New Features

Instant Message power

imvu maid outfitThe last IMVU software update included one small thing that could turn into your favorite new feature. I always thought there should be a way to say something when you invite someone, kind of like an opening line. Now messages are your opening line!

No matter where someone is, in a public room, a private chat, shopping or making a room or in create mode, as long as they’re not in Do Not Disturb, they can now see your message instantly. So a message becomes both your opening line and a more polite way to invite someone.

I think the easiest way to make something sound exciting in a note is role playing or describing an erotic or romantic scene. Take a minute and just write a sentence or three painting a vivid picture that fits a sexy outfit and room you have.

imvu cuddle with taylorYou’ve been away for three weeks and I really miss you, so I’m making you a romantic candle lit dinner to welcome you home. I decided to have fun, cooking in just an apron to get into the mood and dancing around the kitchen. But you surprised me getting home almost an hour early and caught me with my pastries down, so to speak.

You bought me more than a few drinks and we seemed to hit it off so on a whim, you slipped me your room key when you were leaving, and smiled as I tucked it into my bra. You probably figured that was the last of me you’d see but thirty minutes later as you’re flipping through the cable channels hoping for something sexy you hear the door unlock and I stagger in, even mire drink than you, in the sexiest lingerie you swear you’ve ever seen…

Startled to see anyone in the woods at this time of night, you stop short as you enter the clearing and see a slender yet surprisingly curvy fairy dancing happily in the meadow.imvu cheerleader You hear a harp playing so beautifully somewhere beyond her as she twists and twirls like a gymnast to the music, oblivious to your approach….

You feel the steam hit you as you open the door even before you hear the shower running. You walk up quietly and peek around the corner seeing me in the shower, all soapy and singing and showering…

You can do anything but its fun to do something more than just Hi, how’re you doing? Wasup? Be creative and make it fun!!!

New IMVU Room controls

I’m not usually one to jump on or get excited about updates. I tend to keep using the old one until it seems like I have to move up. But there are some exciting new features coming out for IMVU Rooms in the new upgrade 490.2. Room owners will now be able to limit access to their room by Age Verification, No Guest, and the most important one, FRIENDS ONLY, as well as Access Pass and VIP as always. This is a great option! I really like this. I downloaded the new version ahead of time to test it out at Here’s what the new panel will look like.

new imvu room controls

I also found a few more new features in the new version. The popup in the corner you get for Friend Requests, does that for all messages now too. And when you invite someone, it gives you a menu of all your rooms to pick what room you want to invite them to. That’s much easier than changing afterwards or changing your default!

snap0172I will say though that it seems to load rooms slower, though it could be just the connection or servers at the moment, I don’t know. Oh and when you have to upgrade soon, DO NOT accept the default option to install the “Value Apps” when you install IMVU. They recommend it because they get paid for it, and it’s the type of programs you do NOT want on your computer. Sometimes I think they come out with new versions just to get more people to install that and get paid for it.

The day the Music DIED at IMVU.

the day the music died at imvu

the day the music died at imvuUPUDATE: They didn’t shut off the music in the US but they did send out messages to some people saying they shut off the music in their country even if they weren’t in the 12 countries they did shut it off in.

Wow, IMVU just shut off music within the US! And they’re serious because they just reversed all of my music purchases! I can’t help but hear the song American Pie which I embeded the of video below. Play it and remember today as the day the Music Died at IMVU.

I can’t get on to check the forums or read any more yet but it sounds like a serious law suit to me. I guess I can’t complain getting almost 400K in credits back but I’m gonna miss my mixes. Does anyone else know anything about this or has anyone heard anything? If not feel free to spread silly rumors or vent, lol.

I want to see your drawers

The new version of IMVU has a great new feature that allows you to make additional categories for your clothes. I kind of thought of this as “drawers,” in my closet. You can label each one to find things faster and easier. This is brilliant and long over due. It’s easy to wind up with over a thousand or a couple thousand things in your closet and it gets very hard to find things, believe me. Now you can have drawers labeled with type theme or color or anything you want. So my question is what did you label your drawers?

I read somewhere this is a VIP feature right now, though they might expand it to everyone in a little bit. So if you don’t see it, I’m sorry I don’t mean to confuse you. If you’ve used it, post some some of your labels in a comment. You can leave your name/screen name if you want but no information is required. I just thought it would be interesting to see how other people are using this new feature.

Explaining IMVU Photo Stream

There’s a new feature in IMVU called Photo Stream. This new future is at this moment only available for VIP’s and will be within a few weeks launched to the entire community.

Photo Stream allows IMVU members to capture and share their favorite IMVU moments with others! You can share and showcase your own photos and explore the latest fashion trends, décor styles and expressions of creativity by others. This is a way to make new friends who share your style and interests! IMVU also gives you as a bonus, 250 promotional credits for the first photo you share and 250 additional ones for the first “like” you get for that photo.

Use the camera tool to take your photos within your screen and then check the “[v] Share to my stream” option from the Save Photo dialog box. But be careful a couple people have accidentally shared pictures they didn’t mean to. Other people will see these photos in the recommended section of the stream, and could send you a friend invite or visit your IMVU home pages. They can also block and / or report you for inappropriate content if your pictures aren’t appropriate for everyone. So especially in the beginning be careful about any adult pictures here.

There’s a profit which are only for VIP Exclusive members. If you share a photo and someone purchases one or more products showcased in that photo, you earn 5% of the total purchase price for that order. The opportunity to earn these promotional credits is endless and I think this will be popular for developers to show off things.

IMVU crashing more than usual?

Does anyone else seem to be crashing more often? It seems like every night at 1:15am too, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

The Future of Imvu and Virtual Relationships

the future of imvu 3d chat and virtual relationships

the future of imvu 3d chat and virtual relationships
Computers get exponentially faster stronger and cheaper every day. What would this be like if the image quality improved to the point that it was hard to differentiate between real life? We already know that’s possible. Just look at special effects in the movies.

What if you controlled it by moving around the room like the Xbox Kinect 360? What if you just talked to it like you can already do with the new iPhone or Dragon Naturally Speaking? You’ll probably have to have big screen covered walls like flight simulators too. Or maybe just glasses that sense how your head moves.

It’ll take a little time for computers to combine all these things effectively but they’re already in the process of doing all these things. If you think this is fun and exilerating now it’s really only getting started. You may be the exception having a virtual relationship now but in the future it’ll be as common as couples that met online is today. Actually it might be even more common.

This will concept even if it’s not IMVU specifically, will literally evolve into a version of the hollo deck from Star Trek. All the pieces are already there. It’s just a matter of time for technology to progress to the point that it’s cheap enough and fast enough for everyone.

Will it end wars if we all have best friends all around the world? Will someone like Google have a big enough database of conversations to be as real and as human looking as your friends here are? And if they could and you talked with it all day long how close could you feel? Will humans being so immersed in connections that we ultimately become a human Internet? So many cool questions and things to think about. It’s scary in some ways but it’s developing, if we don’t kill ourselves somehow along the way in the mean time.

Not Another Update

the new imvu chat invite window

I like improvements but I hate updates because they seem to go hand in hand with crashes. I try to wait a few days before doing updates unless it sounds like something really major, just on general principle. But when I crashed 5 times in a single night I figured it was necessary. 3 of them were blue screen bad crashes and it seemed to have messed up some programs which had to be reinstalled.

Anyway it did get more stable for me after updating although that certainly wasn’t a very high bar. The one thing I do like don't act like an imvu noob in the new update is the new chat invite box. It shows not only who’s inviting you, and some information about them but it also shows you the room their inviting you to and how many people are in it. It’s nice because it tells you more about the invite ahead of time.

The room you were inviting from before didn’t matter that much before but now suddenly it does, almost as much as your profile picture. It’s very easy to change your default room and it’s suddenly much more important than ever before. Even if you’re new, you should change your default room as soon you’re able to because inviting someone to the default room is like keeping your default profile picture. It makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing and or you don’t care very much.

Shopping Together soon?

shopping together in imvuHow would you like to be able to shop together with a friend? Shopping is one of the most fun things to do in IMVU but it’s always been limited to a solo activity. I often thought they’d sell a lot more if we could shop with a friend. Someone recently told me that they had talked to a programmer in IMVU and that they were very close to allowing us to shop together with friends. I hope this is true and can’t wait to be able to shop together with friends.

Maybe next we’ll be able to allow other people to edit items and build rooms together? What features would you really like to see? Leave a comment.

New Feature: Hiding Menu Text

menu commands are now silentAnother new feature although more subtle than some of the others, is that menu trigger commands don’t show up in text any more. I really love this small change. It allows you to do things more subtly. It was always so distracting for the different dance commands to pop up when you’re dancing for example. You can still type them instead of using the mouse to do it but they show up that way.

They should really make the command you type after the slash, which triggers a command not show up too. That way you can use the slash if it’s in the middle of a line or even when you type it separately if you want to avoid the text. It would also be helpful if they would make a command to collapse all the menus in avi too. I wind up with so many menus it makes it harder to get to the right menu for that trigger. That’s why I used to use the text. My fingers were already there. Now you have to jump back and forth to avoid distracting commands. So I love this change but they need to do a little bit more to allow it for text too.

New Feature: Big Colorful Dots

Another small but very helpful new feature are the new dots. I probably don’t have to write much about this because everyone has certainly already seen it if they’ve updated or they will probably have to soon. It’s also so intuitive that there’s very little explanation necessary. I think we’ll very soon look back at old pictures or videos where dots are visible and wonder how we could ever live with just one size and color of dots. They are red when they’re behind something and they’re large when they’re close, smaller in the distance.


New IMVU Feature: PortalsIMVU just added Portals, allowing you to connect rooms. There is a new feature out that I was saying they should add (not that anyone listens to me, lol). I think this is important for several reasons. It will allow you to have multiple rooms and if one is too crowded people can all jump to another. It will allow people with popular rooms to charge for a portal to someone else’s room. It will also be great for people like SDM Erotica, (yeah I left them but it’s still a good example) to link their clubs together. If you like one of them you are more likely to like the others or want to try the other variations.

Here’s how it works. Portals can be added to any furniture item in your room. (Hint to developers, DOORS will become much more popular with this!) The new portal tool is located in the furniture tools set. Simply click on the portal tool and then hover over the furniture item you want to turn into a portal. The portal node will be distinct and placed at the base node of the furniture.

Select the destination for that door using the menu options. You can only link to public rooms, ones from the list of your favorite rooms, rooms you own or have recently visited. Save and you are done! You can now view the portal node on that furniture item along with the name of the room it links to. It allows you to create a kind of virtual bookmark system in a sense. I think this is going to be very popular and some people will get known for having a good set of links and become a hub. This could be profitable and allow you to charge a fee to be linked. Just an idea…