Is IMVU Bad or Fake?

IMVU bad girls dancing

bad girls on imvu
Is email or texting less effective than talking or evil because you’re not actually talking to someone? Is it fake or stupid because you don’t really see the person you’re talking to? It certainly doesn’t replace talking to people in real life. You could say that email is fake or facebook friends are fake in a sense. I feel closer and more connected to friends on here than ones that I email with. There are people that get carried away with it and take it too far and spend too much time doing that. You could say that IMVU is more sexual, but a lot of people say that facebook has ruined their marriage when they hooked back up with people through it. So is facebook evil or bad?

The answer is that it’s not if you use it reasonably. Anything can be damaging or bad if you use it wrong or overdo it. Fast food or even vitamins can be bad for you if you don’t eat anything else. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to eat any fast food or vitamins. Yes, IMVU is addicting, but playing online games is addicting too. There are a lot of situations where IMVU can be really beneficial for people, giving them a social life that they wouldn’t have been able to have as much otherwise. I guess anything that is beneficial and so much fun is going to be addicting to some degree. And if you abuse anything it can have a downside.

I admit that I probably spend too much time on here. But the incredible fun and gratification you get here is still better for me than anything else, even when I divide it by the number of hours I’m here. So as long as it doesn’t cross over into real life, and I’m not spending too much money or taking too much time away from my family to hurt things significantly here, I think it’s a good thing. We are off the edge of the map to some degree, doing something so new that there really aren’t always answers. I guess that’s part of the reason I started this to try and figure these things out a little.

This is just one view though and there are probably as many different answers to this as there are different situations. So this is one post I think a number of people will be able to wade in on and add some perspective to.

Does a virtual relationship hurt your real life relationships?

virtual relationships

virtual relationshipsimvu relationships vs real lifeThat was an important question for me, being married and very worried about affecting my real life relationships and family. I have to admit that it does a little. But what surprised me, was how positive that can be. It does occasionally hurt it a little when my virtual relations are struggling. But at least for me, the ups were much more pronounced than the downs. And they never really competed or seemed as mutually exclusive as I was afraid it might.

I often refer to the Las Vegas rules, meaning what happens here stays here, but there is an exception, and that’s the warm loving feeling you get from the the love you can’t help but feel here. My Love asked me recently if I thought about her when I was with my RL spouse. I said that I didn’t really picture her, but I did feel her and her love, not only with my RL spouse, but in every relationship I have in RL or IMVU. You can’t help but spill that amazing loving feeling you get into everything in your life. I try to hide the tears, and share the love.

Can people really build real relationships with someone they’ve never met, never seen and never talked to?

Absolutely! You can not only build real relationships but can have even more powerful and deeper relationships in many ways. They do tend to be more fragile sometimes, and in some ways. It’s easier for something to get in the way at a great distance, someone to get jealous or distracted either in rl or imvu. The images on the screen are fake, but the people behind them are real.

So what is IMVU all about?

IMVU is an insane place that’s all about chatting, dancing, meeting new people, beautiful sexy cartoons, shopping, sexy clothes, strip clubs, parties of every description, and of course lots of sexiness, all in a reasonably safe virtual way. But the real secret that some people never figure out or that at least takes time to realize, is that under all that, IMVU is really about relationships. My webpage is designed to share both a little about one crazy milf’s perspective on IMVU and the unique Virtual Relationships that grow here.

Virtual relationships can also be amazingly powerful and develop much faster here in this crazy world than in real life, without all of the distractions and nuisances of real life. They seem like they’re built on pure emotion. That makes them grow faster but unfortunately they can also be less stable than real life ones too. Look around a little bit and I hope this is helpful in some small way.