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Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of Romance and Love. Romance is love in its active state, ignited and inspired. Valentine’s Day may feel like a holiday forced on us by the “greeting cards factory’s, jewelry stores and floral greenhouse industries”, but the truth is that we have accepted it because we recognize and value its purpose.
Love that never inspires romance is stagnant and stale. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to ignite our existing relationship with romance, and love with an added dose of romance will result in a stronger, longer lasting and far more satisfying relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day

As we watch how the the sun go down,
I just want to let you know,
my love for you will last forever,
and I’ll never let you go.

You are the one I’ve been searching for,
the one I have finally found,
without you my darling in my life,
my world wouldn’t turn around.

The love and joy you bring into my heart,
which is so very true and kind,
is something in no other,
I could truly ever found.

Today isn’t just an ordinary Valentines Day,
it’s all about me and you,
about the loving feeling we both share,
and how it is continue grow.

It isn’t all about the chocolates,
neither about a dozen roses,
it’s about the love we found,
and how much we’ve been blessed.

Everything will happen with a reason,
I believe this statement is true,
that’s why you were sent to me,
and why I was sent to you.

I’ve never been more happy,
as I am with you,
even through rough times,
we’ll always make it through.

To be with you for eternity,
is all I want for me and you,
and I’ll promise you, with all my heart,
you’re my one and only, true love!

Happy Valentine’s Day…xxx

I didn’t get to say goodbye…

Usually I would not write something in personal on the blog of IMVU Tips but today, with tears in my eyes did I had strength enough to write something personal!

Last Wednesday evening I received a message from Frederique, my classmate for the past 4 years. Her message sounded so happy, she and her father were invited to visit a client’s location in Kuala Lumpur, just in time before we get to hear if we passed our school examination. Her last message to me said, “Wendy, until next week, a little exciting, but we will get that examination, really, see you soon xxx”.


“Hello mum, bye daddy, bye grandpa, bye grandma, bye brother, bye sister, bye boyfriend, bye girlfriend.”

It sounded solid Thursday morning for a check in at flight MH17, Malaysia Airlines. An exuberant atmosphere, families with suitcases, young people with backpacks. Already wearing summer shorts, or even had their sunglasses on their heads to meet the sun.

“Happy holidays and, hey watch out”. One last hug and then run through the customs. Again they look back, again waving. They laugh, “Bye bye, we’ll meet you again in about three weeks”.

Screaming and excited they’re left unaware it would end tragically.

Nobody even had a thought that this could be the last time, the last hug, the last words! Would she still be angry about last week? Does he know how much I love him? Would she have known? Would it have hurt?

On July 17, 2014 at 12:14 departed flight MH17 from Malaysia Air, with 298 passengers for their destination to sunny Kuala Lumpur, to celebrate holidays, to visit family or to switch to another flight.

2.5 hours later the plane crashed in the Ukrain. At first, it wasn’t clear whether it was an accident or an attack, but no one survived the disaster.

Schiphol Amsterdam, the Netherlands – destination “death”.

“Hello mum, dad day, day grandpa, grandma day, day brother, sister day, day boyfriend, girlfriend day”, Frederique and father, rest in peace.


Never go without saying goodbye,
never leave without a kiss.
Who will meet the fate,
can’t do it tomorrow.

Never go without talking,
that sometimes need a heart so much.
Of what you leave in the morning,
could be there at the evening no more.

Happy Second Year Anniversary!

The 24the of March, a day we both can’t forget…at 12 “o” clock, midnight hour my time, is a moment for us to share. At this moment, at this day we both are hopeless sweet devoted at each other!
Some people will think we both been crazy, two years in love at a world of IMVU! But we both know, we ain’t nuts, we ain’t crazy and we ain’t being in love with just an AVI of some kind of virtual world. It’s the person of who we love, the person behind the AVI, and this person means so much more for the both of us.

Steph, I love you…or how we would say in Dutch “Steph, ik hou van jou!”, I love you till our hair getting grey or till our faces will be fully filled of lines to betray our age…giggles.

Happy Second Year Anniversary Steph…xxxTwo Years Anniversary

I still remembering the first day we’ve met,
we’re both too shy to say much at all,
It is funny to think back at that moment,
because now we both having a ball!

They say, true friendship and love is rare,
an adage that I believe to be true,
to have a special bond is something that I cherish,
I am so lucky Steph, to have met you.

Our friendship is something really special,
It is something unique in his own way,
we have something irreplaceable,
oh Steph, I love you more and more each day.

Friends are forever and ever,
especially the bond that you and I possess,
I so love your fun-filled personality,
You’ll never fail for me to impress.

The world could use more people like you,
it would certainly be a much better place,
I love everything and all about you,
you are someone to me I could never replace.

Kusjes kusjes kusjes xxxYou are always there for me, no matter what,
when my day’s need a little lift,
I cannot thank you enough for that,
you are truly very special to me like a “wedding” gift.

You are everything to me Steph, more and more,
I could never express this at you enough,
life is such a treacherous journey,
without you, my days would be even more tough.

My darling, you are so special to me,
and hope you will know I will love you until the end,
I will always be there for you Steph,
you will always be my forever love and my very best friend…xxx

The best wishes for a Happy New Year of 2014

The whole new year of love and happiness in 2014 is touching our feet and we will be very soon saying “bye bye” at the year of 2013. We’ll welcome 2014 with a lot of good wishes and feelings very soon. On this day of “Happy New Year 2014”, wishes and greetings will be sent to all of our friends and relatives by the people within IMVU all over the world.

On 31st eve, the count down will start for new year 2014. At this way do I wish everyone a wonderful 2014 with lots of love and happiness and I’ll hope to see you soon back at the world of IMVU…kisses, kusjes xxx Wendy

Happy New YearWe look back while the months pass by,
as a new year of 2014 starts and the year of 2013 ends,
we contemplate what brought us joy,
and we’ll think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all of our happy times,
remembering how they enriched our lives,
we reflect upon who does really counts,
as a fresh and bright new year arrives.

And when I ponder those who do,
I did start immediately to be think of you.
thank you for being one of this reasons,
and wish you all a Happy Bright New Year…xxx

The new IMVU messaging

Wendy looks at imvus new messagingA few weeks ago did IMVU announced their new and improved messaging system to send messages with each other person within the virtual world of IMVU.

Some new features of this messaging box are that you could read what you have sent, you could easily see which messages are new, and there’s an ability to be able to send a message to multiple people simultaneously. I think the new system makes it a little easier to send quick messages just to stay in touch with people you talk to regularly.

This new messaging will be only available for your “inbox” on the website while your “inbox” remains unchanged in your 3D chat client. IMVU will be change this experience at a later date which probably sometime in the first months of 2014.

The new messages tab has a brand new look, a preview panel on the left and a detailed view panel on the right. You can click on the “New Message” link on the right side to initiate a message. You can click on a message seen in the preview panel to read it in its entirety in the detailed view panel and respond. It also has a yellow triangle on the top right corner for messages you have received but haven’t opened yet in the preview column.

There’s another new benefit of the messaging panel. You can simply archive a message that you no longer want in your Inbox. It is not deleted but archived and you can move it back to the inbox if you choose to do so. No more accidental deletion of messages. Though I find it doesn’t seem to archive or hide them for me in Chrome.

I always had some trouble with messages on my iphone, but the old system at least worked. The new system doesn’t work for me on my iphone. I have to switch back to the old message system to be able to send messages on the webpage with my iphone.

What will be the difference while you use the old messaging box verses the new messaging box!!V-sign near the profile picture

With the old inbox can you easily see if someone’s online by the green Check Mark sign near the profile picture of the sender of a message. You can’t tell if someone’s online with the new inbox unless you click on their picture to open the card. The other difference is it’s harder to edit things with the new inbox because you have such a small typing field.

The worst part of the new messaging inbox to me though is, when someone sends a group message it doesn’t show up at all in the old inbox. This was how I missed Kait’s “Birthday Party” which Katy and Susan organized for her… sighs.

So don’t be mad at people when they do not reply to a group message with the new messaging feature. It could be possible that they are using the old version instead of the new version and didn’t get the message you’ve sent him/her. So it’s not perfect but I think this is a step forward and I’m very glad that they’re working on and trying to improve things. Hopefully they’ll continue to address these things and have it all fixed real soon.

In any case, keep messaging, whether you use the old or the new version or only send messages in the 3D chat client. IMVU is about connecting and messaging is an important part of that and can definitely help you keep in touch with important people.

Loves xxx Wendy 

Welcome back my dearest friend :)



Good friends are special, because they are always so kind,
but our friend Kait is a special friend, a better friend you couldn’t find.
Kait teaches us always to be happy like sisters and brothers,
she is always there for us, and always helping others.

A friend like Kait is always there to listen and to lend you an ear,
a friend like her will gave you a hug, and wipe away you’re tear.
She’s not just a friend, to help you through,
even a friend like Kait could use our love in days like this, of all of you…xxx

Kaitlyn…we love you xxx

Happily married…our congratulations…xxx

Kaitlyn & Taylor happily marriedA marriage is a human bond,
where two loving hearts become one,
sharing all their life’s joys and trials,
in all of your days to come.

Whether sunny days or stormy nights,
the love you both share becomes the glue,
that will hold your world together,
and will see you safely through.

Whatever challenges life will brings,
it is no longer just “I” or “me”,
a marriage and those vows you’ve taken,
have changed the “me” into “we”.

These two hearts married today to each other,
their lives united now as “one”,
what God and law have joined together,
let nothing cause to come undone.

Let nothing come betSnap_fX5JCtz8Ml1645274607ween the both of you,
and always keep the other’s trust,
may love mend any disagreement,
before the dawn has turned to dusk.

Be kind and gracious toward each other,
always in truth and charity,
these marriage vows you’ve taken,
have changed your “me” into “we”.

Marriage is a human bond,
where two hearts become just as one,
sharing all life’s joys and trials,
in all your days that has to come.

May your life be filled with showers,
of blessings from high above,
and may you always and forever,
be very truly much in love…xxx

Words of love…

Some people could write aSnap_CWKpAGCrlj1699300571bout love & beauty,
while others will show their pure heart,
all of their words often are about love,
while the word “love” is not even mentioned.

Words of gentle love brings great pleasure & joy,
some words have arms which embracing me,
gentle sweet words touch me to the core,
so I can feel their presence deep inside me.

A gift to write so beautiful and embrace someone,
is one of the greatest gifts a writer will share,
whether it is a letter to a friend, someone you love or family,
words capture sweet feelings and shared memories.

Words will always be my greatest passion in life,
even at times when it is not just the words themselves,
it is the manner in which they are presented,
for me, words define the greatest love of all…xxx

Happy Mothers Day…

Happy Mothers Day Kaitlyn

Wishing you some happy songbirds,
to welcome you each and every morning.
Wishing you some lovely colored flowers,
to brighten each day of spring.
Wishing you so much fun and laughter,
and each day sharing and caring.
And all of this sweet joy,
that each new day can bring.
Wishing you…oh what more could I say,
I wish you a very special Mother’s Day…xxx

PrePay Card Contest at IMVU with Grand Prizes

PrePay Card ContestWe are looking for new IMVU Prepaid Card artwork and we want YOU—our talented community members–to make it! IMVU is hosting a contest to give you the chance to create 2 brand new Prepaid Card designs. If your art wins, it could be featured on IMVU Prepaid Cards available in stores near you!

Contest Dates

Submission period begins on February 7 and ends February 21
Judging period begins February 22 through February 28
Wendy's second card layoutTentative winner announcement date is March 1


Grand prize (1st place):
–The chance to have your artwork on a Prepaid Card, available in stores, and delivered to you!
–200,000 credits
–Promotion via our marketing channels

2nd place:
–100,000 credits

3rd place:
Wendy's third card–50,000 credits

Click at the link down below and you can read the whole page of the contest!

Have fun with it and good luck too all of you…xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!

when you're sick in imvuEven in a difficult time like this, I want you all to know how much I love you!
At this moment it is a very difficult time for me. This is because my grandmother, on her birthday Tuesday, had a double heart attack. I want to thank you all so very much for all the support, the messages and prayers you’ve send me. This really means a lot to me, to know that there are friends at the other side of the Atlantic ocean who cares for you. It’s too emotional to thank you all in private but I’m sure you all will understand this. Thank you all for everything!


Happy Valentine`s Day to all my dearest friends,
I wish you all happiness that will never ends.
Now this special day of love is here,
may you have memories to last through the year.
Valentines Day is a day to show you care,
like I care for my special friends on line and everywhere.
I just could not let this special day go,
without writing this verse to let you all know.
How much I care for all my special friends,
we’ve made some friendships that never ends.
Valentines Day is not just for romance you know,
so take the love in your heart and let it show…xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!

IMVU and real life, sometimes a tough combination!

Story writingSometimes it’s difficult to find the right balance in IMVU, especially when your pressure at work increases. Sometimes it gets hard to keep up and IMVU and real life don’t always mix well. We all have a life and sometimes life just gets in the way or your fun, making it hard to even keep in touch with my best friends in this crazy virtual world.

I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time on DND or AWAY mode the last few weeks because I usually try to spend as much time I can in “our” public dream room. It’s kind of been my home away from home lately. I just love how the room relaxes me during this stressful and hectic period in real life. Even if I can’t always be “physically or mentally” present it is so soothing –lol-. Do not hesitate to just came in once in a while for just a simple hello or even a snuggle in. Something I really miss lately!!

This all has made me think of how it might be when I turn my back at this virtual world for a while or even leave IMVU for a period! Would anyone really miss me or would there be anyone who even thinks of that crazy girl from the Netherlands?

I still try to send some messages to various friends and sometimes even a story with several episodes. This isn’t always easy because English isn’t my native language and sometimes I need to use a translator to find the right words. Do not hesitate to dive into your pen…or I guess your keyboard. Make up a story, send a message or reply at something someone else send you. I feel the magic of a smile when someone reads something I wrote. I always smile when I send that new message knowing how it helps keep us close.Reading messages and poetry

I can never leave IMVU for several reasons. I know down to the bottom of my heart that I’ve found the most beautiful true love and this is something I couldn’t even dare to dream about for a long time. The feeling of being in love is something magical than I can’t even find words for. And the friendships that I’ve built within this virtual world of IMVU with the most special people. That’s why even though it’s hard, life gets in the way for all of us, it’s important to have this sanctuary, filled with friends and love supporting and caring about you. So send messages and keep in touch even through the busy times. Send that smile and feel the magic of connecting because your friends need it as much as you do!!

Happy New Year my dear friends…

happy new year 2013 imvuIt’s almost here… 2012 is almost passed and 2013 is here! Wow, this year flew by really fast. We all start the year with such good intentions for the New Year. One friend’s resolution to do more for sports, one promised to stop smoking and another said just to be happy like the way she is and has no resolutions for this New Year.

This was my first year in IMVU. I noticed an ad for it a year ago, and was very curious after reading about it. I had never heard of IMVU or anything like this before and really never gave it much thought. I figured I’d probably stay a few weeks or months at most. But now a year later I am so glad to say, I have met some wonderful and dear friends from all over the world and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

happy 2013 in imvuFor some of my friends here, I live in the future and the new year comes several hours sooner. The time difference can be strange and make it difficult to wish everyone in personal a happy New Year. So I’ll post it here on Kaitlyn’s webpage.

I wish everyone a very lovely, sexy and fun, happy New Year but most of all with lots of luck and good health in the future. Have a great New Years eve and I’ll see you soon again in the future of 2013!

New Years come and new Years go,
pieces of a fun time all in a row.
As we live our life, each second and minute,
we know we’re privileged to have you all in it.
Our appreciation will never ends
for our greatest blessings, our family and dear friends.

Happy New Year to all my dear friends…xxx

Merry Christmas to our lovely friends…xxx

Merry Christmas to all of our Stephanie & Wendy

The snow is falling so beautiful and white,
we walking together hand in hand so tight.
Softly whispers in my ear something sweet,
stopping along the way as our eyes gently meet.
Inside one of the shops we stop for a little while
I’m touched and overwhelmed by your loving smile.

Merry Christmas xxxInside a small cafe where we decide to dine,
when your hand gently reaches over and touches mine.
Christmas carols soft and gently fills the air,
the candlelight flickers with beauty of the love we share.
Looking deeply into your sparkling eyes so green,
this is the most wonderful Christmas I’ve ever seen.

Taking my hands softly in yours when you ask me to dance,
sharing a beautiful night of happiness, love and sweet romance.
The Christmas lights in the tree shining sparkling bright,
when I hold your hand and softly kissing you by candlelight.
Drawing me so near to you listening at a beautiful song,
feel our hearts together beating so close and so strong.

Inside the small cafe the fireplace so beautifully set aglow,Merry Christmas xxx
outside is falling a pretty blanket of fresh white snow.
We sit together so warm by the fireplace so bright,
cuddling close in your arms and hold you so lovingly tight.
This dream costs nothing, not even if you want it to come true,
this is more than beautiful, sharing Christmas with you…xxx

To all of our dearest friends and loving family we share,
even those who left and those who have stayed,
wishing you all a Merry Christmas with hugs and kisses…xxx

We are Family

Snap_11874555845063f383a593aIt doesn’t matter me of what you think,
or what you will say or do,
you may be confident that I,
shall be a friend to you.

Because I need you all so very much,
and as I will always say,
a person cannot really be,
a friend just for a single day.

I want to be there for you all,
to help you all here and now,
as much as my ability,
and time will allow.

I long to share your struggles and,
the burdens you all must bear,
and in so many other ways,
to show you all that I care.

So let me be a friend to you,
and add a bit of cheer,
to every day and every night,
of every coming year…xxx

Sometimes I feel myself just a little silly Dutch girl in a big world of IMVU, but I’ve met the most beautiful friends for life in here. I’m so very grateful to know you all and that I may be a part of the most loving family within this beautiful world. Thank you all so very much and I do love you all a lot…Wendy xxx

Will you Marry me Stephanie

Today was a very special all day for me. My dear sweet friends Katy and Susan had the most beautiful wedding. I also really want to thank them because they also helped me officially ask, my dear love Stephanie to marry me.

I’ve never been as nervous as today and with trembling knees, sweaty hands and fingers which were barely managed to find the right keys, I have written this little poem for her.

Stephanie…I love you with all my heart and want nothing more than sharing my life with you! I love you my darling…xxx

On hills of sunshine,
where love has no limits,
would you take my hand and follow me,
through clouds of dreams.

I will always cherish you,
and all these moments that,
leave me breathless.

Let me wrap my arms,
around your waist,
like a flower,
with such beauty, such grace.

Capturing your warm smile,
as your lips whisper softly,
like a spring breeze.

Stephanie I will ask you,
will you Marry me…xxx

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn…

Someone special has a birthday,
a yellow birdie told me so,
no it wasn’t tweety,
it’s not a bird you would know.

Kaitlyn is the birthday girl,
how old, we will never know,
but I won’t even speculate,
if you asked, her nose would grow.

She’s somewhere between 20 and 100,
she still has her teeth and hair,
but for me to guess and start rumors,
well, that just wouldn’t be fair.

So I’ll just say to you, happy birthday,
Kait, today it is your day,
may the things that make you smile,
be sure and come your way.

All of you will know this lady,
she’s the one who has an angels heart,
join us with the birthday wishes,
c’mon….lets all do our part,


Such a special day…

From the first day when I saw you,
and saw the big smile that you wore,
I instantly felt a strong connection,
and knew I wanted more.

I had to do my very best,
just to have a chance,
or get you to look in my direction,
and nervous asking “May I have this dance?”.

And when I held your hand in mine,
and looked in to your eyes,
I saw a glimpse of loves reflection,
that was so hard to deny.

I had to take this daring venture,
one opportunity to make my play,
to win your precious hearts affection,
and take your breath away…xxx

IMVU friends…

I was going to write a poem for all of my friends within the virtual world of IMVU, but when I sat down trying to think of what to write about I realized that no paper could all of the happiness I receive from my best friends. Knowing that no matter what happens I still have my dear friends there to help me out in the in the good times and the bad always makes me smile. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up one day and knew that I didn’t have the friends I have now. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the many friends I have. I love them all so very much and thank you all for being there for me when I need you all the most. In good or bad times, friends like this are very special to me and will always remain my friends…xxx

I have still just written a poem to say…I love you all!!

Whenever the day we’ve met,
I never thought we’d be as close as we are,
I didn’t know we’d be best friends,
because in distance we are so far.

But now I know
that I couldn’t live without you,
you all I lean and depend on,
whenever I am feeling blue.

You won’t judge me,
for the things I do wrong,
You help me through,
and help me to stay strong.

You all help me through trouble,
never leaving my side,
even when we disagree,
you won’t run down my pride.

Sometimes I can be foolish,
and tend to turn things bad,
but I know I can count on you,
whenever I start to feel sad.

You all always seem to know
whenever I am feeling down,
but then you pick me up
and turn my thoughts around.

I worry about you,
a lot more than you know,
for I couldn’t stand to lose you,
your all the best persons I know.

I hope we never fall apart,
or slowly drift away,
you all are the best friends I have,
and I hope together we always stay…xxx

This is for my best friends. I am so thankful for you guys. I Love you all!

Role play, sub or slave…

Some time ago, a good friend asked me the question about the sub or slave role in imvu. First of all, I had no experience in this type of role play and I think I’m really not a sub or slave type. If someone would tell me to get on my hands and knees and bark like a dog, I would say “do this yourself.” But if a friend wanted this I would understand it now too, now that I’ve looked at it more closely. It will be their choice and I respect that, and most of all it still be my friend and neither or nothing will change that.

I did some homework about how to act being a good sub or even being a better slave. Hope this could help people with their choices!!

Being a sub can take on many forms: being a sex slave, being owned, being told what to do, crawling around on hands and knees at a master or mistress’s feet, being kept on a leash, feeding from a bowl, and of course being punished when naughty or rewarded when good. All of these scenarios stem from the same desire. The willing and joyful surrender of control. For a sub nothing can be more librating than this to step out of the “real world” relinquishes responsibility, worries, everyday pressures, and hand over their life to another. But being a slave or sub is not a one way exchange. It’s not about being helpless, being a victim, being lazy, and expecting someone else to do everything for you. It’s the eagerness to serve, to worship another, the willingness and desire to please. Being a good sub, it’s “THE DESIRE TO SERVE”.

A good slave should remember all rules set up by his or her owner. He or she will do their best to uphold those rules and keep within the agreed boundaries. Some subs like to push their owners, challenge their authority or be naughty. This only works if the dom/domme is compliant in such games. If not, the sub is breaking the rule by putting their own needs above their owner’s

A good sub should be aware of how to please a dom/domme in every way possible. If you discover that your master or mistress wanted to see you dressed as a cheerleader then turn up in this costume some day. While it’s important that a sub sticks to rules and does exactly as his or her owner tells them, surprises like this show that the sub has been listening, is thinking of the dom/domme, and is trying to please.

Nothing will annoy a master or mistress more than a whiny slave, complaining, being demanding, or trying to tell their owner what to do. If however a sub is suffering in a way not conducive to play their bound legs hurting. The slave should never tell their owner how to rectify the problem. That’s the owner’s role and not theirs

This is my story about sub or slave. Think twice when someone asks you and don’t make a decision like this unless you feel you’re ready for it. Don’t accept it to quick or you might regret it!

Explaining IMVU Photo Stream

There’s a new feature in IMVU called Photo Stream. This new future is at this moment only available for VIP’s and will be within a few weeks launched to the entire community.

Photo Stream allows IMVU members to capture and share their favorite IMVU moments with others! You can share and showcase your own photos and explore the latest fashion trends, décor styles and expressions of creativity by others. This is a way to make new friends who share your style and interests! IMVU also gives you as a bonus, 250 promotional credits for the first photo you share and 250 additional ones for the first “like” you get for that photo.

Use the camera tool to take your photos within your screen and then check the “[v] Share to my stream” option from the Save Photo dialog box. But be careful a couple people have accidentally shared pictures they didn’t mean to. Other people will see these photos in the recommended section of the stream, and could send you a friend invite or visit your IMVU home pages. They can also block and / or report you for inappropriate content if your pictures aren’t appropriate for everyone. So especially in the beginning be careful about any adult pictures here.

There’s a profit which are only for VIP Exclusive members. If you share a photo and someone purchases one or more products showcased in that photo, you earn 5% of the total purchase price for that order. The opportunity to earn these promotional credits is endless and I think this will be popular for developers to show off things.

IMVU is all about Friends

Exactly 7 months ago today, I stepped into IMVU. I didn’t know what it was or what I had gotten into. I was curious about being able to chat with people all over the world but I didn’t have a clue what to do or where to start or even if this was really what I wanted? It was fun to dress sexy and make different looks in IMVU, but choosing the right friends and build relationships can be very tricky! But after several weeks I met some people known and have become very special to me and I have to say, even a big part of my Life. Sometimes even bigger than my rl friends!!

Accepting people and building your friends list isn’t difficult in here, but finding the RIGHT people isn’t easy. Try to be yourself and be careful who you accept, ask before you send an invite. It takes some time before you know someone well enough to let your walls down speak and share your real heart felt feelings. Do not forget that behind all the pixels is someone with feelings and hopefully with their heart in the right place!

It feels really good to make close friends but it also hurts really bad when you lose that too. A little while ago I was thrown out of a room and immediately blocked by several people, wich I thought it where my friends simultaneously. At that moment I felt a lot of pain and briefly I thought that it could be better for me to leave IMVU. Luckily I stuck it out and made some new friends that I really love.

So as I look back after 7 months I can’t help but say the friends are amazing and why I’m here and what I love about IMVU. That’s why I wanted to shine the spotlight on all my dear, special friends. Ideally, I would like to thank everyone personally but I know they really appreciate this too and I won’t mention names so I don’t forget someone. The people who know me wwill smile when they read this. Thank you all for your sweet, loving and most dearest friendship in my life. I love you all so much…xxx

Like a teddy bear, full of love for my dear friends I like to say,
how you make my heart sing and how beautiful you are each day.
Your friendship and kindness makes me giggle always and today too,
I just love each day sharing my love and my friendship with you.

You all touched my heart and I thank you for the love we together share,
gives me giggles in my heart with the love together full of such care.
Like a teddy bear full of love and your precious friendship in every way,
I love you all my dear friends and this is all I needed to say…xxx

Sexy role play stories make imvu exciting

Sometimes I like to write a funny short story and then send it to some very dear friends from who I know they like to read this. Sometimes it will be a bit of a funny story and sometimes a slightly sexy…it’s all your imagination how to use it!! Have fun when you read this and maybe this will help you to write your own short story. Even a short story could end up in a big one when the friends you send it will sending you reply with their experiance or story…

This week my father had contact with a new American customer in connection with purchase and export of our Red Naomi roses. It was a very pleasant conversation and this new customer had been agreed to visit and admire our roses company. This new customer should landed today at the airport and my father had asked me to pick this new customer up from there. I had no idea who it was or how he would look like. A lot of people came through the doorway of arrivals 3 and my eyes immediately fell on an image beautiful lady in a fancy suit. I guess my father has already told to the customer of who I was or how I looked like, because this lady came walking straight towards me. She introduced herself as the new customer and after packing her suitcases,  we walked together to the car and drove back to our home. It where tough to hold my eyes on the road and not at the beautiful lady at the seat next to me. Trying not to pay much attention but I where a bit distracted when her business dress showed a part of her thighs.

Once arrived home my mother asked me to guide her with her suitcases to the guest room upstairs and told me to show her the bathroom where she could refresh herself up briefly after the long journey. We went upstairs and I guide her to her room and pointed out where the bathroom where. The bathroom was exactly between the guest room and my bedroom and have an entrance from both side to go in. I told her that I would wait in my bedroom, until she was ready and gave her some time to refresh before we should go downstairs again. Suddenly I noticed that I had forgotten a towel for her. I knocked on the bathroom door and called at the corner, that I had forgotten to gave her a towel. She said that I could come and when I walked into the bathroom she stood there in front of me with her back to the entrance door. The shower already running and half naked with only wearing her panties. I tried not to look and turned my head sideways. She turned around and started to laugh, took the towel and take my hand…