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Why go out of your way to help people?

love in imvuThis is such an anonymous place, and nobody really knows who you are. You can be anything you want and nobody knows. A lot of people have fun being tough and putting people down. I’ve gone into rooms and seen people just sit there belittling everyone, complaining and harassing people for no reason. Nothing really bad happens to them. They might be blocked by a few people but they just keep venting and seem to have fun being as nasty as possible. Some people call them haters. They just seem to just enjoy venting their hatred.

It takes effort to help someone, a gift or kind word, a message of caring that you might not even get any response to. Why go out of your way and help people when you’re so anonymous? I’ve tried to answer this a little in here but I saw a video today that explained it better than anything I could ever say. It’s obviously not about IMVU but it applies to people and things in here! It has 15.2 million hits on Goggle so I guess it resonates. I hope you like it as much as I did. (Warning you’re gonna cry.)

Happy Second Year Anniversary!

The 24the of March, a day we both can’t forget…at 12 “o” clock, midnight hour my time, is a moment for us to share. At this moment, at this day we both are hopeless sweet devoted at each other!
Some people will think we both been crazy, two years in love at a world of IMVU! But we both know, we ain’t nuts, we ain’t crazy and we ain’t being in love with just an AVI of some kind of virtual world. It’s the person of who we love, the person behind the AVI, and this person means so much more for the both of us.

Steph, I love you…or how we would say in Dutch “Steph, ik hou van jou!”, I love you till our hair getting grey or till our faces will be fully filled of lines to betray our age…giggles.

Happy Second Year Anniversary Steph…xxxTwo Years Anniversary

I still remembering the first day we’ve met,
we’re both too shy to say much at all,
It is funny to think back at that moment,
because now we both having a ball!

They say, true friendship and love is rare,
an adage that I believe to be true,
to have a special bond is something that I cherish,
I am so lucky Steph, to have met you.

Our friendship is something really special,
It is something unique in his own way,
we have something irreplaceable,
oh Steph, I love you more and more each day.

Friends are forever and ever,
especially the bond that you and I possess,
I so love your fun-filled personality,
You’ll never fail for me to impress.

The world could use more people like you,
it would certainly be a much better place,
I love everything and all about you,
you are someone to me I could never replace.

Kusjes kusjes kusjes xxxYou are always there for me, no matter what,
when my day’s need a little lift,
I cannot thank you enough for that,
you are truly very special to me like a “wedding” gift.

You are everything to me Steph, more and more,
I could never express this at you enough,
life is such a treacherous journey,
without you, my days would be even more tough.

My darling, you are so special to me,
and hope you will know I will love you until the end,
I will always be there for you Steph,
you will always be my forever love and my very best friend…xxx

What’s your verse?

imvu cuddles beach
There’s a commercial out now for the iPad that I really love. It’s Robin Williams reading a verse about the meaning of life. It talks about law and medicine being nobel pursuits that are necessary for life, but what really counts is your passion. It equates life and all of society to a powerful poem that we all get to add our verse to. And it ends with a simple question. What will your verse be???

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, “O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?” Answer. That you are here – that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?

I think of IMVU as my passion and this as my verse and that’s why I try hard to do it right, to uplift everyone I can, and love with abandon. I let go and throw my heart into this and share my verse here. I work hard in life to survive but in some ways this may be my real verse.

Regardless of what your real life is of isn’t you have a unique and special verse to contribute and share here if you want to. Make it count and make a good one because in the end I think what we do here does matter and does count! Life isn’t just getting from point A to point B. Share your passion and make your life a beautiful contribution, and enjoy the journey!

The best wishes for a Happy New Year of 2014

The whole new year of love and happiness in 2014 is touching our feet and we will be very soon saying “bye bye” at the year of 2013. We’ll welcome 2014 with a lot of good wishes and feelings very soon. On this day of “Happy New Year 2014”, wishes and greetings will be sent to all of our friends and relatives by the people within IMVU all over the world.

On 31st eve, the count down will start for new year 2014. At this way do I wish everyone a wonderful 2014 with lots of love and happiness and I’ll hope to see you soon back at the world of IMVU…kisses, kusjes xxx Wendy

Happy New YearWe look back while the months pass by,
as a new year of 2014 starts and the year of 2013 ends,
we contemplate what brought us joy,
and we’ll think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all of our happy times,
remembering how they enriched our lives,
we reflect upon who does really counts,
as a fresh and bright new year arrives.

And when I ponder those who do,
I did start immediately to be think of you.
thank you for being one of this reasons,
and wish you all a Happy Bright New Year…xxx

Welcome back my dearest friend :)


Some great IMVU videos

I haven’t made any videos in a little while. I have to do something about our wedding but I haven’t gotten to it yet. But some friends have made really amazing ones recently that I wanted to share. They have really awesome techniques and tell a story really well! It is exciting to see how creative people can be and how great these came out. These are not just good IMVU videos, these are just great videos!

Happily married…our congratulations…xxx

Kaitlyn & Taylor happily marriedA marriage is a human bond,
where two loving hearts become one,
sharing all their life’s joys and trials,
in all of your days to come.

Whether sunny days or stormy nights,
the love you both share becomes the glue,
that will hold your world together,
and will see you safely through.

Whatever challenges life will brings,
it is no longer just “I” or “me”,
a marriage and those vows you’ve taken,
have changed the “me” into “we”.

These two hearts married today to each other,
their lives united now as “one”,
what God and law have joined together,
let nothing cause to come undone.

Let nothing come betSnap_fX5JCtz8Ml1645274607ween the both of you,
and always keep the other’s trust,
may love mend any disagreement,
before the dawn has turned to dusk.

Be kind and gracious toward each other,
always in truth and charity,
these marriage vows you’ve taken,
have changed your “me” into “we”.

Marriage is a human bond,
where two hearts become just as one,
sharing all life’s joys and trials,
in all your days that has to come.

May your life be filled with showers,
of blessings from high above,
and may you always and forever,
be very truly much in love…xxx

Words of love…

Some people could write aSnap_CWKpAGCrlj1699300571bout love & beauty,
while others will show their pure heart,
all of their words often are about love,
while the word “love” is not even mentioned.

Words of gentle love brings great pleasure & joy,
some words have arms which embracing me,
gentle sweet words touch me to the core,
so I can feel their presence deep inside me.

A gift to write so beautiful and embrace someone,
is one of the greatest gifts a writer will share,
whether it is a letter to a friend, someone you love or family,
words capture sweet feelings and shared memories.

Words will always be my greatest passion in life,
even at times when it is not just the words themselves,
it is the manner in which they are presented,
for me, words define the greatest love of all…xxx

Enchanted IMVU Proposal

enchanged IMVU Fairy proposalTaylor and I proposed on Tuesday and I also got a love letter from Sheri that I wanted to share! This is one of the best feelings and sharing it is even better.

I’m not great at writing but I had to write to you because you’re the one to BLAME for all of Collette & My Happiness here, and no matter how hard I try, I can never do enough to repay you. It all started when one day you told me of a friend of yours that I might like to meet well with me being pregnant then and Collette so busy at her work, it seemed like forever before we ever got a chance to sit and chat but once we did we became instant friends.

I have been reading your stories about happiest girl in the world and how to touch the heart of another here and I just needed to say my sweet fiancé Collette has done all of that to me. We still don’t get to have live chats as much as we’d like, but when we do it’s just fantastic. My love for her grew and grew and then on May 10, I decided to ask Collette to marry me! I went shopping to get everything perfect before I proposed to her. I found the cutest orange dress and i added a floating Platform in my romantic moonlit room. I added a proposal pose facing the moon and kept practicing where I stood so I’d be on one knee. I put a Red Rose marker On the spot where I wanted Collette to stand and I had everything prefect.

enchanted proposalI waited till she got on and we chatted for awhile. I asked if she had time to see what I did to my room, and she said she did. She stook where the rose marker was and I was on one knee professing my love to her with tears rolling down my checks, and I asked her to marry me! There was such a long pause I didn’t know what to think and my heart was pounding. Then she said she had to leave the room cause she was starting to cry and that, Yes she would marry me. I was definitely the Happiest girl in IMVU when I heard that. We are now Planning vows and looking at wedding dresses. All I know Is I’m the happiest girl in IMVU and without Kait’s magical matchmaking powers, I would not know such true happiness.

I Love you so much Kait! Collette and I are still trying to decide on a last name for each other so ill just close this letter with the latest one we are thinking about, Hugs & Kisses to all my friends at Gabbys place and to Kait and last but not least I Love you so very much Mrs. Collette Enchanted from your blushing bride to be Mrs. Sheri Enchanted. I know i kid you a lot about blaming you for Collette and My Happiness but you are truly a dear and sweet friend and I Love you!

Katy’s further Adventures at Geisha School

Kiyoko gathers up her things, standing up with sudden conviction. Though the sudden movement stirs her still unsettled tummy, she walks back to the school with purposeful stride, ready to ink her essay on the school’s special paper. Whatever Kiyoko’s earlier doubts, the teachers and sisters at the Hanayagi represent the epitome of service, grace, and style. They aim to always please to offer the utmost in sublimity, in pleasure, but never ever compromising their dignity or their self-respect. In that instant Kiyoko understood with a sudden revelation as clear as a koan, that at least for this moment, the Hanayagi was exactly where she needed to be.

Geisha Katy in Contemplation

For those of you who were following my adventures at Geisha school, here’s a link to the rest of my posts. and where you can find the latest updates, as well as the posts of my sisters at the school. I was a bit hesitant about the school, a bunch of girls playing at being geisha reminded me a bit too much of this snl skit. But even though we are playing at geisha culture, we learn something real in the play, about grace, about service. In addition to being a great outlet for rp and creativity, the school has also helped me grow as a sub, and as a person.

Ally at Geisha School – Part 1

Ally's Geisha chores role play in imvu

((Ally’s account of her  first day of chores at Geisha School))

Ally wandered past the bakery snickering at her sister who had to bake a ridiculous amount of pies breads and sweets for the shop in town that day. “Sucker” she giggled as she wandered out side and down the walk. It was a bright Sunday day with a cool breeze. The recent rains had washed the home and left everything vibrant and green. It was a much better prospect than working inside covered in flour and slaving away over a huge stove. Ally strode down the lane staring at the clouds and the mountains in the distance. Life was not too bad she thought happily…and then she saw the garden. 

Weeds…weeds everywhere, like a small green army they had taken over the garden and multiplied like an invading force of green pointy soldiers. Ally stared in dismay…who had weeded last? Surely they had done a better job than this…surely it had not been ignored. She swore softly and the clamped her mouth shut. Swearing was definitely not allowed. The blonde girl looked around for a tool…and realized there was none. Great she muttered in annoyance, now she had to get on her hands and knees and pull out the weeds by hand. Like her dress wasn’t dirty enough. She glances up ruefully at the house. Okasan and Madame had such pretty dresses and clothes. They didn’t have to pull weeds and work in the garden. Some of the other girls that had gone to the lore had gotten their own kimonos made of nice silk and bright colors…Ally’s dress was brown…not brownish or brown with a subtle green back ground…just endless drab brown. Meh, she muttered putting the thoughts out of her mind.


Katy at Geisha School Part III

Katy dreams of a brighter future((More of my adventures into imvu RP. It’s neat to see that RP here doesn’t have to involve sex or killing. Geisha Part 1, Geisha Part 2))

Katy absentmindedly feeds Prancer a crab apple as she walks the empty mule cart up the road back to the castle. Prancer snorted appreciatively as he ate. What a grand name for a mule, Katy thought, smiling. The Rose has a truck for making bakery deliveries but honestly, driving that loud smelly frightful thing scared her, and what with the fuel rationing and shortages, Katy was happy to use the wagon instead. Plus Prancer was a good listener for Katy’s idle prattlings and ruminations.

Katy glanced inside the cart at the presents she had picked up in the village. Katy didn’t have any money, but she picked bunches of wild primroses on the way–Katy liked the modest yellow flowers, resilient pretty things, blooming uncowed by the cold of winter. The shopkeepers in town were happy to take the flowers in trade at least when accompanied by Katy’s coy smile, and so Katy was able to pick up a pretty red ribbon for Ally’s hair–remembering how exhausted her sister looked passed out in the kitchen. She also got a little mirror with a picture of a cherry blossom on the back for Meadow and sugar candies for all the girls of the Rose.

Knowing she may not be back in town for a while, Katy had used this opportunity to say good bye. Good bye to the wife of the dry goods keeper who always slipped her a sweet. Good bye to the rough dock workers who used to make her recoil, but now she manages to offer them polite smiles. Good bye to the children squabbling outside the village school during recess, that reminded her of her sisters at the Rose. Good bye to the cute boys who liked to hang out by the bakery who helped her unload.

Katy casually kicked a stone, watching it skitter up the windy path, taking her time on the walk home. Her gaze roamed from the lush rolling hills to the crashing waves of the sea far below. The castle had been quiet recently–absent the usual bustle of visitors and house guests–but the quiet has been good for Katy’s reflections. So much had changed so quickly. Her upside down life had just started to right itself, and for the first time Katy felt warm, embraced, safe. The thought of leaving it all behind for America scared her, and her bundled up body shivers as a cold wind sudddenly blows up through the dale. Katy pauses..ponders for a long second as the wind whips around her frail shivvery body, before finally, she begins to walk again, this time a bit faster and with more resolve. If Madame and Okasan think it is the right thing, Katy decided, she should trust to their guidance and to their care. Still, Katy is most comforted by the knowledge that Ally will be by her side.

What do you think Prancer? asks Katy as she looks into the mule’s eyes inquisitively, scratching behind his ears. Prancer simply whinnies and snorts and goes back to chewing the rest of his apple. The pair continue to plod their way home, back to the radiant warmth of the castle. Katy begins singing a little song “sur le pont d’avignon on y danse on y danse…” as she starts to skip.

Intense emotions and struggles in Geisha School Part II

Katy sitting on the bridgeThe afternoon sun sank quietly toward the rippling water as Katy sat with Okasan on the edge of the bridge. It was an unusually warm winter’s day as they gazed out quietly contemplating the dancing tree branches and the rippling waves murmuring like flapping bird feathers.

“I read your story child,” Okasan begins, eliciting a rosy red blush that Okasan would bother reading Katy’s sad scribblings, “it is unfinished.”

Nodding embarrassed, blushing badly, Katy tries to speak but words do not come. “It’s ok child, go on, you have chores to do, you can finish it later.” Bringing her hands together before her lips, and giving an awkward little bow so deep she almost tips over, Katy just barely catches her fall. “Yes Okasan, the primroses bloom with such fierce intensity this evening…” as she collects herself quickly and hurries back into the castle, carrying the sacks of flour and sugar she had acquired using the ration cards, back from town.

Walking up the long stone path, she exchanges a jape with her sis Ally busy in the garden. As Ally turns back to the trellises, Katy makes sure no one else is around and sticks her tongue out at her sister, glad she gets to be indoors, away from the icky dirt and the mud. Though she composes herself quickly, feeling the omnipresent gaze of Okasan on the back of her neck.

As Katy finally arrives into the warm embrace of the kitchen, breathlessly carrying the heavy bags, she finds that Meadow had already begun preparing the ovens and was busy slicing and sugaring the apples and berries. Katy’s pale skin glistens from the exertions and the heat of the hearth. She quickly busies herself kneading the dough, the repetitive motions lulling her into a hypnotic daze, as her mind roams and daydreams, wandering into her childhood.

Katy is amazingShe thinks about how much things have changed from her years as a gamine embassy brat, stealing into the kitchen to sneak fresh baked eclairs, or listening to saucy stories from the embassy scullery maids. Although the kitchen work is a departure from her childhood of mischief and leisure, she finds comfort in the honesty and simplicity of her labours. Her thoughts wander some more but as has happened all too often all too easily, her daydreams are drawn into darker climes, from rosy childhood days into bleak prison camp nights: preparing schnitzel for officer soirees, receiving beatings for imagined slights, and then afterwards, always afterwards, summoned for … entertainment…

The tears that dripped down her face splashing onto the floured wooden table top awaken Katy from her reverie. Meadow looks over with concern, as she finishes the last of the 43 round little loaves of dough for the oven. Meadow moves to console her, but before she can be touched, Katy runs quickly from the warm kitchen, almost knocking over a stack of dirty bowls. Running to the coldest darkest corner of the castle, dropping to the floor, curling up into a tight little ball, she soon finds herself rocking, quietly, rocking back and forth. Reminding herself to write all this down later for Madame and Okasan, but for now Katy merely sobs… weeping and remembering as she cries.

Katy goes to Geisha School – Part I

my imvu twin sister

my imvu twin sisterOne of the main reasons I joined imvu was to get a chance to RP (role play for those who are new). I somehow never found the right group after trying many, each was either too serious or too violent or had so much drama. I forgot about it for over year, but somehow stumbled into a new one. Here’s the start of my story. We’ll see how it goes.

“Tell me your story child…” gently prods Okasan as the wisp of a girl carefully finishes the very last crumb of cherry pie, the girl’s manners never falter, left hand folded in her lap, posture erect, despite her obvious hunger, “ are safe here.”

The pale waif with wispy hair and tatterdemalion clothes immaculately kept who might have been pretty once in happier times opened her mouth as if to speak, but no words came out.

sleeping in imvuOkasan gently smiled but merely showed her to a warm bed. The tired girl’s eyes glow with gratitude, but she demurely stands patiently with head bowed, awaiting Okasan’s leave. Okasan merely smiles but before she goes, leaves a neat stack of paper and pencil on the bedside table.

The girl starts to change into her bedclothes, and looks at the bed longingly, but glancing at the stack of empty papers, she hesitantly brings them to the small desk besides the only candle in the room and carefully, cautiously she beigns to write…

I was born 17 years ago, Cateline d’Auvergne, the only child of a French diplomat, in the French Concession in Shanghai. My mother died in childbirth, and though I came of age in many chaotic and wartorn postings from Saigon to Istanbul to Casablanca, I never wanted for love–doted on by Papa, given the best tutors and hopelessly spoiled, I had a blissful childhood.

geisha girl historyBut it was in Casablanca when Papa and I were seized by the Vichy French, he being accused of spying for the Allies. We soon found ourselves in a German prison camp, separated, Papa imprisoned with the men, and myself, plucked from the women’s enclosure by a cruel Nazi officer who had an appetite for a pretty French maid.

Forced into unspeakable service, I stole away when I could, sneaking bread and cheese and wine through the fences to my increasingly haggard and beaten Papa. This interminable existence continued for what felt like years, ending only when one day Papa was nowhere to be found. Hearing from other prisoners that he had finally succumbed to the torture, in grief, I exacted my revenge upon the Nazi officer, and with the help of a kitchen maid and an American intelligence agent, escaped the hellish camp.

If I had known how much worse it would get after that, I may never have left, but after many trials and humiliations pursued by German SS, I made my way through miles of war blasted lands before stowing away aboard a Swedish transport ship that deposited me on Irish shores…

imvu sadnessThe candle had burned low by the time Katy finished her writing. The paper was spotted with tear drops, and her careful script erratic by the end. She holds the pages unsteadily, red eyes re-reading what she wrote, once, twice, shaking harder with each word, before crumpling all the pages in a fit of muffled rage, and hurling the pages out the drafty window. Flinging herself into bed, sobbing into the pillow, she finds oblivian that night in an all too familiar position, crying herself to sleep.

Merry Christmas to our lovely friends…xxx

Merry Christmas to all of our Stephanie & Wendy

The snow is falling so beautiful and white,
we walking together hand in hand so tight.
Softly whispers in my ear something sweet,
stopping along the way as our eyes gently meet.
Inside one of the shops we stop for a little while
I’m touched and overwhelmed by your loving smile.

Merry Christmas xxxInside a small cafe where we decide to dine,
when your hand gently reaches over and touches mine.
Christmas carols soft and gently fills the air,
the candlelight flickers with beauty of the love we share.
Looking deeply into your sparkling eyes so green,
this is the most wonderful Christmas I’ve ever seen.

Taking my hands softly in yours when you ask me to dance,
sharing a beautiful night of happiness, love and sweet romance.
The Christmas lights in the tree shining sparkling bright,
when I hold your hand and softly kissing you by candlelight.
Drawing me so near to you listening at a beautiful song,
feel our hearts together beating so close and so strong.

Inside the small cafe the fireplace so beautifully set aglow,Merry Christmas xxx
outside is falling a pretty blanket of fresh white snow.
We sit together so warm by the fireplace so bright,
cuddling close in your arms and hold you so lovingly tight.
This dream costs nothing, not even if you want it to come true,
this is more than beautiful, sharing Christmas with you…xxx

To all of our dearest friends and loving family we share,
even those who left and those who have stayed,
wishing you all a Merry Christmas with hugs and kisses…xxx

We are Family

Snap_11874555845063f383a593aIt doesn’t matter me of what you think,
or what you will say or do,
you may be confident that I,
shall be a friend to you.

Because I need you all so very much,
and as I will always say,
a person cannot really be,
a friend just for a single day.

I want to be there for you all,
to help you all here and now,
as much as my ability,
and time will allow.

I long to share your struggles and,
the burdens you all must bear,
and in so many other ways,
to show you all that I care.

So let me be a friend to you,
and add a bit of cheer,
to every day and every night,
of every coming year…xxx

Sometimes I feel myself just a little silly Dutch girl in a big world of IMVU, but I’ve met the most beautiful friends for life in here. I’m so very grateful to know you all and that I may be a part of the most loving family within this beautiful world. Thank you all so very much and I do love you all a lot…Wendy xxx

Will you Marry me Stephanie

Today was a very special all day for me. My dear sweet friends Katy and Susan had the most beautiful wedding. I also really want to thank them because they also helped me officially ask, my dear love Stephanie to marry me.

I’ve never been as nervous as today and with trembling knees, sweaty hands and fingers which were barely managed to find the right keys, I have written this little poem for her.

Stephanie…I love you with all my heart and want nothing more than sharing my life with you! I love you my darling…xxx

On hills of sunshine,
where love has no limits,
would you take my hand and follow me,
through clouds of dreams.

I will always cherish you,
and all these moments that,
leave me breathless.

Let me wrap my arms,
around your waist,
like a flower,
with such beauty, such grace.

Capturing your warm smile,
as your lips whisper softly,
like a spring breeze.

Stephanie I will ask you,
will you Marry me…xxx

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn…

Someone special has a birthday,
a yellow birdie told me so,
no it wasn’t tweety,
it’s not a bird you would know.

Kaitlyn is the birthday girl,
how old, we will never know,
but I won’t even speculate,
if you asked, her nose would grow.

She’s somewhere between 20 and 100,
she still has her teeth and hair,
but for me to guess and start rumors,
well, that just wouldn’t be fair.

So I’ll just say to you, happy birthday,
Kait, today it is your day,
may the things that make you smile,
be sure and come your way.

All of you will know this lady,
she’s the one who has an angels heart,
join us with the birthday wishes,
c’mon….lets all do our part,



Susan’s sailboat

Susan's sailboat journey

Such a special day…

From the first day when I saw you,
and saw the big smile that you wore,
I instantly felt a strong connection,
and knew I wanted more.

I had to do my very best,
just to have a chance,
or get you to look in my direction,
and nervous asking “May I have this dance?”.

And when I held your hand in mine,
and looked in to your eyes,
I saw a glimpse of loves reflection,
that was so hard to deny.

I had to take this daring venture,
one opportunity to make my play,
to win your precious hearts affection,
and take your breath away…xxx

IMVU friends…

I was going to write a poem for all of my friends within the virtual world of IMVU, but when I sat down trying to think of what to write about I realized that no paper could all of the happiness I receive from my best friends. Knowing that no matter what happens I still have my dear friends there to help me out in the in the good times and the bad always makes me smile. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up one day and knew that I didn’t have the friends I have now. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the many friends I have. I love them all so very much and thank you all for being there for me when I need you all the most. In good or bad times, friends like this are very special to me and will always remain my friends…xxx

I have still just written a poem to say…I love you all!!

Whenever the day we’ve met,
I never thought we’d be as close as we are,
I didn’t know we’d be best friends,
because in distance we are so far.

But now I know
that I couldn’t live without you,
you all I lean and depend on,
whenever I am feeling blue.

You won’t judge me,
for the things I do wrong,
You help me through,
and help me to stay strong.

You all help me through trouble,
never leaving my side,
even when we disagree,
you won’t run down my pride.

Sometimes I can be foolish,
and tend to turn things bad,
but I know I can count on you,
whenever I start to feel sad.

You all always seem to know
whenever I am feeling down,
but then you pick me up
and turn my thoughts around.

I worry about you,
a lot more than you know,
for I couldn’t stand to lose you,
your all the best persons I know.

I hope we never fall apart,
or slowly drift away,
you all are the best friends I have,
and I hope together we always stay…xxx

This is for my best friends. I am so thankful for you guys. I Love you all!

Sleep well…..

Sleep well my sweet angel,
turn out the light,
I wish I could be there,
lying with you here tonight.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
for I know in my heart,
that I am always with you,
we’re never apart.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
and know that I care,
I will never leave you,
I’ll always be there.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
the one who makes me always smile,
as you lie in bed awake,
will you think of me awhile.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
in your dreams I will be,
we’ll dance in a field of flowers,
until you wake and think of me.

Sleep well my sweet angel,
turn out the light,
I will soon be there,
lying with you another night…xxx

Fathers Day

daddys little imvu princess

Every year in this wonderful month of June,
we celebrate the greatest man in our life,
every daughters hero and sons image,
the man of the hour is our father.

Every year I am thankful to still have him,
what is so rare as a day in June, my Dad,
one of a kind, a man, a father, and he’s mine,
I love you dad, Happy Fathers Day.

I wish everyone a happy father’s day … xoxo WENDY


Just imagine you and me,
riding high above the sky,
watching clouds beneath our feet,
and fashion our heart’s dream by.

Just imagine you and me,
dancing in a field of flowers,
side by side, hand in hand,
slipping past all the hours.

And who’s to say that love and life,
is it really what it seems?
cause I know a place where you and I,
could live a thousand dreams.

It only takes your gentle smile,
for all else to lie apart,
and there you are, my loving lady,
within this very special heart…