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My favorite Gifts to give

Loving Susan deeply

such a great cuddleOne of my favorite things to give someone are NLS kisses. They’re always appreciated, you can never have too many different types of kisses, they’re inexpensive, there’s a great variety, they work for guys or girls (I never know what to get for guys), and it’s so nice to literally send someone “Kisses”.

Most are only 470 credits, which is the equivalent of about a quarter, or about the cost of mailing a post card. To me it’s worth it just to make someone feel good almost any time. Loving Susan deeply What else can you do for a quarter that makes someone you love, feel so good? It also adds importance to your message and makes them want to thank you.

Would you please LIKE my Photo Sharing

Kims zen moutain room photo sharing

I take a ton of pictures, averaging about 40+ gigabytes per month. Yeah so I’m crazy, I know. I don’t do very many of them on Photo Sharing. But my best friend Kim, recently developed the most amazing and dramatic Zen Mountain room and it had all her own things in it, so we put on all her clothes (GA only) to take some Photo Sharing pics. If they get enough likes they’ll show up on a lot of pages and viewers can click on them and see the products in the picture. I wanted to do this to support Kim and see how many I could get. If you’re in IMVU and like these pics, take a second and go to your Friends Photo Sharing section and LIKE my pics. Free Kisses to anyone that LIKES me… ok anyone that LIKES my photos!

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Megans beatiful red dance club

imvu room video dancing

imvu room video dancingI did my first product video for my friend Megan to show her new room. Some friends and I just hung out and played in the room a little. It’s imvu developer megan nyte angel a very attractive imvu room called Crimson Silhouette, that I thought was worth showing off a little.

Megan is a great designer and a very special friend. She has a lot of very sexy and creative outfits. I have a lot of her products and I’m going to include a link to her Megan’s imvu catalog in a new Products category I’m adding. I try to be a resource and highlight things that are especially worthwhile.