An easy way to start Alien Play

There are several kinds of Alien sex play.  One friend just likes to watch and role play the implantation as a third party or bystander.  All you have to do is play around with the poses and things they have in the room.  Take some pictures and have fun.  If you do it with a friend, pretend to be trapped and play it by ear based on the poses you’re in.

This is actually a little easier and less scary than a giant tentacled alien doing something to you.  It’s a little different and still takes some getting used to, to really get into it.  But if you do, the strangeness kind of makes it powerful and fun.  Part of the fun of this place is being able to do such different things, and this definitely qualifies as that.

OOBritt has two good public rooms that are good and very creative.  Search for Alien Breeding.  They’re a lot of fun to explore this with a friend even if you don’t want to really do too much.  Just come in when there’s nobody else around if you want and you’ll be surprised how much fun it is.

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