Hypnotize yourself to have a good time in IMVU

IMVU Hypnosis and fun mind control

IMVU Hypnosis and fun mind controlA lot of fantasies and role playing scenarios are really an excuse to let go of yourself and your control. Most of the just aren’t as obvious as as Hypno. My favorite playmate, Ally (aka. the Princess of FUN) turned me on to it. And I have to say that adding that to my interests led me to more interesting people wanting to share that then any other word I’ve seen.

imvu mind control machineIt takes some faith and some time to really open up and feel this but in some ways I think IMVU is a great venue for hypnotism because its really all in your head in here anyway. Hypnotism doesn’t require any physical contact, so it’s actually more real than a lot of things that are much less real or believable in here. If you can feel a kiss or bite virtually, why can’t you listen and accept a suggestion.

I have only done this with a couple people but I’ve been extremely impressed with not just what they did or how fun it was, but how much they listened and honestly wanted to help and made a great comfortable and exhilarating experience. Whether you believe in this or have any experience with it or not hypnotism can definitely be a lot of fun. And if you are good at hypnotism send me a message or leave a comment!

Explore your Fairy Fantasy in imvu

I don’t think Fairies was really a big fantasy of mine before I came here. It’s cute but just doesn’t sound like it would be as sexy as some of the crazy things you find in imvu. But if you like intimacy, you should really try this. It can be the most intimate “magical” thing you’ll find in here. I don’t want to be that all the time. I like the bad girl role a lot too. But with some people this just seems so right and so amazing.

All it really takes to make a fairy is a cute (sexy?) white or light pastel look and a matching pair of wings, some soft music and a flying room or pose. A romantic setting and moonlight and some fire flies help too. It doesn’t take hard core poses, or graphic dirty talk. It takes some heartfelt love and is excellent if you’re more into intimacy than cyber. It can also build a stronger bond than your typical sexy scenario. It may be the uniqueness of it, or the sweet enchanted feeling, or maybe it’s because it seems to combine and build friendship as well as intimacy. I admit I still like vampires, submission and a lot of exciting crazy things in here, but Fairies are always one of the most special things to me.

I was also amazed at how many different fairy pics I actually had. The hard part was limiting myself to a handful of representative fairy pictures. Everyone of these was a beautiful loving time too. Even if this wasn’t a big fantasy you always thought of, you should try and have some fun with it.

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Sexy role play stories make imvu exciting

Sometimes I like to write a funny short story and then send it to some very dear friends from who I know they like to read this. Sometimes it will be a bit of a funny story and sometimes a slightly sexy…it’s all your imagination how to use it!! Have fun when you read this and maybe this will help you to write your own short story. Even a short story could end up in a big one when the friends you send it will sending you reply with their experiance or story…

This week my father had contact with a new American customer in connection with purchase and export of our Red Naomi roses. It was a very pleasant conversation and this new customer had been agreed to visit and admire our roses company. This new customer should landed today at the airport and my father had asked me to pick this new customer up from there. I had no idea who it was or how he would look like. A lot of people came through the doorway of arrivals 3 and my eyes immediately fell on an image beautiful lady in a fancy suit. I guess my father has already told to the customer of who I was or how I looked like, because this lady came walking straight towards me. She introduced herself as the new customer and after packing her suitcases,  we walked together to the car and drove back to our home. It where tough to hold my eyes on the road and not at the beautiful lady at the seat next to me. Trying not to pay much attention but I where a bit distracted when her business dress showed a part of her thighs.

Once arrived home my mother asked me to guide her with her suitcases to the guest room upstairs and told me to show her the bathroom where she could refresh herself up briefly after the long journey. We went upstairs and I guide her to her room and pointed out where the bathroom where. The bathroom was exactly between the guest room and my bedroom and have an entrance from both side to go in. I told her that I would wait in my bedroom, until she was ready and gave her some time to refresh before we should go downstairs again. Suddenly I noticed that I had forgotten a towel for her. I knocked on the bathroom door and called at the corner, that I had forgotten to gave her a towel. She said that I could come and when I walked into the bathroom she stood there in front of me with her back to the entrance door. The shower already running and half naked with only wearing her panties. I tried not to look and turned my head sideways. She turned around and started to laugh, took the towel and take my hand…

Short Fantasy Intros

sexy imvu cheerleaders

You can just go from chat to chat hoping something fun and exciting will just happen, and it does sometimes. Or you can take five minutes to make a sexy introduction with someone you really want to do something special with. Send this in a message and ask them to write a paragraph or two back and set up a time to share a great sexy adventure. I’ve written out a few short intros to give you the idea. They can be sent in a single message and will get you both excited and in the mood and make it fun.

sexy imvu cheerleadersCheerleader: Being the new girl in the school I wanted to meet people and make friends so I joined the cheerleading squad. The captain of the squad was a gorgeous very popular girl. I also had a secret crush on her so when she asked me to stay after to work on my “moves” I was very appreciative of her help.

I arranged to walk home and stayed after school to meet her. Maybe it was because it was a Friday but the school seemed practically empty very quickly. It meant giving up my Friday evening but as I changed into my cheer leading outfit I felt naughty and couldn’t help squeezing my breasts for a minute and fantasized a little. Checking my look in the mirror before leaving the locker room I noticed my nipples still stood out and smiled. She was stretching very sexily on the gym floor when I saw her and I couldn’t help but stop and admire her. She looked up and smiled very warmly to me without moving….

Missing You: I knew I’d miss you when I took this new assignment but I had no idea it would be this bad. I loved your letters do much and the sexy Skype calls became all I could think about for a while. So when I finally had some quiet time and I realized it was our 6 month anniversary I had to find a flight back to see you. I wasn’t sure I could keep it a secret but it was so worth it!

I called you from my cell phone when you got home and talked a little while, asking you what you wanted for our anniversary. It took a couple tries but you finally said all you really wanted was me. I was crying trying not to give it away and asked you to go upstairs to the bathroom. You open the door unable to say anything as you see the room full of candles and me laying in the bathtub, full of bubbles. Romantic music plays softly

French Maid: I saw the ad on the bulletin board at college for Light house keeping, French style, warm attractive personality, part time, evenings. I didn’t know what French style meant but I really needed the money. You sounded friendly when I met and you suggested that I come over tonight. It sounded fine when you described it but when you showed me the sexy French maid outfit I was very tempted to say no but also very turned on too. And with some coaxing I reluctantly agreed to try it on.

Layover: It felt like I’d been traveling for business forever. But on a whim I called you and then rearranged my flights to make a five hours layover between flights. I splurged and had several drinks on the plane thinking about my old college flame and by the time I went out through the security I was more than a little buzzed, but happy to see you run and hug me as passionately as ever, even after all these years.

sexy imvu shower pictureShower: I was so excited about tonight I raced home from work planning and debating what to wear the whole way home. He had said he wanted to do something special for our fifth date. Anything would be special and fun I’m sure and I wondered what he had in mind as I held up and compared outfits.

Then suddenly he called and said he was running early and was going to be there in a minute over half an hour early. I reluctantly agreed but said that I was going to take a shower and if he gets there before I’m out just to make himself at home for a few minutes. Hopping into the shower, I’m suddenly startled a few minutes later as you walk into the shower naked, saying something about “making yourself at home….” You ask if you can join me and all I can do is nod, feeling your fingers reaching out to my soft wet skin.

My Sexy Teacher

learning about love in imvu

learning about love in imvuIf there’s any doubt about the intensity of the emotions and things that just “happen” in here this video blows that out of the water.  We just started talking and wound up with another one of those once in a lifetime moments that seems to happen several times a week in here.  It used pretty mild GA pose (though there were lots of sexy ones in the room), and pretty mild GA clothes (because neither of us wanted to stop even for a few seconds).  But it was one of the sexiest talks that just slayed me.  If there was ever any doubt what makes someone sexy I think this proves it’s the emotion and words.

Girls Girls Girls in Concert

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? Katy’s wife Susan made a great rock concert room and we had such a blast there last night. She made a video of it to the music Girls Girls Girls, which is very appropriate. I’m going to work on some rock videos, but she did a good job with this one already! Thanks Susan.

How to turn a good costume into a great fantasy.

imvu costumes help make great fantasies

imvu ironmanShopping in IMVU is a lot of fun. Ive made some cool costumes though that I never wound up using. And sometimes I see someone with a great costume that I just don’t know how to get anything started with. I’m usually pretty creative but sometimes just need some help. This post isn’t about a specific fantasy as much as how to find the spark for a great fantasy for almost any character or situation.

A friend made a great Ironman costume. I liked the movies and the costume was excellent. But I just wasn’t sure how to get the ball rolling or in what direction to go with it. So I asked Google.

It took a couple minutes to find the right answer because most “ironman fantasies” are more about the triathlon in Hawaii. But I found a very interesting site with stories about all kinds of story, movie or cartoon characters. I haven’t actually had a chance to read it all and get back to him yet but now I’m really looking forward to it in stead of being stuck for what to do. So with a little luck maybe it’ll even be good enough for a video too.

If you have an ironman costume read this page and of you have a character costume search for it in the fun site:

Mile High IMVU Fantasy

IMVU Mile High Fantasy

mile high imvu fantasy in imvuThis was a very fun fantasy I think a lot of people have. My friend mentioned it and I found this room which was actually Sheri’s wife’s. I put on my sexy imvu stewardess outfit but then he suggested a twist, that I was a successful business woman on my way to an important meeting in Paris. And he was the fill in pilot.

This was a nice twist since I got to be the one being seduced, and it also made me think afterwards that a guy looking to do something special for his GF could do this very easily without much costume using a public room or making their own, pretty easily. Just put on a pilots uniform if you have one and tell a girl that their jet is ready and invite them. It could be a fun ride.

This video is just the clean part, but it’s pretty fun and will give you ideas for a great fantasy, which is the point of the fantasy section after all. The full video will be in the Private Section in a little bit. But the point is really to share the concept with you here which I hope you like.

It’s also on YouTube IMVU Mile High Club

How to start IMVU Fun in 1 sentence

how to start imvu sex

finding imvu sex opening lines
A lot of times I think people just don’t know how to get things started and one of the purposes of the site is to help make imvu sexy and fun for people. So I wanted to share an easy way to start the ball rolling.

Please sir, could you help me… My car broke down out on the road in the middle of a horrible thunder storm and you’re the only house for miles so I wanted to ask if I could borrow your phone and maybe stay until this storm passes.

You get bonus points if you have a thunderstorm mix and a wet T shirt to wear. Maybe a sexy bathrobe too. There are a lot of sexy imvu fantasies in the Fantasies section but you don’t have to make it elaborate. Just throw that out and start playing from there. The only thing I ask is that you post your experiences if you start with this opening.

The Dirty Maid Service

very sexy imvu maids

imvu sexy maid fantasy
This is a great starter scenario if you’ve never done much role playing. All you have to do is get a sexy maid dress, or give someone a sexy maid dress for that matter, and you almost can’t help but start an interesting conversation. If I had to pick the easiest first role playing scenario to start with, this is probably it.

Instead of writing up the scenario, for this one all I think you really need is a few good lines to get you started. Put on a costume and flirt a little and this is so easy and fun it’s almost a shame to call it role playing. Here are a few good lines you can use to spark things if necessary.

“Do you have anything dirty I can clean for you?”

“I know I’m not very good at cleaning but I really need this job and will do anything I can to keep it.”

~smiling coyly as she bends over, her short dress rising up revealingly…

“I don’t do windows, but I have been known to do a few other fun things.”

“smiling as she runs the feather duster lightly along your leg, slowly coming to rest, rubbing softly against your crotch for a moment, before turning and giggling as she walks away.”

“You watch as she dances around the room her body barely contained by the sheer and sexy maids costume.”

“You may be cleaning but you’re sure giving me a lot of dirty thoughts.”

Can you think of any other interesting lines to use??

Twice as good with IMVU Twins

My IMVU Twin Lyn

my imvu roleplaying twinOne of the most amazing things about this crazy place is the degree of connection you can develop with people. And with some people this seems an almost impossibly powerful. We have been experimenting on a couple very special sets of twins and seem to have expanded dramatically the already exhausting biological connection. 

Our testing has been extremely promising and we’re ready for the first field tests.  Each twin will take the experimental drug before sexual activity. We are studying how much their twin can experience and feel when the other twin has sex.  It works best with  the twin in the room or at least nearby.  Some subjects are reported to experience 100% of the effect of their twin and so people claim that the drug heightens all feelings during sex so this looks very promising however significant additional testing is planned.  Test subjects must be prepared to have a hot imvu threesome too because it really is twice as good with twins.

IMVU Sex Slave Fantasy RP

Imvu Sex Slave

sex slave from hell
This is a different kind of intro. It’s something you can just say on the fly whispering or out loud.

sex slave collar necklace
You notice the attractive blonde standing quietly almost coyly watching like she’s waiting for something. 

You look more closely for something you can ask her about or use to break the ice when you notice her necklace says Sex Slave. 

You compliment her and see her shiver and moan silently. 

Smiling and feeling brave you ask, So does that mean you have to obey? 

Nod nod

(As a sex slave I get great pleasure from compliments and from doing what I’m told.)