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Who’s website is this anyway?

kissing my imvu sweetheart Wendy

kissing my imvu sweetheart WendyThis isn’t just my website, it’s all of ours, my friends and really everyone at IMVUs. I love seeing comments and especially getting such great articles from my friends. I kind of feel like its my job to show the world how much fun IMVU is and how to make it fun.

The only thing I like more than hearing from people on the website is meeting people from the website. They tend to be higher quality like minded people. I don’t make money at this. I do it for the same reason I do IMVU, because it’s fun and I enjoy it. Meeting great people and making friends is payment enough.

So if you have something to share we’d love to see it and if you read and enjoy this, please leave comments or even better, come say hello in imvu. You might have to write a message first though since I don’t always accept random invites or requests. But meeting people is a big part of the fun in IMVU and the website.

You know you have a story in here. Lets share it!

Who am I? (Katy edition)

katys imvu family

katys imvu familyI was asked to introduce myself recently… Such an interesting question to ask who yourself who you are. This is what I wrote:

I love art and philosophy and history and science and even math. I love dancing and butterflies and rainbows and kittens and chocolate! I love happy silly pop songs and musicals and opera and jazz. I love Susan.

Katy is the cutest girl in imvuMost importantly I love my family. I was lost adrift for so long on imvu, finding only meaningless hookups. Finding lots of momentary fun but finding no meaning, no magic. I was missing my family. Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad. I missed you all so bad.

I believe love conquers all. And discord and drama only exists because ever since the tower of babel fell, people must struggle to understand each other. Feelings and thoughts get lost so easily, actions misinterpreted so easily, especially online. Openness is key. And love conquers all.

What am I looking for?

what are you looking for?

what are you looking for?Someone asked me this and it got me thinking a little how it’s changed and grown. When I first started here I was just looking for a safe way to feel sexy. Now I kind of want more. I still want to feel sexy but I have gotten kind of spoiled and know how much more this can be. I want to know your heart and have a magical intimate moving experience.

I like sex but don’t just want sex. Feeling sexy doesn’t even require sex as much as it does intimacy but good sex creates a feeling of intimacy. So many people who think this place is all or mostly about sex have no idea that they’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I think we’re all here because we want to be loved. (Am I talking about real life or imvu? Or is it true for both??)

looking to be loved in imvuI also want my friends to be happy and I want to please and love them. In some ways I’m actually best at being a second place safe and loving best friend. I love seeing my friends in love just as much as I love being so connected. I bounce around a lot and wear my heart on my sleeve a little too much sometimes. A friend and I were talking earlier today and she takes her time opening up and sizing people up before getting close. I am the opposite. I jump right in and then try to figure out afterwards if it’s the right thing.

What do I not want? I don’t want to own anyone or be owned all the time, although I do like to submit to someone strong that I can love and respect. I don’t need gifts or credits. They are a nice way to say you love someone and a way to show your appreciation though. I certainly don’t need drama or an attitude. I’m also not looking for anything real life. I realize I’m in a minority here when I say I have a great marriage and family but I do.

Living on the fun side of the island

The best couple on IMVU

The best couple on IMVU
The best part of a relationship is the head over heels falling in love part. In reality this tends to be kind of rare but in here it can happen so often that you get addicted. I call this “the fun side of the island” from the first Madagascar movie. It’s not shallow, it’s actually very heart felt. I have amazing connections and real heart felt relationships.

a new imvu loveAdd to this my golden retriever personality, and wearing my heart on my sleeve and I admit I tend to get carried away in a good way (or at least a fun way!). A less nice way to say it is what one of my first gfs called me, an intimacy whore. I guess this is probably true, but I don’t look at it as a bad thing.

imvu moonlit lovePart of this is probably my real life and what I need. Not having real life potential frees me up in some ways but it limits how far I can go or how serious I can be in a sense too. I bounce around too much in here sometimes and honestly just love loving. I give my heart away a lot, maybe too much. But that’s what I do and to me it’s the best part of this crazy place. I don’t expect anything or want anything from anyone and I NEVER want to hurt anyone. I love pleasing people and love living my fantasy life on the FUN side of the island.

It’s just to show I Love You!

know that you are truly loved

know that you are truly lovedTo the person giving me a hard time for giving them things, I put my finger to your lips Shhhhhh…. I don’t give you something to buy anything or expect anything. I give things for the feeling it gives you and the feeling it gives me. So smile and be happy and let me enjoy that feeling. I don’t do it to buy your love but to express mine.

The purpose of credits is to make people feel good. Look at it as buying you a drink. It’s just to make you feel good and let you know that I appreciate you. So smile and know that you are loved.

What do I do?

imvu ambassador

imvu ambassador
Someone asked me in a message what I do here. It’s an interesting question, though I’m not sure if most people really know or have a job here per say. I guess in a sense I’m lucky having found a fun job that I have a great time with here. Anyway here’s the answer that I thought was worth putting up here.

Sometimes I say I’m the IMVU Ambassador, trying to show the world how amazingly fun this place can be. Sometimes I say I’m the IMVU Fantasy Developer, because I like the fantasies section of my website and I try to help people live out exciting fantasy scenarios. Overall I’m just trying to help the whole imvu world a little and having a ball.

I’m not really looking for anything specific but I also like to pick good people’s brains and learn what I can to try to teach IMVU. There’s just a lot of things that it seems like we all have to learn by trial and error in here and I’m trying to create a fun happy resource to help teach a little of that and make it easier to explain to someone outside what this place is like. I guess that’s a long answer to your short question, but it was a good one.

Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have

hapiness in imvu

hugging one of the must fun girls on imvu
I know I’m not the first person to say that but I really am having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have!  Sometimes I say it differently, that I’m the luckiest girl in Imvu. If you feel like you are, I won’t argue because I’m glad for you, especially if we are friends. But I have the most amazing loving friends, which you can see in here a little. 

I also have mind blowing once in a lifetime sexy adventures oh… at least several times a week. I get to basically live one fantasy after another.  My job so to speak, if you could call it that, is to live out fantasies and share them here, along with enough good advice and stories about Imvu to make it a valuable resource for everyone. 

I have several things irl that could probably depress me if I wasn’t here. My husband has had a lot of physical challenges and they are actually especially bad this past week.  But I am anything but depressed and am able to honestly whisper to him that I would do anything for him and help him much easier having this insane place. None of our realities are perfect. But this does fill a need and help me to be there more patiently and lovingly than I think I would have been able to be otherwise.  

kait i love you head sign cliffsSo I’m the luckiest girl in the world and having more fun than anyone should be allowed to have but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. The most amazing part though is being able to honestly say that in spite of everything else, not because of it. That really is very special and I appreciate IMVU very much. I hope you stick around and have at least half as much fun as I do.

How does being Married irl affect my imvu?

my imvu girl

my imvu girl
Being married irl means I’m just here for fun to some degree. I guess everyone is but more specifically it means I can’t cross into real life. Anything irl to me becomes cheating and could definitely mess up my real life and my ability to come in here all together.

I have to put RL first more than my single friends. They have to put it first too but it’s more mandatory if you’re married not to mention have kids. The most likely reason for me to have to leave here is probably if my husband has a problem with it. So I obviously have to be more sensitive in that area.

I have seen several married people have problems or at least issues. I don’t feel like that really takes away too much from my experiences here though. In some ways being careful frees me up and lets me have more fun. Being married also makes me nervous sometimes about being too serious or close emotionally to guys. Maybe I compensate with girls who are better at the soft emotional side. Guys often seem to only want sex which I understand. It’s when it goes to much past that, I start to get nervous.

I love sex but really love the intimacy most and don’t actually even need sex for that. Sometimes single people think married people don’t get lonely. They can be even more lonely. I honestly have fewer options than single people and they are all pretty negative. So maybe being married I’m more dependent on this. One other side note I realized recently is that I can’t just change my name and hide if someone was hassling me because of the website.

Getting in the mood

Don’t ask me about this one in person because it’s embarrassing and I don’t want to talk about it. I wasn’t sure whether I should even write about this.  I really don’t like to talk about real life when I’m visualizing sexy things in a chat. I think it’s because to me crossing into real life is where it becomes cheating and I come here for the fantasy.  But late at night I like to watch something sexy while I’m on imvu.  I like Cinemax or as we call it Skin-omax.  I like it because it’s sexy but I don’t feel guilty because it doesn’t feel like porn.

If I’m feeling really bad, I also like RedTube, which is like an adult version of youtube.  Someone also told me about PornHub recently too.  Unfortunately Lacey isn’t around any more but we used to watch movies together talking about it and teasing each other.  When I first started doing videos I used to make mostly porn. It just seemed more fun and I even uploaded a few to Redtube so Holly could see them.  They are only for friends and I don’t add many friends there or even watch them any more.  I guess I’ve kind of grown a little more and prefer making movies that I can at least share with someone or part of on the website.  I also wind up keeping my clothes on more now because I want the pictures to be usable, because I find that I just can’t really use or share the bad ones as much.

A lot of this probably belongs under the category of TMI, too much information! The point of this post was that watching something sexy can make you feel sexier and it even gives you something fun to describe and can make your chat sexier and more descriptive. I admit I can’t or at least don’t do half of the things I see in movies, but sometimes it’s fun to have that inspiration while playing with imvu friends. If you know me you know that IMVU isn’t just sex to me, it’s relationships and being able to open up your heart to special people. But sometimes a little alcohol and sexy TV does make it more enjoyable, hopefully for my partner as well as myself.

There’s a video that went with the picture above, Fairys gone wild, but I put it into the private section for a little too much nudity and threesome sex.

To My VBFF Kait

I wish I had the gift of chat that Kait has to let herself flow on the pages of her web page but I don’t. I will do my best however because she so deserves it so here goes:

I met her shortly before my first marriage here. To say I thought she might be my rival at the time is an understatement. My wife to be had just met her and suddenly she was her Maid of Honor. Somehow though during that somewhat tumultuous period she was my mentor, my coach, my crying towel, my fixer would be no exaggeration. At one point she had the chance to be my rebound girlfriend (yes Kait you missed your chance) but she traded that to repair the damage of a lie. Probably the wrong choice because it ended following much deeper and disturbing lies, but as you can see I have survived that but a lot has to do with Kait being who she is.

As I travel a lot for work, it is only fitting that I take my friends with me when I go. The first person I look for when signing on is my lovely wife Kimmi, (more about that in a second) then Kait, who doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to Kimmi. After all it is her fault and my luck that she introduced me to her. My only regret is that someday I would love to meet her in a real life coffee shop, sit and look into her sparkling eyes and tell the woman how much she has meant to me in my life, but Kait’s rules apply.

As you travel throughout IMVU you will find lovers, spouses, casual friends, enemies, haters, and really really strange people, this world is a lot like the real one. But to all you out there in our special world, I’m terribly sorry but I have grabbed this one’s Very Best Friend Forever and we claim each other. Don’t let that deter you however; your VBFF is out there you just have to keep looking…but….


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Kaits week in Review

kaits crazy imvu adventures

Kait dancing with imvu family
I had an idea for a fun post. This doesn’t fit into any category exactly so I’ll stick in into About Me. I take a lot of pictures of everything I do in here. This morning I had 239 Megs of pics and a few video clips before lunch, (I know crazy right). Anyway I thought it might be fun to make a quick review of this past week in IMVU. It shows in a cute way the diversity of this crazy world and how much fun it can be. All I did was pick out a picture or two from each group and sort them by date order and throw in some music and a title.

No two people will ever have the same experience in here, and I admit this probably means more to me than anyone else watching this cause these are all memories to me. But it seems to make my sleep deprived week seem good and worthwhile somehow. My awesome friends are what made it so amazing, and you’ll see quick glances of them. I hope this says in an interesting way just a little bit of why IMVU is so addicting and can be so mind blowingly fun. It sort of shows why it feels like time passes quicker in here. It’s never boring and you never know what you’re going to be doing even an hour from now. It also shows why I feel like the luckiest girl in the world in here. Just another week in IMVU…

Would you like a Dance?

new imvu dancer

come see sexy imvu dancers
I’m just starting to dance. I was always kind of intrigued with that before but made me nervous at the same time. I know a few imvu girls that do well with it. I kind of figure that it’s part of the imvu experience and if I only do it one night a week it won’t change my attitude or make things less fun or take me away from my friends very much. 

I come here to feel sexy and have fun and I love to flirt and play.  So this seems like a natural thing to try.   Some clubs have rules that the girls can’t actually do anything but tease. I like teasing but I kind of want to be able to do more though if I want to, so I’m going to try a club that does escorting too. I don’t fake things and want to really enjoy it though so I have to wait till late at night when everyone here is asleep.  Anyway come see me if you can tonight for a sexy imvu dance. I’ll leave my location on when I’m there so feel free to join me if you can too.