IMVU Basics

I see hidden things

kait xray glassesI don’t have X-ray vision or secret glasses but I know a couple little tricks that show hidden outfits and hidden products. It’s really absurdly easy to do. It only takes adding two keystrokes.

All you do to see the inventory in a room is right click in the room and select inventory. Then in the URL in your browser add -e after imvu before the .com and wait for the add and then hit skip and you can see the hidden outfits and products in the room.

You can do the same thing when you are looking at a developers catalog to see hidden things but it doesn’t let you buy them. Side note: if you’re a developer if you let your VIP expire for a month anything before then can’t be seen and is safe from prying eyes, though that means giving up your categories and whispering etc for a month, which I’m doing now.

The outfit trick is neat and I often open and save the inventory URL in case I ever want it. There are a lot of other great tools at It’s a great resource.

I can’t act this way in real life

Happy Birthday KrisA lot of the benefit here stems from the anonymity. It frees you to do or be anything you want to, and to be more aggressive more sexy more bad more exciting more of whatever you want. We all need or crave that freedom in some ways.

sexy imvu birthday partyWe do the right thing in life, we try to be respectable and we care about what other people think of us. We have to live with our choices in real life. In here you can experiment and be much crazier and freer than you ever would be in real life.

It’s not that we are hiding things about who we are really, we all just want to control who we are and our life a little bit more or do things a little bit differently in here. Nobody shows everything exactly as real life in here. You don’t have to and aren’t expected to 100%. But on the other hand don’t go so far that you lose credibility by having to make bigger and bigger stories.

You need enough reality to be able to relate and connect with your life here and to stay consistent. Over time people will see little things about you that lineup and make sense and make them more comfortable and feel closer, or they’ll see things that make them leery and nervous and pull back a little.

imvu birthday partyThese are real people, and even more importantly these are your friends, and you have to remember and respect that. Don’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t want someone to do to you.

Don’t let the anonymity and excuse to abuse your friends. If you value your friendships, don’t make bigger and bigger stories or more and more crazy things. Sometimes lies or stories or exaggerations tend to grow and grow. It may seem exciting and fun at first but you are literally hurting the most important thing you have in here. That’s your credibility, the faith people have in you, and your relationships. That’s all you really have here, so don’t trade that for an exciting story that fizzles.

It’s great when it feels real, but just because it’s not real doesn’t mean you feel it any less. Sexy imvu dancers These are real people and if you stay on track things will get better and better and better, but if you start to get off track and out of balance you will crash very painfully too.

Things grow more quickly but are more fragile in imvu than real life too. It’s not meant to last like real life is. It’s got more of the live fast and die young experience and attitude. Think of it like a movie. The closer you stay to reality, and what you know, the more believable it will be and the stronger and more lasting it will be.

Begging for gifts

topless pink pug2It’s fun to have new clothes and dress up nice but… I don’t think that’s really the point. The amount of fun you have here is not determined by how many different outfits or items you have and it’s definitely not how many credits you have. If you don’t have money for credits you can review products or do some of the special offers.

begging2Sure it’s fun to have some new toys but what really makes it so much more fun is having good friends. And begging for gifts kind of hurts your friends and pushes them away more than anything else. It hurts your friendships And for what? Another sexy dress in your virtual closet?

You’ll find some people that will pity you, and if you ask everyone for gifts sometimes you’ll get some but most of the time you’re insuring that you don’t make the really good friends that you would have. I understand that gifts are a way that you show appreciation and make someone feel loved. But that’s when they’re GIFTED, not when you begged for them.

I want to help people and giveaway a lot of things to friends and even people that I just meet but I don’t really do it because I have to or because they ask me to, I do it because I WANT to. You can see my stats on my homepage and You’ll see that I have almost 5900 items in my generosity score, because I enjoy sharing but not because people ask for things. The way to be rich in here is to be rich in friends! Gifts are for showing you love someone, and you don’t come out and ask someone to love you, you love them and be a friend to them first.

Real-life is first but…

Fairy Love in IMVUJust because we always say real life first, that doesn’t mean that this can’t be just as good or better in some ways. That is a difficult thing to admit sometimes but it is true.

Fifty shades of Gray in IMVUI have a great life, and love my family and my husband tremendously. I try hard to my real life first, all the time. We went to a farm and got pumpkins rode a horse and did the hay maze. Kids are good and make you stay focused to some degree. This just fills in in between and seems to be good for me at giving me a little bit of the fun that real life sometimes lacks.

some people make imvu so specialI don’t want to talk to much about my real-life sex life on here because I don’t know who will eventually read it. But just because real life comes first, that doesn’t mean that the passion here is any less real or intense. Another way to say it is that, just because real life comes first, doesn’t mean that this is any less important to me.

It didn’t start out this way of course, but it does grow on you. This isn’t addictive because it’s painful. I think some people have problems because its so good and so real. People also run into problems letting or wanting it to be more than just virtual. sexy imvu harem girls

It’s not hard to believe I guess that a fantasy could be fun or addictive. It can be literally anything you want, and you do have to keep real life first but this can be absolutely amazing and so much fun!

What’s the Purpose of IMVU?

intimate love in imvuWhy are we here? What’s the real purpose of IMVU? I came here initially to feel sexy again. After kids and 9 years of marriage, I wanted a safe way to feel sexy. It wound up being more.

After the sexiness I realized the intimacy was even more special. You can get the sexiness from A video or romance novel. But you can’t get the feeling of intimacy you get here from a video or feel so connected.

I used to tell a friend that all I wanted was to know her heart and share mine with her. Maybe that could be the ultimate purpose for this crazy place. It’s sexy, it’s fun, but the real value, the real purpose of this to me may be to connect in a very special and deep way. That doesn’t require sexiness although sex is a great way to solidify a good relationship. But sex alone doesn’t make a relationship.

Another interesting question is, what is the purpose of this blog? It’s a combination of three things (in no particular order). It’s to help and talk about issues and give them some interesting ideas and helpful advice here or there. It’s to connect and bond with readers and encourage friendships. Thirdly, it’s to explain a little bit of this crazy experience to the outside world. Oh, and maybe it’s a little bit entertaining along the way.

You may have other ideas about the purpose though. It’s different things to different people. So add your idea in the comments!

Real-Life is first but…

imvu transformationJust because we always say real life first, that doesn’t mean that this can’t be just as good or better in some ways. That is a difficult thing to admit sometimes but it is true.

I have a great life, and love my family and my husband tremendously. I try hard to my real life first, all the time. This just fills in in between and seems to be good for me at giving me a little bit of the fun that real life sometimes lacks.

I don’t want to talk to much about my real-life sex life on here because I don’t know who will eventually read it. But just because real life comes first, that doesn’t mean that the passion here is any less real or intense. Another way to say it is that, just because real life comes first, doesn’t mean that this is any less important to me.

It didn’t start out this way of course, but it does grow on you. This place isn’t addictive because it’s painful. I think some people have problems because its so good and so real, that it can mess you up. People also run into problems letting or wanting it to be more than just virtual, or when it falls apart because it can be just as real and intense on the negative side when you mess up too.

You can take this with you

cell phone loveYou’ve heard the expression, you can’t take it with you… Well you CAN take THIS with you! No matter where you go, you are able to hang out with your friends and share what ever you want from anywhere. Right now, one of my best friends is in New Orleans, and another is in London for a couple week vacation. I miss them but still get to see them a little bit here and there when they can get a few minutes free.

Another of my best friends used to travel all the time. This is excellent In that type of situation. There is something very special about feeling so connected and able to spend time with your friends no matter where you find yourself.

kiss the phoneWhen I’m away, it’s often with family so I try to be good and really just miss the friendship. But sometimes when you are away if you are alone this can also be Very reassuring in a sexy kind of way. It’s hard to have a social life anywhere else if you are traveling all the time, but the Internet is never very far away today.

Is IMVU MORE real than real life?

snuggling with the sweetest girls in imvuYou can be ANYTHING, with no facade, no rules, no judgement. It’s not more physical, but the emotions can certainly be stronger than real life. It definitely lets the real you out more than real life.

I guess it depends on your definition of “Real.” If you mean the “outer” you or the surface you, then no, it’s not more of that. But if you believe there is something more inside you, then this is the way to let it out. In here, you can be different, you can be totally unique!

Look at those eyesYes, you need a real life, of course, we all do. But I bet if you really got in and looked around and let yourself go a little bit in here, you would find that you need this too. Or that some of this can help at least fill in the gaps a little and add to the whole you.

It’s also nice to be able to let other people in more, then we do in regular every day life. Whether it’s just for passion, or you build relationships or you just have fun or amazing friends or the family you wished you had, you can find it here. Let the real you out! Let other people in and you just might find that it is real.

Better Safe than Sorry

imvu jail cellmate

imvu jail cellmateThis place can certainly be very emotional. And while I don’t have many issues or drama personally, you still have to be safe and respect that line between virtual and real life. Once you open the door it’s hard to put the tooth paste back in the tube. It’s easy to say the wrong thing or have something get taken the wrong way and offend someone. No matter how much you love someone right now, there’s a reasonable chance they won’t always love you as much. And if they feel hurt by anything, you don’t want to give anyone, even someone you love, the ability to do anything that risks your ability to be here or worse yet hurt you in real life.

If you’re open to real life potential it’s not as cut and dry as it is for me, being married in rl. If I had to worry if anyone in the activities I’m involved in connected me with my website, I could be in trouble and forced to let it go or kill it, which would kill me. It’s not a question of trusting one person or not, but if someone just thought it was cute and nice to send flowers, something simple could cause a major problem. If someone was jealous or blamed me for their son or daughter’s activity on here, just a phone call in anger could put this at risk. I don’t want to think about this too much but I had an issue at one point from my husband about yahoo messages that he saw on my cell phone. I immediately deleted the app from my iphone to prove it wasn’t anything. That’s the closest I’ve come to having to leave but it scared me. I am addicted and I admit it, which is why I try not to risk things.

chained in loveNobody’s worth risking everything here for. I walk away from people who don’t understand that, and are asking for pictures or video cam. (especially guys because they feel much more stalker-like when they say it) But please don’t take my concern to mean I don’t love you or feel close. It’s the opposite actually, its because I do care about people here very much. I want to be able to share the things that matter, but no matter what bump or issue we have I won’t mess with that or your life. Also because of the website and my name, I also can’t really change my avi name or prevent people from accessing my website very easily. So if this is an issue with you I’m sorry, but I don’t want to risk this for anyone.

What to expect in IMVU

do the imvu dance with people you love

imvu fun lion king dancingWelcome to my secret life, my inner smile, my souls retreat, my love, my heart. This isn’t just a game or a toy. It’s more real than a reality show, more emotional than a soap opera, more passionate a brothel.

You’ll meet zombies and dragons and people from every corner of the world. You’ll dance with cats and vampires and You’ll laugh so hard your cheeks hurt and cry your heart out. You will fall in love and it’ll fall apart in a heart beat. Then you’ll fall in love all over again.

You’ll find what you didn’t even know needed and experience more emotion than you ever thought possible. do the imvu dance with people you love It’s a fantasy and a dream that you’ll never want to leave. You’ll lose more sleep and have more sexy clothes than you ever thought possible.

You’ll make friends and laugh and cry. You’ll really communicate more than you can with even your best friends in real life. You’ll make mistakes and get hurt and hate it at times. But watch out because you’ll get addicted to it too.

IMVU Completes Me

imvu butterfly

Katy said it, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it was. “Imvu completes me.” It’s amazingly flexible and can be anything you want, whatever you need in your life. It’s the chance to do what you have had a chance to do when you were young. It can be supportive. It can be your social life. It could just be an outlietIt’s the place to experiment and try things you’d never be able to do in real life. You’ll make friends, go to all kinds of places, and do anything and everything you can imagine.

Another special friend put it another way. She said, “It’s funny how this place makes you think about things or realize you have been missing things that you didn’t even know existed in that part of you.” It can complete your life even if you didn’t know you were missing anything!

We all come from different places and points in our lives. We may or may not even know what we’re looking for and it’s different for everyone. But if you stay here long enough, and really open up, you might just find what you didn’t even know you were looking for. I came here because I wanted to feel sexy, but one of the things I didn’t really realize I was also looking for was a sense of belonging. I have a lot of sexy fun but it’s the friendships that matter the most.

Try new things, build relationships and have fun with it. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for too.

The Good Bad and the Ugly in IMVU

the good bad and the sexy in imvu

the good bad and the sexy in imvuThere is a lot of good and fun things in here but there’s also a lot of bad too. The anonymity of this place and the Internet makes it a magnet for people with issues. Don’t let your guard down or think that because you know someone here that you can trust them.

When you open up and feel so amazingly close to someone it’s easy to feel like you can bend the rules or you have to trust someone you love so much. Unfortunately once you let things out you never know who knows what. Remember you don’t show someone you love them by breaking the rules. You show them you love them by NOT letting them break the rules. Unfortunately when things go wrong they often go very wrong in here, and the people you’re the very closest to are the most likely to be upset and may feel hurt enough to want to hurt you.

Imvu doesn’t want to talk about it or seem to want to do anything about it either but there are child pornographers and predators in here. I know someone that was pursuing them and I’m trying to get her to tell the story. I live in and talk about the good side here. My job with this is pretty much showing how much fun it can be and trying to inspire you. But just know that there is a dark side and the rules about protecting your personal information aren’t just guides and they are there for a reason, to protect you! Enough said but know that I love you and want to help you have fun but stay safe above all.

Where do you start in IMVU

help getting started in IMVU

help getting started in IMVUIMVU will tell you how to log in, but where do go from there? If you have friends on here, start by looking to see which friends are online and where. It’s especially nice if you see some in a public room because you can go in and say hello more readily and can’t be declined.

If you don’t see any interesting friends to invite or go see, you can search for new people and invite people in IMVU directly (called Random Invites) but you’ll get a lot of rejection. I think a better way is to search chat rooms in a genre or theme you’re interested in. Chat rooms won’t reject you, and they tend to get you in front of better people than random invites.

meeting a group of friends makes this much more funYou may also find a close group of people that you like, that way. A group of IMVU friends is important and can be stronger and more fun than just individual connections and can lead to individual connections too. Being part of a group is also one of the best ways to get comfortable here and learn the basics is to find a group you enjoy and can feel a part of. Make sure you favorite the room because it’s easy to search just within your fav rooms to see if anyone is in your favorite rooms.

It’s fun to explore and meet new people but picking up where you left off with people you’ve already clicked with is usually much more fun. It helps if you can be consistent in your times online because you’ll meet people who are typically on that same time too which is nice.

Watch what you click

dangers in imvu

dangers in imvuI’ve said in here and you probably know not to give out your personal information but you also have to be careful about clicking just any URL you see in a chat if it’s not a site you’re familiar with. Just like spam, just clicking a link may be enough for someone to track where you go or have been on the Internet and could even cause you to download something malicious into your computer.

However unlike broad spam emails sent to lots of people if that person is after you specifically they may be after more than just your information, they may be after you. This is another reason why IMVU can be dangerous for kids too. So if someone sends you a link that you don’t know or it goes to a dot com domain that you don’t know and trust do not click on it. This goes for spam offers in your messages too.

Most of the links you see in here are links to the imvu catalog or image sites you know. Anything at is safe. So is or or something like that. But any time someone wants you to go to a specific page site, if you don’t know them or why they’re giving it to you don’t click. If you want to look go to the root dot com domain name to see if it looks legitimate and appropriate first. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If in doubt say its not opening and just pretend your computer is acting up. If they seem oddly insistent you’re probably smart not to click.

An IMVU Review

imvu reviewsHere’s an interesting review of IMVU that I thought was interesting. I left a comment but also figured it might be good to have a few other users with positive experiences leave comments since so many of the people commenting clearly don’t know anything about this place. He sees it as a game of dressup a little but it’s been called a lot worse. I like this point he made about the social experience being more worthwhile than simply shooting bad guys. So for what it’s worth take a look at Rise and Shiny: IMVU

Oh the Places You’ll Go

kait oh the places youll go dr seuss

kait oh the places youll go dr seussKaty made a good point in her recent post asking if IMVU is cheating. She said IMVU allowed her to do all of the things she never hit a chance to do. That kind of reminded me of the Dr Seuss book “Oh the Places You Will Go”. (It’s a life book not a kid book, though don’t tell the kids.)

That’s true and a great point. IMVU lets you do a lot of exciting things you never would have done or maybe even dreamed of. Actually anything you can dream up you can do in here. Sexy things, crazy things, silly things, impossible things, wild things, romantic things.

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“You will come to a place where the streets are not marked.
Some windows are lighted. but mostly they’re darked.
But mostly they’re darked.
A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin!
Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in?
How much can you lose? How much can you win?”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

reading the instructions in imvu

Is IMVU a do it yourself adult Disney world?

adult disney imvu minnie mouse

adult disney imvu minnie mouse My youngest just turned 5 and we went to Disney World for a week. It was her first time and she and all the kids has a blast. I did too, but I couldn’t help but think of IMVU a little as there are several parallels. (Do I see them everywhere? Maybe I guess) First of all it’s built on imagination and entertainment.

I guess its probably not a coincidence that I have a Tinker bell costume, a Minnie mouse, and a Cinderella plus some similar things like Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood. But imvu let’s you live out any fantasy. And what better fantasies than our favorite cartoons.

Every time the shows at Disney talked about Imagination I couldn’t help but think about IMVU too. What would Disney have done if he started with this? Imvu allows anyone to be creative much more easily and to copy and play with costumes and sets at will. As the technology continues to grow I think it will be seen more and more as a vehicle for people to be and do anything they want.

It cost thousands of dollars to take the kids to Disney. So you can only go once or twice but you can go to imvu every day. It costs less than a trip to McDonalds to get started but it can be so much fun, not to mention a little addicting.

This place encourages Bad Behavior

my imvu bad girl Mistress

the super sexy bad girl of imvuThere are a couple churches here and some people that bring a wholesome attitude here. But there is something about the anonymity and safety of it that allows people to be much worse in here than they ever could be in real life. It’s a fantasy and I get that, as much as anyone, believe me. And we all have a dark side and it’s an awesome feeling being able to let that lose and share with people who really want that too. But this is also why it’s not appropriate for minors. IMVU can also be addictive and if you spend too much time here per day, it can make you crazy. I have seen people spend literally 60 or more hours per week here and it definitely makes you a little crazy.

I guess if you played video games for 60 hours a week it would probably make you crazy too. I think this place works on your head more though. It’s not just that you get bleary eyed like you would from shooting aliens or bad guys all day, but your emotions get bleary eyed in here. Everyone has a different tolerance and different life situations. I can’t say go get a life, because this is the majority of my social life too in a lot of ways. And if I didn’t have a family and kids I’d probably be even worse too, I’m sure.

my imvu bad girl MistressThe point is though if you are young and or have an addictive personality type, please be extra careful. It’s amazingly fun, but anything good can create issues if you abuse it. And there are always people wanting to keep you here but you have to let go and keep it in perspective sometimes too. As much as I don’t want to leave and dread missing this while I’m vacation with my family I know I need that too. And you know you do too.

What’s on your gift list?

The most amazing friends in IMVU

The most amazing friends in IMVU
Your gift list makes it easier to gift anyone even if they’re not on your friends list, which otherwise is hard. I also find the new gift system doesn’t have all my friends on it, though that could be a function of the number of friends.

So I wind up adding things to my gift list now in order to send things. And there’s no way to clean your Gift List except to empty it. That’s fine except I like to have some things easy to give when necessary. Obvious examples are crying or chicken soup, or sexy tan lines for when someone was out in the sun too much. When I’m crying with someone it’s nice to be able quickly send them tears or if they’re sick some chicken soup.

So this was just a list of the things on my gift list that i want to put back on it again after I clear it off. It may not be that helpful to anyone else just it case. If you have some suggestions add a comment with the most important item on your gift list

Click the title or the link below to see the items I’ll put back on my gift list after I reset it.


You’re vulnerable with your walls down

imvu can be dangerous because your walls are so down

imvu can be dangerous because your walls are so downThis is an amazing place once you learn to let your walls down. But that’s also part of the danger and why you have to be so careful too. The danger isn’t just that someone random could assault you the way you first think. The bigger danger is how vulnerable you become when you let your walls down so much.

If I met Gabby or Holly or anyone I have a full heart connection with, in real life, I’d have no defenses and be very vulnerable to put it mildly. It’s not being physically hurt but emotionally such an open book that it would be easy to be really stupid. It’s the level and intensity of the connections that makes it dangerous.

It’s obviously dangerous to meet someone you don’t know that well but it’s also dangerous in a way to meet someone you know too well.

The benefits of IMVU VIP

IMVU VIP Club benefits

IMVU VIP Club benefits
One thing I think Imvu does a kind of poor job of is explaining VIP. I would have gotten it earlier if I really understood it. So this is to explain both the benefits and how to buy it.

You get 5000 credits each month. You also save 5 percent on anything you buy. Another benefit they don’t talk about much is the VIP sales. They tend to put some of the better sales on for VIPs. You also don’t have ads and commercials before entering rooms or on webpages.

You also get a room and some furniture which half the time I don’t touch but sometimes is actually really nice. It also lets you whisper, which is very helpful. It’s not a huge status thing but it does show you’re serious. People don’t get VIP for their secondary account or if they aren’t serious. It’s worth having but not necessary, especially if you’re scrapping by.

Every so often (like this morning and for the next week) they put it on sale for $50 for a year which is only $4 a month, but you have to buy a prepaid gift card. There are probably a few other benefits I’m forgetting but I hope that helps understand the basics.

It’s a Social Network not a game

the game of IMVU

the game of IMVU
HollyKaren said something on Friday I really thought was a good point and should be posted. (Maybe I’ll get her to post it next time) Imvu promotes it self mostly as a game. A lot of the people treat it as or refer to it as a game too, and that really doesn’t do I justice. A better term for it is social network.

imvu favorite bedroom fantasy

To be a game it would have to have a goal and a winner. But the purpose of imvu is really just to build relationships. Hence it’s a social network. You enjoy it because you feel part of something and have great friends.

Not only is this a better more appropriate category for it but this also raises the value and I think the acceptability of it. Calling it a game kind of trivializes it. Anyone who spends time here knows its way more than a game, and anyone calling it a game is generally trivializing it or putting it down. The people that are good at it certainly don’t treat it like a game.

Saving your IMVU chat logs

I take a lot of pictures because they are memories but the chat text or log is also sometimes helpful to have. So I try to remember to save my chat logs when I’m leaving. I am trying to get better but I still do forget sometimes. I’m getting better by saving the chats along the way if it’s important or after a sexy chat. This is helpful in case I forget when I close the window or if I crash.

I save the text into a word document. I copy a line or two with my mouse then use Control A, to select All of the text. Control C, copies the text and then Control V when i have a new document open. You can close the window after you copy the chat to the clip board but you can’t close IMVU all together or it will erase the chat in your clipboard.

After I paste the chat, I look at my pictures and select the most appropriate one, click on it and copy that, and then paste it into the top of the chat. I find that it’s much easier to remember a chat if I have a picture to go with the text. When you save a lot of chats this makes it easier to find the right chat. Try to describe the most important aspect of the chat, but the difference between saving pics is that you don’t have to include everyone’s names since the names are in the text. So when you search on a name, all of the chats with that name in them, will automatically show up.

I admit that I don’t go back and read chats as much as I probably should. But having them is helpful because you never know when someone is going to misunderstand something. I also find it’s interesting because I can search a directory on my computer for someone’s name and know if I ever talked to them before. This is helpful to me since I’m really bad with names.

I save chats but don’t share them with people very often, other than sometimes Holly or Gabby, the two people I’m the closest to. My general rule of thumb is that I don’t share anything that isn’t in everyone’s best interest. I don’t want anyone to think that what they say to me privately will get around to other people. The same goes for pictures. I take a lot of pictures but I try very hard to not use them in a way to hurt or annoy anyone. We all rely on our ability to speak freely. That’s part of the fun of this place, that what you say here stays here. So have fun and just use this as a way to hold onto the good feelings you get here.

When will my reflection show who I am inside?

I don’t know what kids did in the car before dvd players, or maybe it’s that I don’t know how parents were able to drive kids without dvds. I’m not even sure our car will work right without a disney dvd playing. I have memorized some videos I’ve never even seen. The other day I was listening to a song and realized it was singing about IMVU. The song was “When will my reflection show who I am inside?” from Mulan.

I was going to just link the YouTube video in here but wondered how it would look in IMVU. So I bought it on iTunes and went to a couple rooms and started singing. It’s my first real music video, well other than my Kiss Me one. It is so neat and kind of opens up a lot of neat possibilities. :) I love the words of this song, and don’t know where to put it in here, but it just seems to be about IMVU in a sense.

If you like it please Like it at YouTube or watch it there if you prefer.