IMVU is a No-fault state

swing your partner round an round In the USA some states are no fault states.  That means they don’t determine fault in an auto accident.  IMVU Is the same way. No matter what happens, if you have to leave quickly, or your partner crashes or says the wrong thing or is away for a while… Anything like that, you can’t blame anyone.  It’s just part of the flexibility you have to have in here.

It’s nice to say you’re sorry if something happens, but if they don’t don’t place any fault. Everything is so voluntary here if you blame someone or hold somebody responsible and give them a hard time, it’ll only hurt you and your relationship with them.

So try to be very excepting, and nonjudgmental. That’s a good word for this place, non-judgmental.  You can’t judge anybody about basically anything in here. For better or worse, It’s kind of the wild West in some ways, in that anything goes!

No matter what the issue is remember the one answer and response that you need to have, is to love the other person more than anyone else! If you always have that attitude it will always be fun and things will work out in the end.

warm imvu cuddle and loveThis is a little different with the IMVU corporation though. While nothing is ever their fault, you will certainly be blamed for anything and everything, whether it’s your fault or not.  You can follow their terms of service to the letter and still be attacked over and over again and don’t ever expect the IMVU customer service to do anything but attack and blame you!

You can prove that they are wrong and they will simply ignore it and continue to blame you until you give up and admit that YOU were wrong.  I don’t want to vent too much about them in this post, because this isn’t a complaint but trust me on this.  You will eventually hate the IMVU corporation.

4 responses

  1. What if an imvu pro and a newbie would have a relationship.. would it work out?

    October 25, 2014 at 4:30 am

    • It can, there are more important factors than the time here.

      October 26, 2014 at 1:20 am

  2. Jaybird8888

    how do i make a new password when their password page don’t work right ?:( :P lol ; leave it to them for @@@@ing things up again ; lol it’s been screwed up by them ; i don’t really want to talk to them the always put me on hold for 12-22 minutes at a time ; it’s poposterou s/disgusting on how long it takes them for helping us make a new password ; it used to be so simple but not anymore ; lol ; and i like hollering at them about this hacker bs ; alot of people are getting hacked these days including me they should put a stop to all the hacking but their lazy @ss’s won’t do that ; have no idea why they won’t ; always thought they wanted to keep us safe in here while playing their dumb imvu game ; lol

    sorry the rant i put in there ; lol that’s more like 2 bucks worth ; hhahaaahhaaa :) ; oh well i can afford to do that lol have a nice day KaitlynO :) ; not my fault though ; i had a HUGE password in there was to believe un-hackable :( but it wasnt

    May 19, 2015 at 8:02 am

    • They want to act like they don’t know what’s going on, or can’t stop things. That’s like saying God doesn’t know that the devil exists, how he works or gets away with it. They certainly know. It’s THEIR system. To think that they don’t know there’s bm items and aren’t ALLOWING IT, is just dumb. They know how people get hacked and I honestly think THEY do it sometimes too. They act like it’s a user complaining but I think a lot of the complaints come from THEM! There’s a reason why they make the complaints not just confidential but absolutely positively confidential, even in the most severe circumstances. It’s because it’s THEM! There are no prudes policing users here, it’s customer service reps and people connected to them. Every customer service rep has user accounts and they’re the ones that do things. Not just some unconnected random user. Trust me, they’re the ones behind all of it, MUCH MORE than anyone would ever believe. They make money from banning people, from the hacking, from the bm things, and from users breaking the vague rules. They have an incentive to keep the rules vague and to never explain the details of things. They are very profit driven, especially lately as the volume of users slips ironically because of the same attitude and things they’re doing to their users. I’ve written about bits and pieces of it, but they’re doing all of it, and intentionally making it hard to fix.

      I’m sorry to rant too, but it’s the truth and if people knew all of what they were doing it’d be VERY EYE OPENING and we’d probably all run away.

      May 24, 2015 at 2:34 pm

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