi, how’re you doing? Wasup? Be creative and make it fun!!!

What do you do when someone attacks you?

Loving in your armsThis next thing is kind of a little bit tricky to talk about. I’m not trying to give anyone a hard time, but I think there are some lessons and things I can see and learn from my experience here recently which might help someone at some point. So I wanted to explain a little bit of it. But I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because I’m really not.

just having a little funIf you don’t want to read the whole thing here are the lessons I see in it. No matter what you do, sometimes things go wrong and get out of hand. Criticizing how someone loves is tricky and difficult to do at best and you never just interrupt them to tell them you’re doing it wrong. When you make a mistake or say something wrong, you don’t make it better by lying about them and calling them names and attacking the other person. You really can’t do much in here to hurt someone so being angry really only hurts you more than the other person.

Finally the most important thing, and reason I felt I should write about this, is to say that no matter what happens, the only way to win a fight with someone who seems to want to fight, is to respond the opposite way you feel at the time, and LOVE the person behind the screen regardless of the situation.


New IMVU Room controls

I’m not usually one to jump on or get excited about updates. I tend to keep using the old one until it seems like I have to move up. But there are some exciting new features coming out for IMVU Rooms in the new upgrade 490.2. Room owners will now be able to limit access to their room by Age Verification, No Guest, and the most important one, FRIENDS ONLY, as well as Access Pass and VIP as always. This is a great option! I really like this. I downloaded the new version ahead of time to test it out at Here’s what the new panel will look like.

new imvu room controls

I also found a few more new features in the new version. The popup in the corner you get for Friend Requests, does that for all messages now too. And when you invite someone, it gives you a menu of all your rooms to pick what room you want to invite them to. That’s much easier than changing afterwards or changing your default!

snap0172I will say though that it seems to load rooms slower, though it could be just the connection or servers at the moment, I don’t know. Oh and when you have to upgrade soon, DO NOT accept the default option to install the “Value Apps” when you install IMVU. They recommend it because they get paid for it, and it’s the type of programs you do NOT want on your computer. Sometimes I think they come out with new versions just to get more people to install that and get paid for it.

My Very Best Friends Wedding

Gabby and Gabs IMVU wedding danceDing… Ding… Dinggg…

~Tapping my glass to get your attention and get the two lovebirds to kiss.~

I wanted to say something about my very best friend, for just a second.

Relationships are the most valuable thing in here. And of all the relationships and people I’ve met in this crazy place, I’ve never had a true friend as special as Gabby.

imvu wedding kissesShe’s the Queen of Real to me and the most REAL Friend Ive ever had. I hope that you all find a friend that you love and can be as solid with as, I have in Gabby.

To Gabs, you’re not a part of our family because you are marrying Gabby. You were thrown into this but are already a very special part of our family wedding or not.

imvu wedding certificateI would do anything for you and for your happiness and this thrills me more than I can say.

Here’s to not only my VBFF (Very Best Friend Forever), but now my VBFFs! I’ll add a video of their wedding soon, but click here to see all of the wedding pics.


Why does it get better and better?

imvu loveOne of my best friends, says this all the time. It’s going to get better and better from here. And I didn’t believe her at first because it was already amazing, but honestly it really does seem to keep getting better and better. I was trying to think about that and understand why that is.

Most of us go through the Random sex stage. But as fun as that seems at the time we tend to go back to the one that seemed really good. Then we realize that as exciting as the new person and spontaneous situation can feel, sharing the passion with someone you really care about is much more intense.

So it’s easy to understand that it gets better as you move from the random stage as youo move into a relationship. But why does it seem to get better and better even in the relationship stage?

There's more than one kind of closeness in imvu

You can’t see it there but we’re holding hands!

I think the answer is that the more you share, the more connected you are, the more powerful it gets, and therefore the more you share and then connected you become. And so forth and so on. This spiraling, as you get to know someone, opening up and learning the turn ons if your partner, is awesome. Sure we tend to get blind, and we do fill in the blanks of the other person with what we want to see. But this is one of the most amazing things you will experience in here and it’s so addictive.

more rowingHow could you not want to come here and have that kind of love and experience? And along the way, I think we also tend to get trained, to see someone and connect the feelings you’ve had with them before. I see my lover and suddenly all the passion we’ve shared wants to come flooding back in. I feel like pavlov’s dog, seeing my love and bells start ringing in my head! Except it’s not my mouth that starts watering. giggle giggle…

Happily married…our congratulations…xxx

Kaitlyn & Taylor happily marriedA marriage is a human bond,
where two loving hearts become one,
sharing all their life’s joys and trials,
in all of your days to come.

Whether sunny days or stormy nights,
the love you both share becomes the glue,
that will hold your world together,
and will see you safely through.

Whatever challenges life will brings,
it is no longer just “I” or “me”,
a marriage and those vows you’ve taken,
have changed the “me” into “we”.

These two hearts married today to each other,
their lives united now as “one”,
what God and law have joined together,
let nothing cause to come undone.

Let nothing come betSnap_fX5JCtz8Ml1645274607ween the both of you,
and always keep the other’s trust,
may love mend any disagreement,
before the dawn has turned to dusk.

Be kind and gracious toward each other,
always in truth and charity,
these marriage vows you’ve taken,
have changed your “me” into “we”.

Marriage is a human bond,
where two hearts become just as one,
sharing all life’s joys and trials,
in all your days that has to come.

May your life be filled with showers,
of blessings from high above,
and may you always and forever,
be very truly much in love…xxx

Join us with Join.Me

Making wedding plansThey’ve been threatening to allow shopping together for a long time and IMVU still doesn’t do it but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it another way. I found an easy way to share your computer screen with Join.Me. You can use it to shop together, to show outfits and even watch a chat.

Join.Me is extremely simple. Anyone with even the most basic computer skills can use it. All you have to be able to do is a couple clicks and tell the other person the code to join you. You don’t have to download anything or sign up for anything or give out any information.

The only thing I would make sure to do ahead of time is to make sure you have no icons for programs or folders with your personal information on your desktop or in your browser bookmarks. Then go to click share and tell the other person the link to go to.

imvu fairy magic and loveTaylor and I are going to use that for our wedding. It allows more people to watch even if the room is full. We’re asking FRIENDS to use JoinMe so it’s just family in the room. It’s actually very intimate to walk down the aisle and see the words being typed as they’re typed even before they pop up in the bubbles.

The code will be Just go to that link a little before 1am eastern time or midnight central time on Thursday night (July 18th). We will have family in the room and friends on JoinMe so we can have as many friends to be able to share this special time as possible. We’ll do the reception / party afterwards normally. I may try to send out the reception link at the last minute too, but the reception room is my surprise for Taylor. :)

IMVU Karma

have fun in imvu and make it fun for everyoneYes, You can be anything you want to in here. Not only can you be vicious and cruel but the anonymity allows you to be. But don’t. It’ll come back to you. Just because you can be bad doesn’t mean you should. Too many people use that as an excuse to be real jerks (to put it nicely).

Even of you think you’re getting away with it, just like on real life, what goes around comes around. A great friend calls it Karma. Do the right thing even if you think nobody can tell. That’s important in real life and even more important here. You’ll think you can get away with it here, but you’ll be surprised how even private things have a way of showing up. Don’t learn this the hard way.

You don’t have to be perfect or exciting to have good friends. Just be YOURSELF! But you do have to open up your heart. And even though people don’t see you physically you’ll be surprised how well people can see your heart. So always be a LYN. Love Your Neighbor in here and surround yourself with people that love you and this can be an awesome place.

It’s nice to have History

AlexisGB01 dancing with imvu familyTime flies in here and people I knew three years ago seem like almost 2 lifetimes ago. But there’s something special about people you have a lot of history and connection with. I feel like I can trust them and like we have a stronger connection because of it.

The way to take advantage of this is simple. If you don’t delete your old messages, go back through them. Don’t invite random people. Invite someone you used to know but list contact with. An old friend has fewer walls and the history effect will make them predisposed to reigniting.

talking about old friendsIt gives you something good to talk about and they will want to catch up and hear how you’re doing now. It lets you talk about how bad you used to look, or funny/sexy things they did, or even what you liked best about them or how you always had a secret crush on them. All the bad things tend to fade leaving only the good things over time.

a special long time friendEven people who you had an issue with will have forgotten what that was and not care any more. You’ll definitely thank me for this one later. This is an especially good thing to do if you’re on over the holiday and all your friends are away. Go back through your really old messages and you can find old friends that are online even if you’re not friends any more and they’ve changed their name. It’s probably equally quiet for them and it’ll be a good time to reconnect!

This place can be a very fragile place

Missing Christi

Missing ChristiOne of my very best friends from quite a while ago, recently left IMVU suddenly. It’s very painful to see and it almost can’t help but make you think or worry about the frailty of this crazy place sometimes. I’m sometimes envious of single friends because I worry that if we have an argument and my husband put s his foot down, I could lose this place. It’s lasted 2 and a half years so I feel like we’re making it work, and I’m less worried than I used to be. But that doesn’t change the fact that if your partner gets upset about it, you’re gonna have a problem.

I try harder to make everything else work better in my life and relationships, going the extra mile whichever possible and making sure it’s not only not an issue, but not seen as an issue. Make sure you’re MORE loving, not less with all of the people around you. Be extra supportive of them and pay attention to their feelings.

Missing ChristiDon’t cross over into real life. It may seem safe or harmless to do something small but once you do that changes it from a fantasy into cheating. You simply can’t do the things in real life that you do in here so letting any of it into your real life or showing to much of your real life in there has no significant upside and could be very damaging. So protect yourself and your friends. If my husband gets upset about this I HAVE to be able to say, NOTHING ever crossed over and I was totally safe. If I can’t honestly say that without flinching I’ll be in trouble.

Be honest about it. Maybe this should be the first point, although the others are very important too. You don’t have to be brutally honest going into every detail. And you have to do it in the right time and way. I don’t let the program remember my password and I always make sure I put everything away. I also call it a game with him. Actually he did that first and I just went with it. We all have hobbies and things we like to do, and keeping it on that level is honest enough to me.

It could all end tomorrow. That’s why I try to be safe, why I try to be extra loving, and I try not to hurt anyone here. I think the bottom line is that he realizes this is important to me and it makes me happy without hurting anything. I honestly don’t have any better answer than that. I can’t help but worry some, but If push comes to shove I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work, because it really is priceless.

More IMVU Sex Tips

imvu love and romanceI wrote something like this about IMVU SEX Tips before so lets call this MORE sex tips. A few of these overlap but not too much, so if you like this check out the first post about IMVU Sex Tips. These are the things that no IMVU forum will tell you. Your parents or friends don’t tell you this stuff either, but this can help make your experience here much more rewarding. I don’t profess to be an expert in this but I have learned a lot in the past couple years. I’d like to think this is a decent collection of advice but many of you may have valuable things to add too. So please leave me comments!

It’s helpful to let your partner know when you’re getting close and when you come. They want to please you and want to respond appropriately. You also need to give them time to get there, to be ready. Also realize that a lot of people cum either before or after they say it. So don’t stop short, (unless someone is at your door!)

Sometimes with some people that seem more intimacy oriented, I do kind of stay a little quieter and don’t scream as much. But make sure your partner knows where you’re at. It’s kind of awkward to not know whether to keep going or cuddle. Some people I eventually have to ask. And it’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve pleased someone.

photo stream fairy flyingIt’s ok to be quiet a little, but just remember that women are more verbal and often really need your encouragement. And if you aren’t making the other person feel sexy they’re not gonna want to see you again. There’s just too many people eager to please and it’s easy to avoid someone that wasn’t that great.

Be enthusiastic and make the orgasm last a little longer than it does in real life but not too crazy. If they’re not quiet there it gives them time and encouragement. And realize that a little bit of quiet time is also important and probably just means they’re enjoying it.

It’s good to be a little loud and overly enthusiastic but don’t be insane. I knew one girl that would fill 10+ bubbles with CUMMMMMMMMMMMM and it got to be kind of funny. I later concluded that there was a high probability that the person was too young although that wasn’t necessarily related.

Don’t try to keep them forever, but don’t run away too quickly, especially as soon as you come. It’s ok to say it’s hard to let them leave, but don’t whine. One person I know complains when I leave even if we’ve spent over two hours together and it’s like 5am, which just seems kind of unfair.

sunset snugglesWrite a note afterwards if it was good. You don’t have to be a great writer or spew poetry. But letting them know that you appreciated them is important. It’s not as important to send a gift as it is to say something nice and emotional.

I look at my invites and also look at my messages. If you usually just invite, try sending a cute or sexy message instead of just inviting. A message is nice because you can write something seductive, about craving them or needing them, or write a sexy situation.

loving imvu kissKeep going a little after you come or the other person says they come, because most people say it on here a little before or after.

Be flexible. Sometimes I want to keep going a little after wards, and want more but sometimes I can’t, which is often a function of time, and you have to feel them out. It’s helpful to mention your time limitations up front, especially if you have a hard deadline. And if they tell you they have a commitment, respect that.

I like to be seduced, and you don’t have to take the first no I can’t, if it’s not that definitive but you can’t just keep trying too hard all the time. If it’s a schedule thing like having to pick my kids up, seducing probably won’t help much. But if it’s just that I’m not in the mood or tired (unless it’s 430am or super late) sometimes it’s nice to be enticed.

loving imvu seductionMake it your goal for that person to want you desperately. I’m very married in here and super committed to my spouse, but when she’s not here and I’m with someone else, I love them enthusiastically and passionately. And I take it as flattery when they want me to be regular or committed to them. At that point I might back pedal politely but I do like being wanted.

You’re allowed to say things in passion. I used to be afraid to say I Love You, or strong things in passion even if I was moved to, because I was worried what they would think or how it would be taken. I give people more liberty in passion now and take some liberties then too. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean I want to marry you or that you’re a stalker.

Don’t demand commitment, especially in passion. Make them WANT to commit, don’t require it, especially in the middle of passion. It can be a huge buzz kill and hurt the momentum of the passion much more than it will help anything.

fun love in imvuWhen you’re rampping up, I find it helpful to describe what you’re gonna do, or what you want to do. There’s just nothing more exciting than being told that you’re gonna be taken, that you’re make me cum till I cry. Don’t talk like that if we’re not in the mood to begin with, but talking dirty is super hot if you’re at second base already or sometimes into heavy flirting.

Try to use a few poses. I admit that I’ve definitely had some mind blowing times without any poses, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have been better if you’d had poses. Sexy poses do add to it, just like getting naked does. I don’t HAVE to get naked to feel sexy but I usually feel sexier when I’m naked. Don’t try to use every pose in the room, and don’t change poses right when the other person is about to cum.

better intimacy in imvuT1 style (longer multi line role playing responses) is good for bigger stories and fighting, but it sucks at building momentum that’s kind of necessary for real passion. If you’re writing a sexy story use T1. If you’re trying to really create and represent breathless interaction, use shorter single bubble lines. Its also easier to read shorter lines when you’re getting into the throws of passion too.

Imvu and Vacations

dirtyroleplaygirl showing me her new dungeon sex room with machine and new poses (13)Vacations can be an issue when you’re really addicted. I admit I’ve had trouble tearing myself away at times for vacations. I know I’m sick. I’ve sat out on the balcony late at night on vacation more than I want to admit. I even remember this on small hotel room in Disney where I sat on the bathroom floor till I couldn’t stand up.

Internet connections can also be such a pain. One hotel had free Internet but it was so slow it barely worked at all. I could load a room that i had opened recently and had in cache, if I waited long enough but everyone stayed as Granny Ghosts. It was such a pain. It definitely made me miss everyone! We all go away but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I’ll certainly be here waiting for you when you get back. The picture below to the left was just friends talking about missing Katy when she was away. We’re all so glad she’s home and missed her a LOT!

missing katyI try not to let my addiction affect my plans too much but it’s hard not to think about that when we talk about summer vacations and plans. I know we all need a break and I need to get away sometimes, but honestly I’m happier staying home than I used to be. Most people will probably think this just shows I’m a fool, but promise you I’m the happiest fool you ever met!