My discussion with “Jeff” the Head of Customer Service at IMVU

head of customer service at imvu
Dear Jeff,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, but like I said at the end, thanks for NOTHING! Because you and IMVU clearly don’t care about your customers or your community. I guess what they say about absolute power corrupting absolutely, is true here as well. Oh that’s not totally true. Thank you for giving me permission to post the video.

Kaitlyn: I don’t mean the text
Kaitlyn: I mean the full video
Jeff: ok.

Direct link for the original higher quality and more readable bubbles:

Unfortunately nobody’s “Judgement” is perfect and I understand that. You yourself said it’s an “inexact science.” The problem is that you don’t have any way to deal with this gray area other than attacking the customer until you beat them into submission and force them to not only follow the Minimum Coverage Guidelines, (MCG) but your “judgement” which you can’t define or test for. The regular customer service reps don’t even want to admit it’s a “judgement call” and that isn’t mentioned in the Terms of Service or the messages when you take down a profile pic. You only quote the MCG and Terms of Service even though you can’t tell if the picture follows it or not.

Yes people do like IMVU, but eventually everyone hates the company that enforces rules but doesn’t follow them, and acts like GOD. A real customer service rep would have apologized and diffused the situation, not attacked and insisted the customer was wrong with form letters. I love the people in here, I like the system, but I HATE the company and their (your) GOD complex, and your consistent approach of just attacking the customer and acting like there is no gray area, but they’re just wrong. You say it’s an “inexact science” in your first messageyet you don’t have any way to appeal this mysterious “judgement” or “inexact science” and don’t have any way to allow for mistakes or anything in the gray area, other than attacking the customer and saying they’re wrong until they go away. And you wonder why people don’t like imvu customer service or the company?

I thought as the Head of Customer Service at IMVU you’d be more than a robot, simply saying the customer is wrong, the customer is wrong, the customer is wrong. You disappoint me and only reinforce why I hate the company. Maybe that’s a good thing because there has to be some place for people to voice their frustration about IMVU. Like I said “Thanks for NOTHING!”

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  1. i’m impressed he spent an hour talking to you though.. that counts for something.

    July 29, 2014 at 8:52 pm

  2. can you post the text… i want to see the whole exchange but an hour is a long time to watch…

    July 29, 2014 at 8:53 pm

  3. Jeff the Head of Customer Service for IMVU one hour discussion

    Jeff: Hi, Kaitlyn.
    Kaitlyn: hey you’re here.
    Kaitlyn: do you have a minute?
    Jeff: sure. sorry for the delay. lots of meetings today.
    Kaitlyn: oh I’m sure.
    Kaitlyn: customer service isn’t easy
    Kaitlyn: and I don’t mean to give you a hard time personally
    Jeff: for sure :)
    Jeff: but i’ve been doing it for almost 20 years and still love it.
    Kaitlyn: oh wow.
    Kaitlyn: that’s great :)
    Kaitlyn: this is the room I took the picture in.
    Kaitlyn: and the outfit.
    Jeff: ah, cool.
    Kaitlyn: I think tho I had a different avi.
    Kaitlyn: but the dress really isn’t overly revealing or bad… :(
    Jeff: in this context, it’s not.
    Kaitlyn: well this is the outfit and room.
    Kaitlyn: and there’s really nothing showing on that top.
    Jeff: but i showed the avatar photo to several of my colleagues and they all had the same review i did.
    Kaitlyn: some reps have said they have the ability to white list it if it’s GA
    Jeff: unfortunately, we cannot whitelist an avatar photo.
    Kaitlyn: does this “judgement” out weigh the actual MCG?
    Kaitlyn: in other words,
    Kaitlyn: if I’ve proven it’s all GA
    Kaitlyn: taking pics in Photo Stream
    Jeff: the review of the photo is based solely on the apperance of the image, not of the clothing or other virtual products that were used to make it.
    Kaitlyn: and showing the video that showed the MCG TEST skins
    Kaitlyn: to prove it’s GA
    Kaitlyn: are you saying you can’t stop taking it down even if you know it’s following the terms?
    Kaitlyn: I’m following the Terms of Serivce.
    Jeff: it’s not following the terms…that’s my point. we review the photo based on the photo itself, not on the virtual products it uses.
    Kaitlyn: and I’m not backing down.
    Kaitlyn: it’s a principle thing!
    Jeff: yeah, you’ve said that :)
    Jeff: if you took a photo of your avatar right now, it would be perfectly fine.
    Kaitlyn: the terms of service specify how AP and GA is determined
    Kaitlyn: they’re clear
    Kaitlyn: I’m clearly following it.
    Kaitlyn: but that’s what it is.
    Kaitlyn: it’s this out fit in this room.
    Kaitlyn: I didn’t edit it
    Kaitlyn: or do anything other than crop it.
    Jeff: but your current photo looks very different. the material looks shear and you can see some definition from the breasts underneath.
    Jeff: this is why we have to review the photo by itself. again, it has nothing to do with the virtual products in it.
    Kaitlyn: I don’t know what to do.
    Kaitlyn: I’m following the terms of service
    Kaitlyn: it’s GA
    Kaitlyn: and I’ve PROVEN that.
    Kaitlyn: we’re kind of at an impass
    Kaitlyn: because your judgement is clearly NOT PERFECT
    Kaitlyn: it’s not that I’m wrong and it’s really AP.
    Kaitlyn: it’s your judgement that’s not based on the actual test.
    Jeff: as i’ve said, we reviewed this with several different colleagues, and we all concur.
    Kaitlyn: therefore it doesnt’ matter if I’m following the terms of service?
    Kaitlyn: You can keep on taking it down.
    Jeff: all i’m asking you to do is to take a different photo at a different angle and it will probably be fine.
    Kaitlyn: I’m going to continue to show that you’re harassing me
    Kaitlyn: and not following your own terms of service.
    Jeff: but, we’re not.
    Kaitlyn: then stop taking this one pic down
    Jeff: we’re asking you to make a change to your avatar photo.
    Kaitlyn: you’re turning your biggest advocate
    Kaitlyn: and a good customer into an enemy
    Kaitlyn: I’m asking you to use the tests in this case
    Kaitlyn: I’ll redo it,
    Jeff: i hate to hear that. you know i do. it’s my job to create happy customer. but i’m telling you that looking at the products in MCG skins just doesn’t matter in this case.
    Kaitlyn: but itll look exactly the same.
    Jeff: it’s about the photo itself.
    Kaitlyn: honestly jeff, NOBODY at IMVU cares a shit about the customer (hopefully other than you)
    Kaitlyn: I don’t think that’s news to you.
    Jeff: it’s certainly news. we get oustanding customer satisfaction scores from the majority of our customers.
    Kaitlyn: It seems like the goal is to attack your customers until they just go away
    Jeff: i’m very proud of that fact.
    Kaitlyn: nooo
    Jeff: not at all.
    Kaitlyn: you’re confusing satisfaction with the system
    Kaitlyn: with satisfaction with customer service or the company
    Kaitlyn: I love the system
    Kaitlyn: but HATE the company
    Kaitlyn: because of the people in customer service that have done nothing but attack me
    Jeff: these are scores from our customers after we’ve helped them with their accounts.
    Kaitlyn: I even started a section of my website for IMVU Complaints
    Jeff: yeah, i saw.
    Kaitlyn: and that’s going to grow
    Kaitlyn: there are huge horror stories
    Kaitlyn: people are just afraid to say publically
    Jeff: i wish you could hear all of the success stories too.
    Jeff: there are far more of those actually.
    Kaitlyn: I show the success stories
    Kaitlyn: that’s what the whole website has been
    Kaitlyn: not customer service success, but the beauty of imvu
    Kaitlyn: and having to deal with customer service reps attacking me
    Kaitlyn: because I am foll0wing the terms
    Jeff: we’re not attacking you.
    Kaitlyn: quoting it back to me.
    Kaitlyn: HELL Yeah they are.
    Kaitlyn: not you.
    Kaitlyn: I’m not upset at YOU.
    Jeff: about your avatar photo?
    Kaitlyn: Hanna is horrendus
    Kaitlyn: I wouldn’t want her cleaning the office
    Kaitlyn: she made this much worse
    Jeff: oh no…she’s so sweet in real life. i’m sorry you feel that way.
    Kaitlyn: if I had had someone else in the beginning we might not be in this situation today
    Kaitlyn: in here, she’s HORRIBLE to the customer
    Jeff: in what way?
    Kaitlyn: honestly, you probably know that customer service people have avis
    Jeff: yep, we all do.
    Kaitlyn: and I know its anonymus
    Kaitlyn: but she was the one making several of the complaints
    Kaitlyn: you can probably see that if you look.
    Jeff: it’s not really anonymous for staff accounts.
    Kaitlyn: well I had a conversation with her
    Kaitlyn: dancing around and around like you’ve never seen anyone dance
    Kaitlyn: trying like HELL to avoid answering that question
    Kaitlyn: and eventually she said no she didn’t make the complaints
    Kaitlyn: but it was so painful for her
    Kaitlyn: and took so long
    Kaitlyn: you could tell it was so clearly a lie.
    Kaitlyn: it’s in one of the tickets
    Kaitlyn: I’m putting that up as a post too.
    Jeff: i can confirm that she didn’t flag your photo.
    Kaitlyn: or maybe I did, I’m not sure.
    Jeff: but several other unique customers did.
    Kaitlyn: you have to say that
    Kaitlyn: and maybe don’t know all her accounts.
    Kaitlyn: but trust me….
    Kaitlyn: it’s damming as hell and whether she did or not
    Kaitlyn: making the customer feel so surely like you did
    Kaitlyn: is just as bad.
    Jeff: i’m sorry you feel i’m lying.
    Kaitlyn: maybe even more stupid
    Jeff: it’s not my intent to make you feel that way.
    Kaitlyn: no I didn’t say you were lying
    Kaitlyn: I said she probably had some you didn’t know.
    Kaitlyn: well I did say you’d say that anyway.
    Kaitlyn: because it’s your job.
    Jeff: i’m tell you that it was unique non-admin customers who flagged you.
    Kaitlyn: and I know what has happened more intimately than you do
    Jeff: not our staff members.
    Jeff: we log everything.
    Kaitlyn: its harassment
    Kaitlyn: and the users should be warned if it’s only once
    Kaitlyn: and banned if it’s multiple times.
    Jeff: this is why i reached out to you.
    Kaitlyn: it’s not a “bad” picture
    Kaitlyn: if you ban me because of it, all hell will break out and I’m changing my whole website
    Jeff: unfortunately, it is.
    Kaitlyn: unfortunately for you everyone else that looks at it disagrees
    Kaitlyn: did you read the comments on the photostream?
    Jeff: no.
    Jeff: we at IMVU all agree that your photo is too borderline AP.
    Kaitlyn: is it worth turning the unofficial ambassador of IMVU into your enemy?
    Jeff: that’s not my intent.
    Kaitlyn: that’s what you’re doing
    Jeff: but i do have to protect the rest of the community, too.
    Kaitlyn: you have an opportunity to improve things
    Kaitlyn: or to hurt things.
    Kaitlyn: it’s YOUR call.
    Jeff: for you. but what about everyone else.
    Jeff: what about the people who find your photo offensive?
    Kaitlyn: I’m not taking that picture down or backing down one inch
    Kaitlyn: that’s bs
    Kaitlyn: they’re probably mulsum
    Kaitlyn: and against christianity
    Jeff: this is about breasts, not religion.
    Kaitlyn: so you say.
    Kaitlyn: it looks like it’s because of the overall angel
    Jeff: not at all.
    Kaitlyn: I’m sorry you feel that way
    Jeff: you’ve had other avatar photos taken down before.
    Kaitlyn: if you think it’s that bad
    Kaitlyn: I’ll just keep going in this direction
    Jeff: i see you’ve pushed the limits recently.
    Kaitlyn: I had four complaints in 3 years before this.
    Jeff: and we’ve given warnings and changed your photo before.
    Kaitlyn: mmhmm four times in 3 years before the angel
    Kaitlyn: now 13 complaints, sometimes more than one per day
    Kaitlyn: = HARASSMENT
    Kaitlyn: if it’s gray area, er on the side of the good customer and the angel
    Kaitlyn: not the attackers!
    Jeff: you can avoid the gray area by simply changing your avatar photo.
    Kaitlyn: Are you anti Christian?
    Jeff: this has nothing to do with religion :)
    Kaitlyn: not gonna happen.
    Kaitlyn: are you anti Christian?
    Kaitlyn: ….
    Jeff: honestly, i didn’t even know you were calling that avatar photo an angel. i was only concerned about the see-through shear covering for the breasts.
    Kaitlyn: that’s what I call this outfit.
    Jeff: now, i know :)
    Kaitlyn: are you Christian?
    Kaitlyn: or anti Christian?
    Jeff: my personal life has nothing to do with our assessment of your avatar photo.
    Kaitlyn: yes, when you say it’s a judgement call, not a specific test
    Jeff: a test based on our expertise of the terms of service.
    Kaitlyn: it then becomes important to understand the perspective of the person making the judgement
    Kaitlyn: are you Christian?
    Kaitlyn: that’s not a test, it’s by definition a judgement and therefore subjective
    Jeff: not in our book.
    Kaitlyn: I followed the test
    Kaitlyn: are you Christian?
    Jeff: lol
    Kaitlyn: Your messages said I had to follow MCG and the terms of Serivce
    Kaitlyn: that’s your own message when you take it down!
    Kaitlyn: I AM following that.
    Kaitlyn: and I’ve PROVEN THAT
    Kaitlyn: I’m sorry if your judgement isn’t as perfect as the actual test.
    Jeff: i just noticed that your dress is AP.
    Kaitlyn: if you want to ban an Angel photo following the Terms of Service I’ll just keep pushing
    Kaitlyn: next I’ll go to the BBB
    Kaitlyn: Be
    Kaitlyn: I’m setting up another website without the name IMVU because I realize I might have to change it to 2nd life
    Kaitlyn: if you keep this up, I’m gonna end up there and change the website into just the horror stories.
    Kaitlyn: I’ll write a post about how to file complaints at the BBB
    Kaitlyn: You aren’t gonna win or accomplish anything by just continuing to attack me
    Jeff: did you know that the dress you’re wearing is AP?
    Kaitlyn: they just reclassified it.
    Kaitlyn: to prove I’m wrong.
    Kaitlyn: I’m fixing the panties area.
    Kaitlyn: which didn’t show up in the photo.
    Kaitlyn: I’ll change the picture.
    Kaitlyn: to the revised one that’s GA.
    Kaitlyn: but the picture was taken with it GA
    Kaitlyn: and appropriately GA.
    Kaitlyn: it’s only if you do the split that you see some color in the panties area
    Kaitlyn: not in the photo.
    Jeff: right.
    Jeff: in the photo, it’s AP.
    Kaitlyn: no it’s not and I’ll have a GA version with stronger panties for the photo in a day or so.
    Jeff: but i’m never going to convince you of that. we’re going to have to continue reviewing complaints as they come in and marking them as inappropriate when necessary.
    Kaitlyn: they attacked me on a technicality
    Jeff: i can’t single out your photo has being exceptional.
    Kaitlyn: I told you the customer service does nothing but attack
    Jeff: as being
    Kaitlyn: they are bound and determined to just repeat that it’s AP even it’s not.
    Jeff: we have to review your photos with the same standards as everyone else, which is what we’re doing here.
    Kaitlyn: then it’ll just keep getting complaints
    Kaitlyn: and I’ll just keep posting complaints about IMVU
    Jeff: i’ve tried to explain that to you and failed and i apologize.
    Kaitlyn: standards?>
    Kaitlyn: that’s a laugh
    Kaitlyn: I’m following the standards
    Kaitlyn: your judgement is the issue
    Jeff: and all my colleagues? everyone I’ve shown?
    Kaitlyn: this mythical judgement that you can’t define
    Kaitlyn: and everyone I’ve shown the photo tooo loves it.
    Kaitlyn: so does that prove anything
    Jeff: ok.
    Kaitlyn: if you have to vote on something, it’s not a fact
    Kaitlyn: the fact that you are having to review it
    Kaitlyn: when it passes the GA test
    Kaitlyn: that’s where we have a problem
    Kaitlyn: you take it down saying it has to be GA
    Kaitlyn: and it is.
    Jeff: this photo is not acceptable for GA.
    Jeff: plain and simple.
    Kaitlyn: why not?
    Kaitlyn: does any color show through on the MCG test?
    Kaitlyn: in the breat?
    Jeff: because there is definition to the breasts behind a sheer covering…in the photo.
    Jeff: we can’t run MCG on a photo.
    Kaitlyn: but I CAN
    Jeff: we can only use our eyes.
    Kaitlyn: and I HAVE
    Kaitlyn: and you’re saying your judgement is perfect and trumps the actual test
    Kaitlyn: that’s where I have an issue.
    Kaitlyn: and why I’m not backing down
    Kaitlyn: I’m following the terms of service
    Jeff: you cannot run an MCG skin on a photo.
    Jeff: nobody can.
    Jeff: it’s a photo.
    Kaitlyn: you can use this mythical judgement all you want
    Jeff: we’re only judging the photo.
    Kaitlyn: but that’s all we have.
    Jeff: the photo?
    Jeff: yes.
    Kaitlyn: your message doesn’t say it’s your jdugement
    Kaitlyn: your message says it has to follow the MCG!
    Kaitlyn: your customer service reps all say that too.
    Kaitlyn: this judgement isn’t actually the final answer
    Kaitlyn: the TEST IS!
    Kaitlyn: and I am passing the actual test
    Jeff: correct. in that context, that means we use our judgment to determine whether the MCG has been met because we can’t apply the skin.
    Kaitlyn: so your judgement trumps the actual test?
    Jeff: there is no “actual test” in the case of photos.
    Jeff: we’re only judging the image.
    Jeff: nothing else.
    Kaitlyn: How does anyone follow judgement?
    Kaitlyn: if you change your message to say judgement instead of AP and GA and MCG fine.
    Kaitlyn: but until your message says it’s just our judgement
    Kaitlyn: then the test matters more than your judgement
    Kaitlyn: you tell people to follow the rules
    Kaitlyn: how can you expect them to follow vague rules?
    Jeff: with our guidance, it’s very easy.
    Jeff: i’ve tried to guide you.
    Kaitlyn: And when someone follows the rules you take it down and say it doesnt’\
    Jeff: you’re unwilling.
    Kaitlyn: no you’re putting this vague judgement above the actual test
    Jeff: this is the test.
    Kaitlyn: I realize you can’t do that for everyone
    Kaitlyn: that’s not a test it’s a “JUDGEMENT”
    Kaitlyn: judgement by definition is subjective
    Jeff: for everyone else, we’d just remove the photo and ultimately suspend the account if the user kept putting it up.
    Kaitlyn: you can’t run a real company based on subjective rules and treat them like the gospel
    Jeff: we believe this is not subjective. we all agree here.
    Jeff: and we’re trying to educate you.
    Kaitlyn: you either revise this and stop or it’s just going to explode
    Kaitlyn: no you’re trying to go around your rules
    Kaitlyn: you’re the one that’s not following the terms of service
    Kaitlyn: the terms of service and MCG define GA and AP
    Kaitlyn: you’re judgement is incorrect
    Jeff: we have the right to remove any content at any time for any reason.
    Kaitlyn: and you don’t care
    Jeff: our TOS gives us that right.
    Kaitlyn: so it’s just FUCK YOU
    Kaitlyn: we’re doing what we want regardless of the rules?
    Jeff: this is the rule. that’s what i’m telling you.
    Jeff: you’re breaking a rule.
    Kaitlyn: your’e not following the rules
    Jeff: you’re choosing to not listen.
    Kaitlyn: you’re making them up as you go
    Jeff: not at all.
    Kaitlyn: because I don’t just bow down to your “judgement”
    Kaitlyn: and am following the terms of service.
    Kaitlyn: you’re the one that’s not following the terms of service
    Kaitlyn: I get it you can’t.
    Kaitlyn: it’s a picture
    Kaitlyn: but when you do have the opporunity
    Kaitlyn: you have to abide by the TOS just like we do.
    Kaitlyn: the police have to follow the rules too.
    Jeff: yep.
    Kaitlyn: they can’t just make shit up
    Jeff: we’re not.
    Kaitlyn: and say well technically it wasn’t right but I thought it was so it is
    Kaitlyn: You clearly are putting that judgement from a distance above the actual rules
    Jeff: your photo is inappropriate.
    Kaitlyn: you take me down on a technicality
    Kaitlyn: you have to live by the same sword
    Kaitlyn: if it’s technically GA you have to live with that
    Jeff: your photo is technically AP.
    Kaitlyn: you don’t get to just say we decided it’s AP even if it’s not.
    Jeff: because it’s just a photo.
    Kaitlyn: it’s not.
    Kaitlyn: and saying that doesn’t make it so.
    Kaitlyn: I follow the terms of service
    Kaitlyn: It’s in Photostream
    Kaitlyn: I tried on the MCG skins 7 of them
    Kaitlyn: I’m following the terms of service
    Kaitlyn: to the letter.
    Jeff: your photo is inappropriate.
    Kaitlyn: it’s GA
    Kaitlyn: all the items in it are GA
    Kaitlyn: (the dress will be fixed with panties)
    Kaitlyn: I’ll put up a new 100% GA photo.
    Kaitlyn: I’m sorry your judgement isn’t perfect.
    Kaitlyn: there’s clearly gray area.
    Jeff: but my judgment trumps yours in this.
    Kaitlyn: why do you not have any way to take that into account?
    Jeff: because we have to.
    Kaitlyn: your judgement trumps the MCG?
    Jeff: if we allowed you to determine what is appropriate for everyone else, then this would be the wild west.
    Kaitlyn: I guess we’re gonna be stuck
    Kaitlyn: no it’s the wild west when you don’t have clear specific guidelines
    Kaitlyn: or when YOU don’t follow them.
    Kaitlyn: and when you dont’ have any appeal process.
    Kaitlyn: when you act like GOD
    Kaitlyn: and say your judgement is all that matters.
    Jeff: i’m giving you a clear and specific guideline. your current photo is inappropriate because it appears to show a naked breast barely covered by a sheer material.
    Kaitlyn: fuck the rules.
    Kaitlyn: that’s what you’re saying.
    Kaitlyn: if that was true the mcg color would show.
    Kaitlyn: it doesnt
    Kaitlyn: so you’re wrong.
    Jeff: we can’t apply an MCG skin to a photo.
    Kaitlyn: GOD.
    Kaitlyn: but unfortunately for you I can.
    Jeff: nobody can.
    Kaitlyn: and unfortunately for you it does pass
    Kaitlyn: and nothing shows.
    Kaitlyn: so this judgement is wrong
    Kaitlyn: it’s a gray area.
    Kaitlyn: you know that
    Kaitlyn: but you refuse to admit it
    Jeff: ok. i’ve given you all the information i can.
    Kaitlyn: If you’re just going to keep going in the same direction
    Jeff: we will continue to review and process flags against your avatar photo as necessary.
    Kaitlyn: I’m gonna keep going in the same direction
    Kaitlyn: you think your judgement is perfect
    Jeff: not at all.
    Jeff: but it is in this caser.
    Kaitlyn: and even the MCG doesn’t matter
    Jeff: case
    Kaitlyn: you clearly do
    Kaitlyn: everyone at IMVU customer service does
    Kaitlyn: there’s no mistake.
    Kaitlyn: they just say it’s Ap so it is.
    Jeff: we make mistakes every day.
    Kaitlyn: fuck the MCG
    Kaitlyn: you’ve made one 13 times so far
    Kaitlyn: and you apparently don’t have any way to fix it.
    Jeff: there is no mistake here.
    Kaitlyn: that’s the issue.
    Kaitlyn: you don’t have a white list
    Jeff: we don’t.
    Kaitlyn: you said that
    Kaitlyn: so you don’t have any way to fix it
    Kaitlyn: you have no ability to say ok it’s GA
    Jeff: the only way to fix it is for you to change your photo.
    Kaitlyn: you want me to change because you have no way to fix the gray area
    Kaitlyn: there’s clearly gray area in your judgement
    Kaitlyn: you’re not perfect
    Kaitlyn: but you act like you area.
    Kaitlyn: are.
    Kaitlyn: because you have no other option.
    Jeff: we experience gray area every day, yes. this is why we confer with colleagues. in this case, we were unanimous.
    Kaitlyn: that doesn’t mean it’s not a gray area.
    Kaitlyn: gray area being defined as passing MCG as GA but you still all think it’s AP
    Kaitlyn: that’s gray area.
    Kaitlyn: and it’s in that
    Kaitlyn: it’s GA according to MCG
    Kaitlyn: and AP according to your judgement
    Kaitlyn: so is MCG wrong or your judgement?
    Kaitlyn: doesn’t really matter.
    Kaitlyn: if we’re in that position, how do we resolve it?
    Kaitlyn: your answer is just ME BACKDOWN
    Kaitlyn: end of discussion
    Kaitlyn: is that about it?
    Jeff: at this point, i’m just hoping when you take the photo again after your product changes to GA from its current AP, the sheer affect will be diminished so that we see less of your apparent breasts. this is a subtle change. that’s all that i’m asking for. it’s all i’ve ever asked for.
    Kaitlyn: unfortunately the breasts are GA.
    Kaitlyn: it’s the panties that were AP when you did an extreme split.
    Kaitlyn: standing here it’s fine, and I just didn’t stick my legs straight out.
    Kaitlyn: I’ll fix that and make it totally GA
    Kaitlyn: I’m willing to follow the rules.
    Kaitlyn: it’s the mythical judgement that’s not followable
    Jeff: yep…and your top is fine right now, too. this is why i’m hoping that if you just take the photo again, it’ll be fine.
    Kaitlyn: and that’s why it doesn’t say judgement in the messages you sens out
    Kaitlyn: it’s the same thing.
    Kaitlyn: guess your judgement isn’t perfect.
    Kaitlyn: oh sorry
    Jeff: yeah, you’ve mentioned that.
    Kaitlyn: you’re not willing to admit that there’s gray area between the test and your judgement
    Jeff: i’m going to go ahead and head out. i appreciate your time and i’m sorry i couldn’t get to a better resolution.
    Kaitlyn: and you’re not willing to do anything about tuat.
    Kaitlyn: your idea of a resolution is to just say you’re wrong.
    Kaitlyn: it’s AP
    Kaitlyn: even though it’s NOT.
    Kaitlyn: you dont’ care about the customer
    Jeff: that makes me sad.
    Kaitlyn: someone paying a lot to IMVU
    Kaitlyn: promoting it.
    Kaitlyn: none of that means CRAP\
    Jeff: it means the world.
    Kaitlyn: not even to YOU
    Jeff: and i appreciate it.
    Kaitlyn: it doesn’t seem like it idd.
    Kaitlyn: did.
    Jeff: thanks for being a passionate member of the community.
    Kaitlyn: you aren’t acting like it does at all
    Kaitlyn: unfortunately passion works both ways.
    Kaitlyn: unfortunately you don’t want to do anything but say your judgement trumps the Terms of service
    Kaitlyn: even for a good customer
    Kaitlyn: great customer service.
    Kaitlyn: I’ll put this conversation up on the website
    Kaitlyn: and send you a link to it.
    Kaitlyn: I don’t mean the text
    Kaitlyn: I mean the full video
    Jeff: ok.
    Jeff: thanks.
    Jeff: i appreciate your time.
    Kaitlyn: thanks for nothing
    Jeff: ok. bye.
    Kaitlyn: and I do mean NOTHING
    Whispering to
    Stop whisper

    7/29/2014 5:51 PM

    July 29, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    • One more interesting thing, since Jeff denied that it was customer service rep accounts making the complaints, they suddenly stopped. 13 complaints in a month and then they just stop. Well even if he has to lie about them making the requests, he was nice enough to tell them to stop!

      August 7, 2014 at 4:19 pm

  4. Luna

    Like WOW this must’ve happened a while ago, I know, but still. I tried buying imvu vip once, it worked of course, but after a month it didn’t expire and it wasn’t charging my card. The community found out and banned me for there own mistake, a bug they had to fix,and they blamed ME. I never saw that account again, I’m sure they deleted it. I love imvu, but the community is just CRAP. I’m glad I could vent this, thanks.

    August 2, 2014 at 10:52 pm

  5. erm.. idk if its from the alcohol i consumed before i started reading the whole conversation or it was to much for my head to take all at once, but i got a little dizzy after trying to sort out inside my head everything i read, and it sucks, i recently started buying credits :/ n theyre expensive for me at least cuz of the money we use in out country xD but customer service sucks ik… several of my friends have problems with it, and oh btw before i forget, WE WANT MORE POSTS! not only like these, but im pretty sure everyone already knows that customer service is shit, but imvu tips, relationships and so on, not like i need them because i know them :D im just, im not gonna say fan but i can say i enjoy reading each and every single of your posts and seeing everything with your point of view of your personal live experiences its really exciting to readm, mostly because sometimes you feel a connection between you (the writer) n me (the reader) and because you describe just to many things that i would exactly the same way, idk if i shouldve posted this as a comment but idk any other way to connect you besides this way since, i dont have your email or anything, and i certainly cant add you on imvu since, age restriction etc, im 16, anyway, just thought you should know ^^ hope you get new posts up soon i would read them with please :3

    August 12, 2014 at 5:39 pm

  6. TLB

    Ahhh.. imvu doesn’t talk to you via chat.. the last I knew they only have customer service apps. Unless this has changed recently.

    March 1, 2015 at 2:56 am

    • They don’t usually, but this was a special visit that Jeff made to discuss things, after dozens of tickets. They do have a live chat though it’s not an imvu chat, and it’s not much help.

      March 2, 2015 at 4:32 pm

  7. *** Stupid comments ranting about this by staff are being sent to the TRASH ***

    August 7, 2015 at 1:43 pm

  8. Becca

    Hello, Miss KaitlynO.

    Both photos and products must be GA is submitted to the general audience as stated by the Creator agreement. Although your product followed MCG and is clearly not Access Pass Material the photo and angle it was taken made it appear AP, so thus, it was removed.

    December 4, 2015 at 4:17 am

    • So you’re saying that the fact that it’s a properly rated GA item that meets the imvu test to be GA and it’s just an imvu untouched photo, the photo can still be AP?! That’s honestly PURE BS! I understand that with pictures you’re forced to judge them, but it’s not a test, it’s judgement (aka their OPINION) and when the test is shown to be true, the OPINION that it’s AP doesn’t trump the TEST any more than someone’s opinion trumps the test on products. The Test is specific and their OPINION is not and is imperfect.

      The real problem here is that IMVU enforces their OPINION without any review or due process. They make mistakes but absolutely flatly refuse to admit that they ever make mistakes. I’ve had them take down pictures from my AP match profile, saying they had to be GA according to their terms, even though when you limit it to AP users, you are allowed to have AP pictures. Yet they still take down my pictures saying they have to be GA. They don’t and you’ll never even get them to admit that’s wrong when it’s blatantly and clearly wrong. The issue to me is that they’re hurting their users, attacking them for not following vague rules and in some cases when they are technically following the rules they still accuse them of not following them because of their OPINION despite the fact that the test shows they’re following it.

      The bottomline is that IMVU has created an adversarial situation with their customer base where they make money by hurting their customers. And that’s why their business is going down in an industry that’s expanding! How dumb is that!?!

      December 16, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    • By the way Becca is a customer service rep. Because NOBODY else would know or use my original imvu name that I changed 3 or 4 years ago!

      December 16, 2015 at 5:37 pm

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